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What Happened in Salem: Week of October 24th

October 31, 2016

Just when you thought it was safe to run around town again…

With the siege over, Salem started to get back to normal, which meant typical Salem occurrences like Kayla decorating the pier for a dinner with Steve instead of going to a restaurant and Nicole having to grovel for Deimos’s forgiveness for having dared to keep Chloe’s secret about him being the baby’s father. Meanwhile, Aiden coerced Hope into joining him in his hotel room for a romantic evening, but Hope stood up to him and made him see that making her go to bed with him would be rape. Faster than you can say, “We have new writers who have no interest in continuing this storyline,” Aiden destroyed his recording of her confession, handed her a flash drive containing the alleged only other copy, and resigned as D.A. to move back to Oregon.

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It Was a Perfect Illusion

October 29, 2016

“For my next trick, I will prove what imbeciles my enemies are by standing ten feet in front of them and conducting a magic show with half my face showing and my voice the same as normal, and they won’t notice a thing!”


Aside from the fact that it required our “heroes” to be even bigger idiots than usual — which is no small feat, especially for Marlena and John — I dug this whole thing. I don’t even know what kind of cockamamie explanation they’re giving for how in the hell Orpheus was presumed dead but was actually alive, or how he got out of the morgue, but the whole magic show bit feels old-school in a fun way. I assume this is the final climax of this whole escaped convicts storyline, because these guys hit Wile E. Coyote status weeks ago, but it’s nevertheless entertaining.

In general, I just like that they bothered with Halloween this year.


It’s always a treat to see the characters/actors dressed up in costume, although no one was living his fullest life more than that dude in the sunflower outfit, who was literally in the background of every single shot that took place in the Square during Friday’s episode. Hope and Julie actually mentioning David Banning was great. Roman teasing Rafe about the gladiator costume was cute. Ciara dressed up as a cop pointing a (fake) gun at an autistic black man was… wait… not a good thing at all. (Seriously, no one thought better of that?) And the ending with Andre playing Hope’s confession was pretty damn classic. I’m kind of excited for Monday’s episode, and that isn’t something that happens too often these Days.

It’s Me Again

October 26, 2016

Look, I know times are tough and budgets are lean, but even I had trouble suspending my disbelief at a woman who recently had brain surgery decorating the local pier for a surprise romantic evening with her ex-husband.


“I know I just underwent surgery and our son was kidnapped and our town has been under siege and I’ve been working round-the-clock at the hospital, but I couldn’t think of anything I’d rather do than climb the pier to hang some Christmas lights! I presume absolutely no one else will walk through here during our date, considering that normal people don’t like to just hang out on a shady pier. And don’t worry, the only lingering effect of my surgery is hat head!”

I do think they’ve done a decent job shoring up Kayla and Steve as a couple, considering the impossible-to-solve conflict the previous writers gave them. Throwing them into major crisis bonded them and helped Kayla realize that a) Steve’s tendency toward heroics is not a bad thing, especially when the FBI can’t even be arsed to help an entire town being held hostage, and b) her family and friends attract an equal number of dangerous lunatics and psychos! So this is solved, right? Because I don’t like Kayla when she’s a nag, and I want to like Kayla.

I didn’t entirely hate the wrap-up they gave Aiden, either.


Daniel Cosgrove once again proved why he deserved a less-muddled character with a fighting chance at lasting, and I was pleasantly surprised by the way they had Hope stand up for herself and call that what it would’ve been: rape. This woman has been through too much and is too smart (in theory) to just cower at his demands. And having Aiden realize she was right and reverse course was an interesting way to show that he still has some dignity at his core. Of course, it remains to be seen whether he passed that recording along to Andre after he told Hope he’d wiped it, or if Andre already had it, but at least this digs us out of a story I can’t say I’m sorry to lose.

And just as some things end, some things begin. In the case of Dr. Valerie Grant, everything old is new again.


No, literally. This character, who should be about 65 years old, is a good decade-and-a-half younger than that. But I got a good vibe from Vanessa Williams on her first day, and I was thrilled that they had her and Julie cross paths so quickly. I’m pretty sure Julie wasn’t against Valerie’s (interracial) relationship with her son, David, back in the 70s, and Julie seemed pleased to see her while Valerie was the standoffish one, so something’s gotta be up here. I’m calling it now: Valerie found out she was pregnant with David’s baby before she left Salem and, fearing all the local racists and blowback, skipped town and never told him that she had his kid. I mean, this is Days, so that’s a logical conclusion. The real mystery is whether they’ll actually say the name David Banning, which Julie couldn’t even be bothered to spit out while explaining the history of her own son’s father’s mansion last year.

What Happened in Salem: Week of October 17th

October 24, 2016

The escaped criminals’ reign of terror finally came to an end…

After Orpheus trapped several Salemites inside the Brady Pub with a bomb, John negotiated to turn himself over in exchange for the others’ safety. In the grand tradition of Salem villains, Orpheus didn’t just do the thing he claimed he actually wanted to do — shoot and kill John — and instead wasted a bunch of time shuffling him off to another location where he planned to shoot and kill him. Along the way, they encountered JJ, whom Orpheus shot and left for dead, but he couldn’t do the same to John because he still had to deliver a long-winded speech explaining yet again why he wants to shoot him. Kayla helped Steve sneak out of the hospital, which was on lockdown, so that he could get there before Orpheus finished delivering his address and save John.

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Hit Me Baby One More Time

October 23, 2016

I didn’t imagine it was possible, but Nicole found a man who’s even more judgmental and hypocritical than Daniel!


This whole thing about him throwing her dead babies in her face — this is the end of it, right?! She’s not going to go back to him? (She totally is.)

The scenes were great, but I feel like that’s mostly because the actors are so solid. But, like, he berates her, he screams about her terrible behavior while ignoring his own, and he says nasty things about her past? He’s Daniel 2.0! Are we supposed to like this guy?!

It’s About Time

October 21, 2016

I would like to personally thank whoever was responsible for these scenes.


Did Lucas and Anne (finally!) meeting drive story in any major way? No, not really. Did that matter? Absolutely not. As contrived as the setup was, I loved every second of it. I loved that Lucas knew who Anne was, and I loved her reaction to realizing that he’s the brother of “Jenny from the Square” (!). I also enjoyed how Anne says that she always mixes up Adrienne and Kayla, because as someone who wasn’t watching during their original runs and just knew they were blonde and played by women with the last name Evans, I can sympathize. And it seemed as if they were trying to flesh out Anne by getting into her relationship with her mother.

I’m not entirely sure what the intention of these scenes was — filling time in an amusing way? Pointing toward a possible pairing? — but I’m always in favor of putting two interesting characters in a room together and seeing what happens. I’ve long been in favor of pairing Lucas with one of Jen’s rivals, especially during the years when story was lean(er) for him, and either Anne or Eve would do… although the height disparity between Bryan Dattilo and Kassie de Paiva would be insanely distracting, so Anne Milbauer it is. Plus their couple name could be LuAnne!

Meanwhile, the Salem Three are gone, so everyone’s free to wander around the mall and the park aimlessly again. Not that they weren’t before, but now they can stop pausing at the top of each scene to explain where their bodyguards went. Xander’s exit, or at least Deimos’s involvement in it, was surprising and left the door open for future mayhem, but Orpheus’s… um, wasn’t that the exact same as Yo-Ling, basically? (Remember him? Not even a year later, he’s about as relevant to the present show as Don Craig.) And it’s a good thing Marlena didn’t yank that bottle of Fatal Potion out of her medical bag while she was “treating” JJ in the Square! I’d criticize that random cop who thought it’d be okay to un-cuff Orpheus while Marlena treated him, but I’m choosing to believe that he knew exactly what he was doing.

Blowing It

October 19, 2016

My mood every time they reference how Orpheus and John used to be partners:


They were never partners! Orpheus and the actual Roman were ISA partners before Roman came (back?) to Salem and met Marlena. Roman accidentally shot and killed Orpheus’s wife in a mission gone awry. Then, when John was presumed to be Roman, Orpheus popped up looking for revenge and went after Marlena, which resulted in John shooting him and leaving him for dead. So he should want revenge against John for that whole debacle — but not the part where Roman shot his wife!


“And this is only the third worst thing I’ve had to wear this month!”

I thought the drama with Jennifer and the bomb was kind of fun, though. It’s always nice to feature Jennifer and Hope’s close cousin relationship, and there was an inherent tension to what was going on. I even enjoyed Rafe and Eduardo bonding as they worked together to help Hope defuse the bomb. And Rafe and Hope do work well together… as friends and coworkers. It says a lot that I forgot until the end of the episode that we were also probably supposed to be wrenched over the fact that they had to work together but can’t be together, but they didn’t even seem so bothered by it, so… meh.