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Did Anyone Make Clam Chowder or Donuts?

August 13, 2013

I’ve been meaning to post about this for almost a week, but I was hoping Hulu would get the damn episode up so I could link to it. Anyway! Did anyone else catch the Days-featuring episode of Top Chef Masters? (Hulu doesn’t have it active as of this posting, but try, I guess.)


The challenge was something about “creating a soap opera-themed meal,” and they had all these fun little soap twists in the middle of the episode. It was corny as hell, but I smiled a lot watching it. And a number of Days cast members got to be a part of the meal and the judging. It’s worth watching if for nothing aside from the shockingly cringe-worthy moment where Galen Gering refers to the sexual experience of eating a dish and Drake Hogestyn asks, “Did you achieve blood flow?” ACHIEVE BLOOD FLOW. I’m dead.