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Hie Thee to Hulu!

April 29, 2013

I could say this is a rare non-Days-related post, but actually, it’s very relevant.

Today, All My Children and One Life to Live make their dramatic returns from the dead as original series produced for the web. They’re available on Hulu — which, if you’re using the basic platform, does not require paying!


I wasn’t a regular viewer of either when they were airing on ABC, but I was always aware of what was generally going on, what the shows were about, etc. Their cancellations were a huge blow to the genre, and their online revivals are nothing short of miraculous. This could be a viable new venue for ensuring that Days lasts no matter how much more of a mess NBC becomes (which is a scary thought, given what a disaster it already is). So go support these revived series and the genre as a whole by giving them a look! (Also, prepare to get depressed about the fact that All My Children, a webseries, has an actual Porsche speeding through real streets, while we have Abigail walking in front of the backdrop of an elementary school play.)


Cameron Mathison IN as Jack Deveraux!

April 17, 2011

Kidding. Totally kidding. But I wanted to get your attention.

As the number of soaps on the air dwindles, the remaining shows have taken to hiring actors from the cancelled soaps. This isn’t always a bad thing – Guiding Light’s cancellation led to Crystal Chappell returning to Days as Carly, a character I thought we’d never see again. However, some of the cramming-in is getting a bit ridiculous, such as Daniel Cosgrove hopping from cancelled GL to ATWT, which was cancelled soon after, and then back to his old role on AMC, which just got canned. If Ken Corday makes an announcement about Cosgrove coming aboard as the new Eric Brady, I’m just going to start planning my Days finale party then and there.

Keep this man away from Salem!

So, while I don’t think Days is tasteless enough to attempt the nightmarish casting idea I used as this post’s subject (and that’s saying something, since this is the show that had Marlena “kill” Alice Horton by choking her with donuts), I think there is the possibility of other AMC and OLTL refugees turning up in the cast. The possibilities, some serious and some jokes – really, Ken, VERY BIG JOKES THAT ARE NOT AT ALL MEANT TO BE TAKEN SERIOUSLY – are behind the cut.