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One Return and One New Casting

August 2, 2017

One of these has been rumored for months. The other popped up out of nowhere yesterday and was confirmed today. Take a peek behind the cut to find out…


More Returns Coming

July 18, 2017

Thank god there are things going on behind-the-scenes… and we won’t even have to wait that long for the show not to be a snoozefest anymore!


Another One Bites the Dust

July 14, 2017

We basically knew about this already, but finally confirmation…


Actor and Character Out

July 13, 2017

I would definitely not call this one a shocker, especially in the midst of a writing change, but the timing is kind of interesting…


Actress Returning

June 12, 2017

There have been rumors about this one for a while, but it was confirmed this morning. News — and a bit of mystery — behind the cut…


Actress Returning… Again

May 31, 2017

I doubt anyone will be much surprised by this becoming official, but I consider it good news.


Ci Ya Later

May 28, 2017

With about as much passion and excitement as everything else she’s done since being SORASed (that is: little to none), Ciara Brady has left Salem.

Screen Shot 2017-05-27 at 11.09.49 AM

I’m still a little shocked that she lasted as long as she did. It was evident early on that Vivian Jovanni was, uh, pretty green, but they kept tossing her into heavy, frontburner stuff for months and months. Think about it: Bo returned and promptly died. She got kidnapped. Chase raped her. She and Theo had their back-and-forth. She worked at the mental hospital and as Thomas’s nanny. She became obsessed with Chad for 90 seconds. She had a lot of story, and then, when Higley and Quan took the reins last fall, she was suddenly switched into much more of a supporting character. Maybe they were hoping that she’d grow as an actress if the pressure were off a little, or maybe they were just trying to minimize damage, but it was pretty noticeable when the focus shifted.

Whatever the case, it didn’t work. I actually feel sort of bad ragging on Jovanni so much, because I’ve seen nothing to indicate that she’s anything but a very sweet young woman, and she never really looked comfortable on camera. She looked like she knew she was in over her head. And even though it improbably took this damn long, it’s wise of the show to cut its losses. Sending Ciara out of town for a rest and a slight reset is smart – if Josh Griffith were still in charge, she’d probably have been maimed and hurled into a wood chipper or something – and there are indications that they’re already recasting. This is a character who should be on the show and prominent, and maybe after a break, they’ll restore some of the personality that made Lauren Boles’s young Ciara such an enjoyable character – traits that were never really carried over to the teen version even though they had been handed an interesting, rootable character on a silver platter.

All the best to Vivian Jovanni, and fingers crossed that the next time we see Ciara, it’s a version who’s up to the challenge of driving story as the daughter of Bo and Hope Brady.