What Happened in Salem: Week of Nov. 17th

Posted November 22, 2014 by mykleraus
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There were a bunch of scenes involving Clyde that I didn’t bother to recap because they were so vague and nothing ever happens. Anyway…

On Eve’s orders, JJ tried to break up with Paige, but like that stubborn piece of chewed gum on the bottom of his shoe, or that booger that just wouldn’t un-stick no matter how many times he flicked it, she wouldn’t budge. A furious Eve stormed over to confront JJ, and Jennifer caught them mid-argument and demanded to know what was going on.

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Ewe Sicken Me

Posted November 22, 2014 by mykleraus
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I cannot tell you guys how genuinely giddy I was when Ewe Search made its triumphant return to the screen.

Screen Shot 2014-11-21 at 6.25.23 PM


They honestly put more effort/money into the graphic design of this fake search engine than they did into either of Will’s magazine covers, which were designed by Theo, an inkjet printer, and some old pinking shears. And while I appreciate the way that Hope and Aiden are able to talk through their issues, didn’t anyone find it weird that Chase somehow knew Hope’s maiden name? The kid can barely figure out which direction to run to “meet up with his friends” who are “just over there,” but he grasps the concept that, 30-odd years and five marriages to the same man ago, Hope had a different last name that would make the Ewe Search results more complete? Okay, sure.

Meanwhile, totally normal teenage girl Paige continues to fret to her friend, Mary Beth II: Electric Boring-loo, about her mother’s sex life.

Screen Shot 2014-11-21 at 7.08.00 PM

If I were on the fence about whether to like Daphne (I’m not — she has already annoyed the crap out of me in her two appearances), I certainly would have been tipped into the No category simply because her response to Paige was not, “Ew! Stop spending so much time thinking about who nailed your mother!”

I will grant, though, for as much as Paige sucks, a lot of the stuff surrounding her has been good. JJ and Abigail’s conversation about Jack was great — the actors work very well as siblings when Abigail isn’t written like his 85-year-old aunt — and the Jennifer/Eve stuff is always fun.

God Grant Me the Serena-ty

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Details and thoughts on a new character arriving in Salem soon… hidden behind the cut for the spoiler-phobic.

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Stream-of-Consciousness Tuesday

Posted November 19, 2014 by mykleraus
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Now there are just random children wandering around the woods proclaiming what a Good Man Daniel is? Ugh.

Screen Shot 2014-11-19 at 4.43.03 AM

I have to hand it to the writers, though. If there’s anything that makes me want to go back to the days of Eric yelling at Nicole for what a terrible person she is, it’s having to watch Daniel scream at her about throwing a football wrong.

And then you have Marlena, bopping around the hospital with hair that looks like she let one of the grandchildren do it –

Screen Shot 2014-11-19 at 4.33.59 AM

– and telling Jordan that she knows Jordan has something burdening her, and if she wants to talk about it, of course whatever she told Marlena right here in the middle of the hospital with a zillion (okay, five) people milling around would be totes confidential.

For what it’s worth, though, Marlena and Abigail’s confrontations with Anne were pretty hilarious, especially Anne telling Abigail, “I know you have the morals of an alley cat!”

It sure was nice of Sami to leave her bountiful amounts of leather behind when she left Salem.

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Actress Returning

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Not a huge surprise here, but some very welcome news…

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What Happened in Salem: Week of Nov. 10th

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While Theresa was troubled to learn she isn’t pregnant after all…

JJ and Eve, feeling guilty about their tryst and desperate not to have Paige find out, handled it in typical Salem fashion: by sharing lots of guilty glances and talking about it nonstop. Eve tried to convince JJ that he had to break it off with Paige after what happened. Meanwhile, Paige fixated on the minutiae of her mother’s sex life. Who hit play on Eve’s moaning porn soundtrack, if you catch my drift? Was it the town doctor? The local priest? Like any regular teen, Paige has gotta know!

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November Promo

Posted November 12, 2014 by mykleraus
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The Day of Days fan event was held last weekend, and while I was too lazy to go and make a fool of myself, I did come upon this November promo video, which was apparently shown to attendees even though a) November is half-over and a lot of the content has already aired and b) it’s a promotional video for the show but they haven’t even put it online.

Then again, if what was about to air on my television show was this formless and mostly snooze-inducing, I might only show it to my most rabid, paying fans, too.

It’s not bad, per se, but it’s also… where’s the sweeps month drama? Chad telling off Rafe is (was, since it already aired) a fun moment in a small story. Melanie returning is nice (if you like her, which I do), but it’s so undramatic. “Hey Grandma, I’m moving back. kthxcool” Paul’s flirting with every woman vaguely his age on the show. Hope and Aiden getting together is exciting, as is the potential of the JJ/Eve fallout, but everything just feels so ho-hum. Do please share a fit of laughter with me at 1:42 into the promo, when Daniel is shown lying on top of Nicole and you can hear someone go, “Oh no!” Literally every other character/pairing/story gets cheers, and all this gets is an exclamation of terror.

I feel like the mundaneness of this promo does not bode well for the show in the months following Sami, EJ, and Kristen’s departures. Is anything actually going to happen?


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