Things That Go Bump in the Night

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What in the name of Laura Petrie is happening on top of Nicole’s head?


Yeah, you’re right to be concerned, lady!

I guess this could be some tit-for-tat thing. Chloe stole her baby, so she stole Chloe’s precious Bump-it? I mean, if she really wanted to hit Ghoul Girl where it hurts, she could’ve made off with her stash of bronzer and fake lashes, but I suppose she didn’t have a semi truck at her immediate disposal…

What Happened in Salem: Week of January 30th

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Everyone and their mother/deranged uncle/flamboyant brother was after the Orwell device. Meanwhile…

In Prague, after much debate, the crew decided to use Marlena as bait to lure Stefano out of hiding at a masquerade ball, because what criminal can resist a calamity-prone 65-year-old when his entire evil plot is on the line? Elsewhere, someone delivered an invitation for the ball to the mysterious “Mr. Meradi.”

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Seeing Double… Again

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I knew this microchip thing had potential, but suddenly, we’re in the throes of a really strong umbrella storyline. The Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday episodes were exciting not just because of that escalating sense of tension and impending disaster, but also because every scene, every storyline featured, felt like spokes coming off the same hub of drama. Yeah, it’s still a bit thin — probably because not much of this is really rooted in the characters’ arcs, aside from the Chloe/Nicole/Deimos situation and elements of the Abigail/Chad/Gabi stuff (which they aren’t really playing up) — but it’s at least interesting and has momentum. It feels like all these separate threads are suddenly weaving together, tangling things up and driving tensions to their peaks. I might be crazy, but this at least feels like a decent attempt to emulate the adventures of olden Days.

Also, talk about past characters I never thought I’d see onscreen in “real time”:


I tend to forget that Shane ever had a twin, because Drew doesn’t seem to have been a very significant character at all, and his role in the narrative always seems confusing in recaps. But this is a fun use of random history, and it gives both Charles Shaughnessy and Melissa Reeves something playful and a little exciting to do, so… have at it.

But Drew showing up really made me think about how absurd it is that people in this town are constantly finding out that they have doppelgängers, twins, and what have you.

Here’s a list of people currently on the show who have or have had lookalikes:

  • Marlena Evans: Samantha Evans (identical twin)*, Hattie Adams (doppelgänger)*
  • Hope Brady: Princess Gina von Amberg (doppelgänger)
  • Shane Donovan: Drew Donovan (identical twin)
  • Nicole Walker: Helena Tasso (doppelgänger)
  • Andre DiMera: Tony DiMera (cousin/brother and doppelgänger after plastic surgery)
  • Doug Williams: Byron Carmichael (identical half-brother)
  • Rafe Hernandez: “Rafe #2” — Javier something? (doppelgänger after plastic surgery)

*Both roles were played by Deidre’s real-life twin, Andrea Hall, in their original runs, though Deidre later took over both for reprisals.

And then we have the following, all of whom have been (at least once) replaced by a doppelgänger somewhere in the process of being “murdered” or otherwise participating in mayhem:

  • Abe
  • Maggie
  • Caroline
  • Roman
  • Victor
  • Doug
  • Jennifer**

**There was a very short arc, a few days long, sometime in 2005-06, amidst the zillion times Jack was presumed dead, where he arrived home to reunite with Jen, only to realize that she was actually some woman named Madison wearing a Jennifer mask (as we know those are easy to come by). Melissa Reeves played the role of Madison until she was unmasked.

Meanwhile, the following people look exactly like former Salem residents, although no one notices it:

  • Roman (Josh Taylor previously played Chris Kositchek)
  • Adrienne (Judi Evans previously played Bonnie Lockhart)

And this is all with Sami, EJ, Aiden, Kristen, and god knows who else out of town! (Now tell me how many people I’ve missed…)

Spoiler About Upcoming Actor Appearance

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This one’s coming up soon, so definitely don’t click if you don’t want to be spoiled…

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Osh Kosh OMFGosh

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For everyone shocked by Eric’s new, hardened look since getting out of prison, please take in this screenshot [note: it is impossible to get good, clear screenshots of pre-HD episodes] of him attending a barbecue sometime in 1998 casually wearing overalls.


And no one even commented on it or made fun of him! Oh, innocence.

What Happened in Salem: Week of January 23rd

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The truth about baby Holly was the big headline this week, but some other people did other stuff that might eventually add up to something…

Abigail and Gabi decided to team up to prevent the men they love from getting into a full-blown war over the microchips. Abigail planned to use her feminine wiles — which, to be fair, drove a man to fake a brain tumor, got her now-brother-in-law to cheat on the love of his life, and turned a third fellow into a serial killer — and a tepid Southern accent to pry information out of the tech, Myron. Dario interrupted the plan, and Chad figured out that the women were up to something. Later, Chad and Abigail left their child in the house with two known murderers so they could escape to the Salem Inn, where, for the first time since Abigail’s return, they enjoyed a sensual romp full of tastefully placed white sheets, exposed legs, and a bland ballad that you wouldn’t even remember if it smacked you in the face.

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Just Play the Hits

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It wouldn’t be an episode of Days of Our Lives in 2017 if we didn’t hear Daniel’s name at least 50 times, let alone see his mug.


I will say that his ghostly appearance Friday, as well as all the (endless) discussion of him, didn’t irritate me as much as your average psychiatric professional might have predicted. Yes, we all know how much he sucked, but people like Maggie, Victor, Nicole, and Brady for some reason enjoyed his presence, and it makes sense to reflect on his memory as the news comes out that he and Nicole share a daughter. Personally, I found it strange how Brady and Nicole were talking about how Daniel always gave them great advice, considering that most of what I remember was him telling Nicole what an untrustworthy harlot she was, and him mauling the ex-fiancée who broke Brady’s heart and drove him back to drugs, but hey, different strokes. I wouldn’t have minded if JJ — the one person who really did benefit from Daniel’s guidance — had been at the police station and weighed in with some references to things we actually saw Daniel do, but they seem to have forgotten that Daniel was ever important to that segment of the canvas.

In terms of this baby situation, I don’t know that I’ve ever watched a story in which just about everyone — regardless of what side of the debate they’re on — seems either batshit crazy or stupid to the point of being a danger to themselves. “Maggie, doesn’t it bother you that Deimos left you paralyzed?” “I’ve made my peace with him.” Well, sure, you can get past something like that and still not exalt the person or want to be around him. Meanwhile, they somehow even managed to make Chloe come off like an idiot — which, granted, isn’t usually that tough — when she admitted that Deimos might not harm Holly directly, but, you know, his influence wouldn’t be great and stuff. Compelling! I don’t see how a judge could rule against that!

Also, Maggie is really leaning into this Prince tribute thing, yeah?


I did appreciate that they actually showed her learning that Holly is her granddaughter and holding the child for the first time. This is the type of beat that they too often skip over, but it helps ground these ridiculous scenarios when we actually see people’s incredulous reactions play out.

Speaking of old Days favorites…


It’s been a while since we’ve had a random dayplayer waltz up to some main characters and butt into their lives, totally uninvited! And this one seems to be a distant relation of Celeste, so there’s that, too. Per Salem tradition, this woman could not have given less of a shit about anybody else in that “Cafe Dvorak,” but of course she floats right up to Kayla and Steve to tell their fortunes, i.e., completely ruin their day by shrieking in their faces about doom and danger. I hope she wasn’t expecting a tip.