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I’m Not a Bitch, But I’ve Played One on TV!

February 13, 2015

I keep meaning to do some kind of post about The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, a popular documentary about a bunch of harpies who shriek at one another over who did and did not show up to someone’s dinner/White Party/book signing/shoe launch/etc., because two familiar Salem faces are among the cast this season: Eileen Davidson (Kristen/Susan) and Lisa Rinna (Billie). Unfortunately, I also find this show exhausting to watch — and that’s saying something, coming from a person deranged enough to voluntarily commit to blogging about Days! — so once it’s over and I’ve read the week’s Vulture recap (these are brilliant and about 80% of the reason I even watch the show), I try to scrub my brain clean until the next Tuesday hits. Point being, I haven’t gotten around to doing it yet.

But this video, aired on Watch What Happens Live, gives me a reason to do so, as it’s directly related to Days:

Yes, that is Andy Cohen playing Theresa Donovan against Davidson’s Kristen in an actual scene from the show. Go on. If you’ve never appreciated Jen Lilley (Theresa) before, you will after this horrorshow. Also worthwhile for the moment when Davidson goes off-script and calls Theresa “you piece of trash bitch,” which is probably an actual quote from a Real Housewife, come to think of it.