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Head Writer Switcheroo AGAIN

January 23, 2017

Breaking news! Dena Higley is out — though her Co-Head Writer, Ryan Quan, remains in a Creative Consultant post — and former One Life to Live/General Hospital Head Writer, Ron Carlivati, is coming to Days!


From Soap Opera Digest:

The show has replaced Co-Head Writer Dena Higley with Emmy-winning scribe Ron Carlivati, who toiled at both GENERAL HOSPITAL and ONE LIFE TO LIVE, effective immediately. His title will be Head Writer. Higley’s Co-Head Writer, Ryan Quan, will remain with the new title of Creative Consultant. Daytime Emmy-winner Sheri Anderson Thomas, who has served on DAYS’s writing team in various capacities, including head writer and co-head writer in the ’80s and ’90s, will also hold the Creative Consultant title.

I’m actually way less shocked by this than I maybe should be. Carlivati has been a free agent for a while, and his brand of heightened storyline has been talked about a lot online as a possible fit for Days. And former Head Writer Sheri Anderson, who has long, long been buzzed about as being the needed fix for what ails the show, will be consulting!

I definitely agree that Salem could use a shot in the arm. As I’ve said recently, I like a lot of what Higley and Quan have set up, but I don’t necessarily think it’s playing out with as much energy as it needs to have. Carlivati’s initial time as HW of OLTL was very, very strong, with interweaving, character-driven storylines, and he brought a lot of that to GH at first, though that show seemed to get away from him for whatever reason. At any rate, I’m excited (interested?) to see what the hell happens next.

One thing Carlivati did at both those shows was establish a gay presence, so I would not be surprised to see Sonny/Paul become more prominent, or to see Will’s murder reversed. He also definitely loves vets and history — though sometimes applies established canon, er, liberally — so we should be up for some unexpected stuff in the coming months, or at least when his material begins airing in the 22nd century.

Of course, the real question is: when do we get our next The Plan to Save Days interview?!

What Happened in Salem: Week of January 16th

January 21, 2017

A familiar face came to Hope’s rescue. Meanwhile…

The Salem Chapter of Future Crime Bosses of America held a meeting with its charter members, Chad, Sonny, and Dario. They attempted to work things out with regards to the microchip technology but only succeeded in making things worse. Dario ordered a hit on Deimos but warned Nicole to steer clear, which of course tipped her off enough to try and get to Deimos in time.

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‘Chips Ahoy

January 20, 2017

I have a perhaps-controversial opinion.


No, it isn’t that I think Club TBD looks okay. It’s still awful on every count.

My controversial (?) opinion is this: I think this microchip storyline is pretty good.

Wait, wait. Hold the tomatoes. I have some caveats — primarily, that I think this storyline is very solid on paper. If you were to describe this story to a longtime Days fan without giving away that Dena Higley were writing the show, I bet that viewer would say it sounds like exactly what Days needs right now. Think about it: the DiMeras and the Kiriakises are both privy to revolutionary technology that could earn either family millions. A scrappy, third family rises up to get involved and take that technology. All this is the backdrop for a number of personal and relationship stories. Chad and Abigail are trying to get their marriage back on solid ground, while she’s harboring self-doubt and he’s resisting the feelings he developed for Gabi. Abigail has a newfound friendship with Dario, her husband’s wild-card competitor. JJ is desperate to win Gabi back but has been tasked with investigating her father and brother, and wild-card Lani is… there. Sonny and Chad’s friendship is threatened as they step up to represent their respective families. Kate’s burgeoning relationship with Eduardo is complicated by his family having stolen and smuggled the microchips. Deimos is willing to play dirty, which again tests his and Nicole’s relationship and strengthens Chloe’s resolve to keep Holly away from him, even if it means hurting Nicole.


See? That’s a pretty strong umbrella storyline. In execution, though, it’s a bit like a house made out of popsicle sticks and Scotch tape (or, you know, the typical Days set). The microchip stuff arose out of nowhere. Chad and Gabi’s “love” was completely rushed. Sonny as a business-minded Kiriakis feels forced. It makes no sense why anyone trusts Deimos. Chloe is the damn voice of common sense with regards to Deimos, and somehow her motivation for keeping that child from Nicole still feels thin.

But there’s something there. Maybe the scripts need to be digging deeper. Maybe it’s that the setups were rushed into place, and we just need to buy into those in order to buy the story. But I will say that it’s generating a lot of scenes and dynamics that I’m enjoying, and this sort of far-reaching storytelling works so well for this incarnation of the show. So I suppose I’m willing to go along for the ride right now, based upon the potential of the whole thing and the engaging scenes that pop up along the way.

What Happened in Salem: Week of January 9th

January 17, 2017

Chloe woke up, Hope got tossed in the trash, and Microchip Mania heated up…

Chad and Abigail reconnected during a romantic night of dinner and dancing in an Ashley Furniture clearance outlet— oh wait, that was Club TBD. JJ displayed the incompetence necessary for a lifelong career with the Salem PD when he blabbed to Gabi that Eduardo and Dario are under investigation for shady activities pertaining to the club, which Gabi insisted was impossible even though she’d actually just overheard her father and brother discussing such matters. Dario confronted a nonplussed Andre about the missing hard drive, and when Eduardo accused Kate, the multiple-time-attempted-murderess was so offended that he’d think her of capable of theft that she dumped him.

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Megyn Kelly: The New Stefano DiMera?

January 5, 2017

Over the years, we’ve seen some serious threats to Salem, and even some pretty dangerous cancellation rumors, but when word broke on Tuesday that NBC would be stealing Megyn Kelly away from Fox News, it seemed to signal near-certain doom for Days of Our Lives. 


From Forbes:

Megyn Kelly, one of Fox News’ biggest stars, is heading for rival NBC News when her contract is up later this year, according to a spokesperson for NBC News. She will host a daytime news and talk show, anchor a Sunday night news show and work on special programming.

Here’s the thing about that “daytime news and talk show”: NBC actually has very few daytime hours to fill. Over the years, they’ve given more and more hours over to the affiliates to fill with whatever (presumably syndicated) programming they choose. There are only three current hours of actual daytime programming controlled by NBC itself: the third hour of Today; the fourth hour of Today (otherwise known as “The Kathie Lee & Hoda Shitshow”); and Days. And if something were to be cut from that slate…

I was reluctant even to write about this, because I didn’t want to put bad thoughts out into the universe. Days is only guaranteed to be on-air through this coming fall, and frankly, the ratings continue to slide and it isn’t exactly hitting creative peaks — though it has improved significantly from last year’s various nightmares. The whole thing made me very nervous. Makes me very nervous, I should say. And given the current Days production schedule, they’re already shooting into June and July right now, which means that if the show were to go off the air in September, they’d only have a few weeks to re-jigger plans and write the scripts for those final weeks.

But today there was this, from a variety of news sources:

Megyn Kelly’s new daytime show on NBC is expected to replace Today’s 9 a.m. hour, sources said Wednesday.

NBC News declined to comment. A network source said that timing on everything involving Kelly is still up in the air, including when she will join NBC News and when her new shows will debut.

That third hour (as the article linked above goes on to discuss) is sort of a mess right now. It’s a pale imitation of the first two hours, only without any actual news and a lot more emphasis on pop culture and light human interest. Most recently, they brought in Billy Bush to be a part of it, only to lose him after the scandal of the leaked Donald Trump tape (involving Days‘ Arianne Zucker) this past fall. It doesn’t sound like that hour would be a huge loss, since they’re struggling to fill it as-is.

So we’ll see what happens. I suspect we’ll know either way very soon. My fingers are crossed for word of a renewal right around the airing of the 13,000th episode of Days and that the sands will keep running through this particular hourglass for many years to come.

My Eyes, My Eyes

December 28, 2016

Nicole. Dear.


If you hadn’t put the nursing shirt on sideways, you wouldn’t have to use that bottle to feed baby Holly.

But for real: who dresses like that to go hold vigil over a comatose friend and care for her newborn? Was Ballistix all out of hooker dresses?

While we’re on the subject of visual offenses:


I’ve been praying for them to redo Club TBD for years, but somehow, they made it worse. This should be red flag #1 for the authorities that Eduardo and Dario are only using the club as a front: no one would decorate a place like this and actually expect customers to spend time, let alone money, there. Look at this nightmare! Literally nothing in the above screenshot goes together. The two tables are mismatched, and not in the cute way. The studded leather sofa sits across from that patchwork-quilt-looking chair Shane’s sitting in. There’s a striped chair to Steve’s right. The wall behind Roman goes with nothing but those ugly upholstered chairs in the foreground. Is this a restaurant/nightclub/coffee shop, or just a storage space for shit they had to clear out of other sets?


And don’t forget this random, backlit indigo wall lifted from a Jessica Simpson video from 2001, fronted by a bunch of urns! Sure makes me want a latte or a martini, depending on what time of day it is (just kidding, no one ever knows what time of day it is).

Actress Departing

December 21, 2016

Talk about a Christmas miracle.