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Witchy Women

October 19, 2017

Oh, Samantha Gene. We’ve missed you.

Screen Shot 2017-10-18 at 7.57.57 PM

Sure, you ate the show for a while there, and you have that obnoxious way of making everything about yourself while refusing to listen to common sense, but you still belong in Salem. It’s amazing how easily Alison Sweeney and Sami just fit back into the tapestry of the show. Whatever it is, Sami and Lucas still have it. Always will. There’s just so much history between the two characters. They can go from sniping at one another to being best pals at the drop of a hat, and it all works. I thought her scenes with John and Paul could’ve been a little bigger, but I can’t quite figure out how. They’re wise to play the fallout, about Sami not wanting to stay at the townhouse because of John, but something about that encounter in the graveyard felt a little soft. And wow, was it shocking to see that Sami and Rafe even have noticeable chemistry — which makes his relationship with Hope seem all the more forced and cloying. I’m sure it’ll be addressed at some point, but I was waiting for Sami to make some kind of crack about Rafe now being engaged to her aunt, especially given how Galen Gering seemed to be playing those scenes as though Rafe wanted to get with Sami. “Need a ride anywhere? Anywhere? In my pants, perhaps?!” And Sweeney was just like, “Nah, I’m cool,” and treated him like an old friend, not a great love.

They even bothered to tie in Sami’s 2015 return and that bizarre wild goose chase about the possibility of an EJ we would never see onscreen being alive. Of course she feels stupid and heartbroken about having gotten her hopes up, which is why she’s so reluctant to do the same with Will. I didn’t necessarily need to see her sobbing in Marlena’s lap over EJ still being dead, but that could read as her just being overwhelmed by general grief and the confusion over Will — and it managed to put to bed a weird, dangling thread and give her a strong motivation in the current story. Fine, fine, you can have it. It’s also nice that they’ve found ways to pay homage to all three of her big pairings within her first few days. And I thought her dynamic with Marlena worked as well as ever.

It’s also nice to see that they found a way to make that cemetery set worthwhile! At least this way, we don’t have to hear any explanations about how both Will and Mickey had their remains transferred to a blue-walled mausoleum…

Screen Shot 2017-10-18 at 8.02.39 PM

I know this Adrienne/Bonnie story is goofy as hell, but is it bad that I’m kind of enjoying it? No, it doesn’t totally hang together, or at the least, there are a lot of beats missing. Like, where was the fallout between Maggie and Victor after he announced he plans to divorce her? There should’ve been scenes not unlike the ones Nicole and Eric shared on Monday. But if you squint and accept the moves on a pretty surface level, the scenes themselves are amusing, and it’s stirring people into action. Justin is finally trying to work this out. Steve and Kayla are finally involved. Victor should not be rolling over this easily, so I hope he has something up his sleeve, but it’s giving him and Maggie something to do besides chatter about Daniel, so I’ll take it for the time being. And while the wacky fantasies are not something I need to see every day, they’re true to who Bonnie was during her original run and (strangely) help to ground her a bit as an actual character and not just Evil Adrienne Lookalike. I mean, they could have her express some desire to see her damn kids, but this is a start.

Screen Shot 2017-10-18 at 8.03.11 PM

Maggie is still the only one whom I feel should be, at the least, thinking of Bonnie Lockhart. She could dismiss it as nuts, or verify with the prison that Bonnie is still there, or something, but the fact that Bonnie hates her and resembles Adrienne should be on her mind. I’m hoping that Steve and Kayla, who overlapped with Bonnie in 2006-07, get a clue posthaste, as well. Now that they’ve been let in on this, it would be nuts if they didn’t. Also, not super-slick of Bonnie to be visiting Mickey Horton’s grave in the light of day, dressed as the proprietor of Alice’s Saloon, chomping on potato chips, is it? I mean, I’ve never had a single person in my life be replaced by a crazed doppelgänger, and even I would jump to that conclusion if I’d come upon her like that. It’s a case so blatant, even the Salem PD could solve it!

Meanwhile, the other headline of the week is Nicole breaking up with Eric on Brady’s orders. I’m putting discussion of that storyline behind a cut, because it’s impossible to do at this point without hitting on a spoiler. Consider yourself warned…



What Happened in Salem: Week of October 9th

October 16, 2017

This week on Prisoners Explaining Stuff to Other People

Hope took a momentary break from moderating the personality disorders of her staff to actually do her damn job, and she got Ben to admit that the person who’d visited him in Bayview and given him the tip about Will was his father, Clyde Weston. While visiting Will’s grave, Lucas had another vision of his son, and when Kate found him and pleaded with him to get help for his drinking, they sobbed together on whatever Astroturf knockoff is now playing the part of “grass” in Salem.

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Fright Night

October 13, 2017

First off, Reaction of the Week goes to Judi Evans for Adrienne’s expression when Hattie informed her that she went through all that trouble and risk just to land Roman Brady.

Screen Shot 2017-10-12 at 10.38.06 PM

Couldn’t have said it better myself!

And now it’s Friday the 13th, and what better way to mark the occasion than a jaunt to the cemetery to dig up a grave and the return of Sami “I Never Met a Grudge I Didn’t Want to Keep for Eternity” Brady.

Screen Shot 2017-10-13 at 8.21.45 PM

Welcome home!

I think I’m in the minority, but it isn’t really bothering me that Paul pushed John to dig up Will’s grave with him. No, it is not an ideal thing to do, but what seems like a better way to figure out whether Will is in there and start tracking down answers: exhuming Will’s coffin, or relying on Salem law enforcement to chase Rolf around the globe and actually catch him? Oh, and I don’t buy that Sami wouldn’t be in favor of digging that thing right out of the ground. Wasn’t she the one shrieking at John back in 2004 to dig up Marlena right before we were treated to that Wild Coffin Ride to Melaswen? Regardless, I’m thrilled to see her.

And if things weren’t already spooky enough:

Screen Shot 2017-10-13 at 8.21.30 PM

This is… is she… is this her actual hair, or is she just in costume as the precocious boy from every 80s and early 90s sitcom? I’m surprised Brady didn’t take one look at that trainwreck of bristles and tell her to give Eric his best.

It All Comes Full (Misty) Circle

October 12, 2017

It’s a testament to the chemistry between Eric Brady and Raccoon Eyes Walker that I’ve been engrossed in their scenes all week rather than bursting into hysterical laughter.

Screen Shot 2017-10-09 at 10.11.53 PM

This is the fourth guy whom Nicole has declared to be the Great Love of Her Life in two years — and the fifth go-round, since it was only the summer of 2015 when she was yearning for Eric himself while choosing Daniel so that they could perform an impromptu (in Salem, “impromptu” means “heavily and nauseatingly choreographed”) dance to John Legend around a pub where innocent people were simply trying to eat their chowder and Wanchai Ferry. She’s bounced from Eric to Daniel to Deimos to Brady and now back to Eric, with each somehow being “the man she truly loves,” blah blah. To call this woman fickle would be like saying Lindsay Lohan’s career is in a bit of a slow patch. You know, a real severe understatement.

But, miraculously, it’s working. I don’t think the payoff for any single couple has worked this well since Abigail and Chad finally got together in late 2015. It’s almost possible to infer a coherent narrative here where there really isn’t one: that, for Nicole, it has always been Eric, but that after he made her feel judged and rejected, she chose Daniel because he felt like the safe option and came with the promise of a built-in family, thanks to Parker — and that, after Eric caused Daniel’s death, Nicole was (understandably) so furious and grief-stricken that she couldn’t allow herself to acknowledge anything but hatred toward Eric and lashed out as hard as she did in order to suppress whatever love remained, while trying to lose herself in both Deimos and Brady. No, I still can’t entirely make sense of the Deimos relationship, because it literally didn’t make sense from day-to-day onscreen, but it’s possible to view it as one of those any-port-in-a-storm situations where she got in over her head, only to be rescued by Brady and mistake close friendship for love… until the dam broke and her real feelings for Eric came bursting through again.

See? That works. I wish they’d put more of it in the actual dialogue to help us along, but it does work, and the actors are selling a throughline that really hasn’t been there for them to play this whole time. I actually don’t even mind that they’re both being idiots by sleeping together behind Brady’s back, because it causes legitimate complications and keeps the drama flowing, rather than just wrapping everything up with a bow. All this to say: why in the hell did they completely abandon a couple with this much built-in angst — to the point of firing Greg Vaughan and having Eric offscreen for nearly a year — in the first place?!

And while we’re on the subject of circling back to plot elements foolishly thrown at the wall in late 2015…


What Happened in Salem: Week of October 2nd

October 9, 2017

Another week in Salem, another wedding reception that went to waste…

The double wedding was brought to a screeching halt by a deranged late arrival — no, not Julie and Doug (who instead of quietly slipping into the church came barging in with all the subtlety of two human foghorns), but rather Ben, who had just escaped from Bayview. When he announced that Will might be alive, he shocked a church full of people who were incredibly dubious in spite of the fact that most of them have personally returned from the dead at least once.

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The Combination

October 6, 2017

So is Chloe just around to be the Days version of Elaine in that backwards episode of Seinfeld where they go to India for the wedding?

Screen Shot 2017-10-06 at 6.04.21 PM

All this woman does is wander around town, telling people things she has no place telling them! She’s barely even attempting to be discreet anymore. “Oh, Eric’s in love with you… and Brady manipulated him…” Girl, you don’t have to keep talking if you don’t want to!

But for real:


Jerry: George can never know about this: It’ll crush him.
Elaine: All right, all right; I’ll put it in the vault.
Jerry: No good. Too many people know the combination.
Elaine: What combination?
[Jerry mimes drinking from a bottle]

Except for Chloe, the combination is not Schnapps, but rather “being onscreen.”

I won’t say that I’m mad at that melodramatic ending of Nicole showing up to see Eric in the middle of a storm, though. This should have been the rooting couple all along. But can we get some clarity on how far away from Salem this stupid farmhouse is?! It’s dry in Salem but pouring there? It’s so far away that Marlena is sobbing about Eric being away from Salem, but so close that Roman can just pop over to help with repairs?

Still… none of this can explain why Nicole looked like this before going out to the farmhouse.

Screen Shot 2017-10-06 at 6.04.27 PM

Like, her hair and attire looked okay for a week, so they had to make her makeup horrible? Who hates this woman this much?!

May the Force Be With You

October 4, 2017

Congratulations, JJ! You’re a true Salem PD officer now!

Screen Shot 2017-10-04 at 7.16.36 PM

Not that I necessarily blame him, given the circumstances — his age and level of experience, Ben’s provocations and trash-talk about Abigail, the insinuation that his cousin is alive, etc. — but it’s insane how they keep drawing attention to the corruption on the police force instead of trying to repair it, or at least tuck it neatly away. I was barely able to swallow this whole thing about Hope being the new Commissioner, and that was before Hope (a woman who shot an unarmed elderly man, covered it up, and went to prison, only to be exonerated because it seemed said man hadn’t actually died) walked in on JJ holding a gun on a convicted criminal and managed to scold him without bursting into flames. And then you had Valerie and Abe’s little exchange:

Valerie: Didn’t you also mention that she has a prison record?
Abe: Meh. She was cleared.

Oh, okay! The way he answered that, she might as well have asked if Hope had ever jaywalked. Bizarrely, they then had Abe comment about how Rafe was at a disadvantage in going for the job because his brother had been Raines’s conspirator. Hope has been imprisoned twice in a decade for violent crimes! Rafe helped her cover up one of them! It’s no wonder JJ didn’t hesitate in pulling a gun on Ben. It’s how the people ahead of him have succeeded in their careers!