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So This is What “Europe” and “Africa” Look Like

July 21, 2011

Anyone else watch Pretty Little Liars? Because that show is populated by familiar faces.

Ashley Benson, the last Abby on Days, plays Hanna, one of the leads.

Roark Critchlow, who played Mike Horton in the 90s and reprised the role last year, plays Hanna’s dad.

And yes, his ex-wife, Hanna’s mom, is Sydney Andrews! Er, Laura Leighton. But I will never be able to think of her as anyone but Sydney Andrews.

Meanwhile, Hanna’s love interest is played by Tyler Blackburn, who played Ian (Stephanie’s nerdy co-conspirator) on Days┬álast year.

Imagine my surprise when he turned up — not only because it was someone from Days, but because he is kind of smokin’ hot on this show (ABC Family totally knows their audience; every guy on this show is gorgeous). Also, there is another character on Pretty Little Liars┬ánamed Ian, and every time they mention him, I get momentarily confused.

So basically, Abby Deveraux is dating her the creep who was fixated on her cousin, and she’s living with her Uncle Mike and a woman who dabbled in prostitution and blackmailed her sister’s husband into marriage. Okay, then.