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Two major headlines from last week that warrant some discussion (and no, I’m not talking about the fact that Roman got two episodes of substantial airtime and how his scenes with “Shami” were the highlight of the week for me, even though it still sounds like someone stuffed a bunch of dirty socks in his mouth):

1) The return of Chad DiMera.

Screen Shot 2014-09-22 at 10.34.41 AM

When I heard they had recast Chad, my reaction went thusly: “Meh.” I liked Casey Deidrick, who played Chad from 2009-2013, but it was only because he was likable that Chad ever got tied to the DiMeras. He never entirely gelled for me as a member of that family, and he didn’t do a ton of actual note during his tenure. But I’m impressed with the way Chad came roaring back into Salem. They’ve clearly made an effort to reposition him as The Young DiMera, as he’s spent the last year with Stefano, and I’m all for it. I think this type of character could be very useful for that generation, and the new actor, Billy Flynn, seems capable of playing it. I do kind of keep having to remind myself that this isn’t Nick Fallon, because Flynn looks so much like Blake Berris (and Martin Short — thanks to whoever said that on Twitter, because I can’t unsee it now!). He might’ve made a fitting Nick recast, too, but I’m onboard to see what they have planned for Chad 2.0.

2) Hope ending her marriage to Bo.

Screen Shot 2014-09-22 at 10.43.49 AM

I’ve become a shockingly big supporter of Hope and Aiden’s budding relationship, because I like Daniel Cosgrove’s playful-but-haunted energy and think he brings out something fun in Kristian Alfonso — and also because the forbidden nature of it has forced them to really tease out each and every beat. But Hope’s decision to move on happened way too fast for my liking. I know she’s been struggling with this internally for a long time, and for her to admit her feelings for Aiden is huge, but it felt incredibly wrong for Kayla — Bo’s sister! — to be like, “Yeah, Bo sucks, LOL, go for Aiden.” They could have done a lot more with Kayla’s POV stemming from how Steve abandoned her, but it feels like they’re sidestepping all the drama here. Caroline and Ciara had better be pissed. (For what it’s worth, I fully believe Hope is making the right decision for herself given the circumstances, but someone should be opposed to it!) I’m terrified they’re going to suck all the drama out of this. I like Hope and Aiden, but I don’t want Hope and Aiden to become another JJ/Paige or Rafe/Jordan, just being all, “Cool, we like each other!” I wanted Hope to struggle with this and ultimately push Aiden away, only to try and undo her mistake — except it’s too late, because Aiden’s gotten mixed up with someone else (Nicole? Eve? Kayla? I don’t care). Torture them, not us! Alfonso played the goodbye scenes so well, but this should not be a one-day event.

Also, that entire thing felt like a bit of a middle finger to Peter Reckell, no? As Hope wrote that letter, she was basically narrating from the audience’s perspective: “Brady, we, I mean I, have loved you since 1982, and you’ve abandoned us, I mean me, by refusing to come back to the show, I mean Salem!” But maybe spite isn’t the most effective way to tell this story, ya know?

The Hooters in Poplar Bluff is Hiring

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All right, Tammy Sue. In what world is this appropriate attire to go huffing and puffing around town in broad daylight?

Screen Shot 2014-09-22 at 10.34.27 AM

There’s a time and a place for this kind of attire, and that time and place is the VMAs. (For the record, this isn’t some kind of gender-based double standard. I’d have the same criticisms if Brady were marching around the Town Square at high noon with his damn shirt unbuttoned.) And not only is this inappropriate for life, but it’s also totally wrong for the character. When Jordan showed up in Salem a little over a year ago, she wore glasses and had her hair up and dressed casually or professionally. Now she’s got her fun bags spilling out of a minidress every time she takes off her doctor’s coat. I know they had to do something with Chloe’s hand-me-downs, but seriously.

What Happened in Salem: Week of Sept. 15th

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While Eve put her plan against JJ into motion…

Shortly after blowing back into Salem, Chad did the following: punched EJ and held him at gunpoint for his affair with Abigail; revealed to Abigail that he’s back in town and got nasty with her for sleeping with his brother; got up early and went for a swim; proposed to Kate that they team up for some corporate espionage; came to Jordan’s rescue when Jeremiah cornered her; caught Ben with an envelope full of cash and accused him of stealing from Club TBD, leading Ben to take a swing at him. If that’s a typical night and day, this young go-getter is really gonna go places in Salem! I only did one of those things in my entire week (you can guess which).

Read the rest to catch up on What Happened in Salem this week!

Party of the Century

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Of course this “big Salem U party” is 17 people milling around a bench in the middle of nowhere.

Screen Shot 2014-09-17 at 9.08.40 AM

I don’t suppose they could have set up part of a deck and made it look like a backyard. Then again, we’re lucky it wasn’t in the middle of the Town Square. Or in a storage closet.

Real talk: I think I’d be way more into seeing JJ work on a relationship with this kindhearted young hooker (Jill?) than with Paige. At least there might be something to it besides the constant presumption that Bad Seed JJ has yet again done something wrong.

Also, I was cracking up when Paige went back to the site of the party to find JJ, and Abe was there saying how they’d arrested a bunch of kids for underage drinking and possession, and Paige was all, “Oh. JJ was here.” Helpful!

Ohhh Yee-eeeeahhhh

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I’m just gonna leave these right here.



What Happened in Salem: Week of Sept. 8th

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While everyone waited to see if Kristen’s magic serum would work on John…

EJ came to Sami and Kate’s rescue by convincing Stefano to stay away from Salem for a while longer. That must have been difficult: “Yes, Father, we own this room in a nondescript location decorated with wood paneling and leather furniture, and it really needs someone to get dressed up and sit in one of its chairs listening to opera and making phone calls for the next eight weeks.” Done and done! Kate was horrified by Sami’s softening toward EJ. Yes, Kate, imagine aligning yourself with someone unlikely — perhaps even someone with whom you have animosity — when you feel backed into a corner. Who would ever do such a thing?

Read the rest to find out What Happened in Salem last week!

I’m in Hell, Right?

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This isn’t some sick joke, is it? We’re actually supposed to like Daniel?

Screen Shot 2014-09-11 at 10.02.46 AM

Because watching him berate Jennifer and ban her from seeing his son stirred a lot of feelings in me, but “admiration” and “liking” were not among those. Not that Jennifer did herself any favors; she managed to make herself look both thirsty and batshit crazy showing up at his place the way she did — “Oh, I just thought I’d come by and pick you up, LOL” — clad in a damn floor-length white dress like Miss Havisham. “Oh, this old thing? Yeah, I like to wear it out for coffee sometimes. I just happened to pick it up at this wedding boutique while I was daydreaming about you and writing ‘Mrs. Daniel Jonas’ all over the walls in blood…” But of course he had to be a total dick to her, and of course she had to make excuses for him afterward. Aiden can’t even snicker at a crack about “Frowny Face” without being dubbed an asshole, but Daniel gives Jennifer a lecture and she winds up praising what a good and virtuous parent he is.

Can we just not with these two?


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