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What Happened in Salem: Week of August 14th

August 21, 2017

As everyone continued to have convenient memories of the night Deimos was killed…

Like a raccoon-eyed angel sent from the heavens or the Betty Ford Clinic, Chloe swooped in to stop Lucas from drinking and consoled him over “Adrienne” ending their relationship. Lucas tried to be strong, but after he ran into Bonnie-posing-as-Adrienne again and she reiterated that she wants to be with Justin, he fell right back off the wagon. In Statesville, Adrienne pleaded with a guard to believe that she isn’t Bonnie Lockhart, but her hysterics got her threatened with solitary confinement — which, considering this is a place where inmates are generally allowed to run rampant and constantly attack one another, is probably safer than playing cards or using the computer like Hope did. Elsewhere in the City of a Thousand Middle-Aged Doppelgängers, Marlena managed to place a call to John begging to get her out of Bayview, but the combination of poor reception and her ridiculously long-winded chatter made it impossible for John to understand what was going on.

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Time’s Up

August 19, 2017

Finally, justice is served. Joey is going to prison for his greatest crime: that heinous hair.

Screen Shot 2017-08-19 at 1.04.23 PM

Just kidding. He’s turning himself in for murder, which actually is not a thing a lot of Salemites do serious prison time for. Besides, if crimes against hair were actually punishable offenses in Salem, Nicole would’ve gotten the death penalty years ago.

All things considered, they’ve done a decent job shoring up this story given what a rocky foundation it’d been built upon. I think it’s weird as hell that Steve is letting Tripp anywhere near Kayla given that he had a scalpel to her throat a day or two ago, but other than that, turning the spotlight on Kayla and Steve for the denouement of this was really smart. This is a deep, fascinating conflict for them, and it’s really the only way to move forward with the character of Joey in a productive way whenever they decide to bring him back, presumably as a recast. Kayla’s voice and POV were sorely missing from so much of this, and they’ve backfilled it in a way that doesn’t seem totally ridiculous. I think Tripp can absolutely be salvaged, but I hope they don’t shy away from the messiness of what went down with him and Kayla. They tried to do that with Joey (and with Hope, and Rafe, and countless others), and it drains away natural drama and leaves us with this asinine elephant hanging out in the middle of the room.

Also, Kayla, if you didn’t want your son to go to prison for murder, perhaps you could’ve cooled it with all the bellowing outside the Pub about, “No one needs to know what you did to Ava! Ava Vitale! The woman you murdered!!!” Though perhaps she saw the budget allotment for extras and knew she was in the clear.

Speaking of murderers walking freely about town, I was feeling a little encouraged by the shift in tone between Andre and Kate earlier in the week. And when Andre showed up to visit Abigail, they had Julie aim her ire at him, which is always good… or should be. But the way she was ripping into him — “You always drag good people down into the mud!” or whatever — was insane. This isn’t some tawdry tabloid journalist. He murdered your husband. And grandmother. And aunt. And a bunch of other people (including himself). Yes, they wound up being alive, but this man is a dangerous psycho. Someone please start acting like it!

Lyin’ and Tigers

August 17, 2017

Well, this is certainly a bold wardrobe choice for a man who was once mauled to “death” by a tiger.

Screen Shot 2017-08-16 at 8.00.44 AM

What’s next? Maggie shows up in a blouse decorated with broken liquor bottles? Cassie Brady makes her return to Salem dressed up as a piñata?

At least he’s finally acting a bit like a deranged maniac. Those scenes of him threatening Kate were way more interesting than the forced food fight nonsense. This woman is an idiot who married a serial killer — now let’s see her deal with the reality of that.

I will say that, moron or not, I unapologetically love her blouse.

Screen Shot 2017-08-16 at 8.00.16 AM

It’s nuts, but Kate Roberts can pull it off. I would’ve said “her outfit,” but she’s wearing leather pants, which are completely inappropriate… not because of her age, but because it is the middle of August.

I also would like to talk about Abe, but not in a sartorial sense, because his style could best be described as “this man has maybe been wearing the exact same outfit every day since 1997 and I have barely noticed.”

Screen Shot 2017-08-16 at 7.58.25 AM

I love how they played the suspicion about whether he could be Dario’s secret partner. Without anyone saying, “I wonder what Abe’s up to!!!”, there were layers in various scenes hinting at it, and if you were paying attention, you could piece together what they were building toward. I still think that Abe is in on this — the very public arrest felt like it was done for show — and they’re all trying to trap the real partner (Raines? He seems more likely to me), but it’s a fun use of a supporting character, and there are layers to the scriptwriting that weren’t there a month ago.

What Happened in Salem: Week of August 7th

August 14, 2017

Marlena wound up in a padded cell, despite this being the one time she didn’t totally deserve to be in one…

Thanks to setting up her evil schemes in a town where people don’t even blink at a woman passed out in broad daylight, Anjelica was able to drug and abduct Adrienne. Hattie bribed a guard to let her switch out Adrienne with Bonnie, who promptly slapped on Adrienne’s Chico’s wardrobe and dumped Lucas. Brady, who was convinced that Nicole and Eric were having an affair, was there by Lucas’s side with “support,” which in Salem means “a bottle of vodka that they were somehow pouring for themselves in the middle of a bar neither one owns or works at.” The two men fell off the wagon together in their misery. Brady got the bright idea to find Eric’s camera for proof of his and Nicole’s fling, but in ransacking Eric’s room, he instead found the amulet.

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Raise Your Glass

August 12, 2017

I’m having a lot of conflicting emotions over Friday’s episode.

Like… I hate seeing Lucas and Brady fall off the wagon (okay, mostly Lucas, because Brady has worn me down by doing this every time something goes moderately wrong in his life, like they forget to hold the cilantro on his lunch order), but it was also so interesting to see the two of them commiserating. We get so few scenes of friends, especially men, actually talking about all the insane shit that goes on in their lives.

Screen Shot 2017-08-12 at 11.55.53 AM

I also loved the scenes of Lucas and John earlier in the week, as well as Brady and Paul acting like brothers. I know a lot of it comes from a plot-driven place, but if the plots put characters in one another’s orbits in ways that make sense, then, well… good on the plots!

On the flip side, we had Bonnie and Hattie, who… someone get me an Ibuprofen, okay? These two are funny in their own ways, but it really helps to have a ‘straight man’ around to play off them. Otherwise, it’s just Deidre Hall and Judi Evans — who, by the way, clearly appear to be having a blast, which does bring some needed energy to the screen — cackling and shimmying and doing all this other stuff that, while it might be amusing in small doses, just takes up scene after scene without advancing the story or telling us anything meaningful about these characters or the people whose lives they are stealing. The phrase “a little goes a long way” was invented for these two. There’s a whole wish list of things I would love to see on Days, and “trashy versions of Marlena and Adrienne watching porn while wearing leftover Melaswen costumes” ain’t one of them.

The Cover-up

August 11, 2017

Well, that only took six damn months.

Screen Shot 2017-08-09 at 6.26.12 AM

(Just FYI, many, if not all, of my posts for the foreseeable future will begin with a shirtless man.)

I’m not so sure that the tattoos read “Eli Grant, FBI agent” so much as “Lamon Archey, actor,” but if saving on the make-up to conceal them means we get to see more extras or less of the Blue Room, I’ll go with it. Also ‘loved’ Rafe being his usual, charming self and just barging into the room to demand that Eli reveal specifics of an FBI investigation to him solely so that he can help his idiot brother. Raines doing the same to Lani — at least for ostensibly professional reasons — was rather curious, too. He keeps jumping out at me as the obvious rat in all this. Also, does it seem weird to anyone that they’ve now made a point, twice in three weeks, of Abe giving Valerie expensive gifts? I can’t imagine they’ll make Good Old Abe the big bad in all this, but it sure is curious…

Not that anyone in Salem takes note of very strange things going on right under their noses.

Screen Shot 2017-08-09 at 6.29.07 AM

I know Roman doesn’t have much background in the restaurant industry, but if business is down so sharply since he took over that no one even walked by the Pub for the entire time that Anjelica was standing out there with Adrienne’s passed-out ass, that place has got problems. Yikes. And of course, Anjelica and Hattie were able to drag Adrienne around in broad daylight without raising so much as an eyebrow. Why didn’t whoever stabbed Deimos just do it in the middle of the Town Square during the lunch rush? It’s not like anybody would have spoken up!

Screen Shot 2017-08-10 at 6.46.29 PM

I’m already over Bonnie and Hattie hooting and hollering together, but they’re amusing enough to watch when they’re playing off ‘regular’ characters (even Anjelica, who is an absolute nutjob). Judi Evans did a really interesting job of portraying Bonnie settling into Adrienne’s skin, and as much as I hate seeing Lucas get his heart broken again, Bryan Dattilo plays it so well. I was a little thrown by how Bonnie didn’t seem to know who Lucas was — she interacted with him plenty from 2003-06, most notably when he tended bar (shirtless!) at her honky-tonk joint and when she married his aunt’s “widower.”

BTW, Ron Carlivati tweeted the following yesterday:

Kind of irritated they cut that, because it comes across as a huge hole in the storyline. Once Adrienne is lucid again, what’s to stop her from showing the guards that she just had a double mastectomy and breast reconstruction, and calling Justin down there as an attorney to vouch for her? I really hope they address that, but maybe this will all move really quickly and they can just stall.

In more reality-based news — well, relatively speaking — that fight between Steve and Kayla on Thursday’s episode was what I’ve been waiting to see for, oh, as long as I’ve been waiting to see Eli shirtless.

Screen Shot 2017-08-11 at 9.14.50 AM

Finally, Kayla gets a real point-of-view here! And this is solid drama for them, as opposed to just facing one outside obstacle after another. I thought the climax, with Tripp threatening Kayla’s life and Joey confessing to Ava’s murder, felt strangely downbeat and off, and I was irritated that they didn’t build out Tripp framing Kayla into something much larger and dramatic, but now I can see that Carlivati wanted to get to this material instead, which works for me. They said things that needed to be said back at the very beginning of the Tripp arc, and there are some interesting echoes of how Steve said that he abandoned Kayla and Joey for all those years to protect them and what it looks like to be an active parent and “protect” a child. I wish the rest of the story had been written with this sort of passion and conflict, but at least these two finally got something to dig into. The way they’ve set it up, I can actually see how they manage to redeem Joey and Tripp, which is no small feat. But I don’t want them to sweep all this under the rug — wring the drama out of it, milk story out of it. That’s what this format is for. The initial story might’ve been a dog, but it wouldn’t be the first time that a crappy setup paved the way for worthwhile fallout.

What Happened in Salem: Week of July 30th

August 7, 2017

Old storylines continued to speed toward resolutions faster than that car that came flying down the sidewalk in front of the Martin House…

Abigail shoved Chad out of the way of the oncoming car and then stood there for roughly the length of time it would take someone to read the United States Constitution. The car hit her, and Dario fled. Abigail underwent surgery, but things remained touch-and-go. Eric was there to support Jennifer, who continues to treat her biannual “Which family member is at death’s door?” ordeals as if each one is the first time and any of them actually die and stay dead. Chad learned that Abigail was only going to leave with Dario in order to protect him, and he poured out his heart to her, while Gabi fretted that she was losing Chad for good.

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