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Next Stop: The Accessories Depot

October 30, 2012

Lucas was really channeling his inner Kate when he found Will and Sonny about to do it, huh? Also — how great was Chandler Massey’s face when Will heard his father’s voice through the door?

Never, ever, ever did I think I would see scenes like those ones between Will and Sonny on Days of Our Lives. They’re doing everything so casually, too. They kiss as much as the straight couples, they have sex(-adjacent) scenes like the straight couples, etc. It’s a pleasant surprise.

But back to Lucas. Theory — go with me here: Lucas is afraid of his son making the same mistakes that he and Sami made. So he thinks he’s telling Will to wait and be sure, but what he’s really doing is starting down the same path that Kate went down, which is “no one is ever good enough except some mythical person you can’t have.” I’ve long believed that the reason Kate meddles so excessively in her kids’ love lives is because she feels so guilty for having let Curtis take Billie and Austin from her, and she’s constantly trying to overcompensate and protect her kids from something like that. I could see Lucas having adopted a similar pathology.

Of course, I doubt the writers will ever tie it together that way, but it helps justify it in my mind. Plus there’s the shock of finding out his son is gay; I think it’s realistic for a parent, especially a dad, to be knocked a little off-balance by that, even if you’re ultimately “okay” with it. And then there’s the fact that they need some kind of conflict at this stage, and if it keeps Lucas from being written off (as long as they don’t totally demonize him), then fine. He hasn’t done anything horrifyingly bad yet.

As for History Mentions That Placate Me Even In The Face Of Bad Story:

I did not expect to get any kind of acknowledgement of Nick and Billie’s history together (they got drunk and slept together after Chelsea rejected him, back when Julie Pinson was playing Billie). The way Blake Berris played the line “Nice to see you, Billie” was perfect, and it was just enough of a reference to add some depth without having to make it a whole big thing. I wish these writers could be half as good at really building story and tension as they are at utilizing these bits and pieces.


What Happened In Salem: Week of October 22nd

October 29, 2012

While things took a happy turn in Jennifer’s world, the same couldn’t be said for Marlena…

Kristen cornered Marlena in the nursery section of Home Depot, which Marlena had mistaken for a park. Kristen insisted that she has changed after intensive therapy, but Marlena was skeptical that could have helped, since Marlena knows firsthand how lax the medical board is about licensing deranged people as psychiatrists. Kristen then went to visit John at his office, while Marlena feared Kristen had stolen her cell phone, and she really didn’t want to stand in line at the damn Apple store again. Luckily, John’s secretary found Marlena’s phone in the office, but John and Marlena remained unnerved by Kristen’s reappearance in Salem.

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A Bounty of Surprises

October 29, 2012

Is there anything as glorious as a week in which people who are not Sami manage to make Sami look like a total fool?

Those scenes between her and Kristen were so great, with Sami darting to call the police and then declaring that, even at her worst, she was never on the same level of villainy as Kristen. And lest you think that the Great MarDar Torching of 2012 is over, the new writers managed to make a plot point out of how stupid it is that anyone would install Sami as the CEO of anything besides an Etsy shop.


Lucas and the Leaves

October 24, 2012

Crank up the Kelly Moneymaker and bust out Grandma Alice’s donuts, because we have a miracle on our hands!

The writers actually remembered that Jennifer and Lucas are siblings! I seriously think this might be their first scene since Lucas returned in February. Wonders never cease.

I’m pretty worried about Lucas’s future on the show, what with there being no obvious love interests, his tension with Will having blown over, etc. I hope they don’t cut Bryan Dattilo again, but I also fear that he’ll hang around and become a younger Roman, showing up to a handful of family events but seemingly without any life of his own. I’m still annoyed that the old writers rushed him and Sami back together in such a boring way, but if this regime isn’t interested in pursuing those two together (and I actually like what they did with them as semi-friendly exes yesterday), I might be okay with them putting Dattilo on recurring and creating a nice new doctor or someone for him to be married to, so we know Lucas is happy and in Salem and we can see him when appropriate.

Speaking of depressing:

(And I’m not talking about Marlena’s hideous outfit.)

One definite criticism I have of Tomlin, whether as EP or writer, is the over-reliance on setting scenes in “the park” and “the woods.” MarDar were using that area outside the Town Square decently as an extra spot for character crosses, but now we’re back to the random, cheap-looking areas that look like the nursery at Home Depot.

A Very Brady Meeting

October 21, 2012

How great were those scenes of the three Brady siblings discussing how to handle Caroline’s care?

They even mentioned talking it over with Kimberly, Frankie, and Max, which was a nice touch (I can’t believe I’ve been so beaten down that I’m praising them just for mentioning all of Caroline’s children). And thus it was decided that Roman would be Vice President of Watching Sami’s Children, Kayla would be the Wanchai Comptroller, and Bo would be in charge of cramming Caroline’s oversized dentures into her mouth every day.

Honestly, they were really good, sensitively handled scenes, but I had to crack up when Bo was all, “I feel guilty that you guys had to pick up so much of the slack when I was off in the Merchant Marines.” What about when Kayla left town and literally never visited (wait, maybe she was “in the kitchen” for Caroline’s funeral in 2003) for fifteen years, or when Roman died twenty times, or when Kimberly was running around moonlighting as a hooker? I think Bo has kinda put in his time, ya know?

What Happened In Salem: Week of October 15th

October 20, 2012

All John and Marlena’s crowing about their perfect, blissful happiness paid off exactly as it always does in Salem…

Stefano convinced Kristen to return to Salem and help him win back EJ’s affection, since when there’s a rift between you and your children, there’s no one more suited to repairing it than your adopted daughter/former daughter-in-law/former half-sister-in-law/doppelganger of the hillbilly woman you artificially inseminated while dressed up like Elvis Presley. Kristen boarded a private jet for Salem, but not before loading up her iPad with headshots of every relevant person in town so that she would have something to stare blankly at study while traveling.

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We are Officially in Crazytown

October 20, 2012

Has anyone noticed the abundance of flashbacks lately?

Did Marlena get a discount on a bulk shipment of Vaseline or something?

Speaking of Marlena:

When I called you a cow, I didn’t mean you HAD TO ACTUALLY DRESS LIKE ONE.

Also, praise the Lord that Kristen has an iPad, or she wouldn’t have a damn clue what was going on.

I mean, based on that ridiculous Google search she did — “were stefano and/or ej dimera ever connected to embezzlement charges against john black?” — she either just got Internet access, or she’s my mom. (Seriously, though, she saw no news about John’s arrest? Stefano didn’t tell her?!)

I also appreciated how she loaded it with headshots of all her relevant family members and enemies before boarding her plane to Salem. I usually just go with a book or an episode of Breaking Bad or something, but I admittedly do not often fly to cities that I was exiled from fifteen years earlier.