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THE PROOF is in the pudding

November 20, 2010

This show has a penchant for running flashbacks, phrases, and conversations into the ground with a precision that makes me wonder if all the writers are as autistic as little Theo Carver. I suspect they think the entire audience is too slow to pick up on their heavy-handed “clues” — i.e., having a character recite a lengthy monologue about why s/he is doing what s/he is doing and what s/he hopes to achieve from said activity, in the plainest terms possible — but in reality, they’re just driving us all to Straitjacket City.

Hence, I’m thrilled that Nicole found that damn camera and summarily went about blackmailing Sami. I don’t think I could have handled another person talking about THE PROOF!!! or ARIANNA’S PROOF!!! Even typing the words is making me twitchy.

It reminds me of the time Greta’s coronation turned into a massacre [Side note: I had a freshman Politics seminar the day that aired, and I lied to the professor that I had a doctor’s appointment because class went until 3:10 but Days started at 3. Professor Ellis, if you’re reading this, I would like to say I’m sorry… but I won’t, because I’m not.] and all Sami gave a fuck about was finding the tape that proved Kate and Lucas set her up for Franco’s murder. She was wearing, like, a powdered wig and a garter belt over her face, and her mother and stepfather and little sister were all being shot at by crazed gunmen, and for that matter, so was she, and all she could do was gasp about THE TAPE!!!

If you care to relive this glory, you may do so by clicking here:

Or watch this clip. The Sami part is at 1:08.