Third Time’s the Charm

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First off: Abigail, who the hell do you think you are — Sami?!

This girl is now on her fifth marriage since 2016, and three of those have been to Chad. Is she actually just gunning for a freebie once she gets ten punches on her card, or what?

Ridiculous speed aside, they did a nice job with Chabby’s final Days. Even that awkward “We need to go to the DiMera mansion to chat with Abigail’s rapist for a sec” bit kind of worked. I know Stefan’s apology was intended to make us not hate him, but… well, that’s what he should have done months ago, anyway! And Chad’s grudging handshake with him was done well — it played to me as though, having just talked to Stefano’s portrait, Chad was all too aware that they’re the only two left and felt some momentary connection to this brother he loathes. Jack jumping up to give what was essentially a toast in the middle of the ceremony was batshit, but also sweet. I just wish they’d given him some real moment with one or both of his grandkids. They were in the same room and had no interaction!

I’m such a sucker for soap goodbyes, though. Abigail/JJ, Chad/Will/Sonny, the whole little family with Jennifer, Julie, and Doug… ugh. It didn’t come close to Jack and Jennifer’s 2006 departure for London, but it still got me. It was also super-convenient that Sonny and Will had time for a touching moment with Chad in the midst of being booked for attempted murder.

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Caught in a Bad Romance

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Feeling a little inadequate about my Valentine’s planning (a home-cooked meal, wine, candles, roses, and tickets to an escape room) after watching what various Salemites pulled off for the occasion.

Chad, for example, won back his ex-wife’s affections by “rescuing” their infant daughter.

Okay, well, he actually just chased after the kidnapper, who was already bringing the baby home, and then lied to her in order to get her to hand Charlotte over. But it was enough to impress Abigail into jumping into bed with him, agreeing to move to Paris, and remarrying him all in the space of 24 hours! I’m always curious how these fast-and-furious exits play to viewers who aren’t up on casting news; I think my head would be spinning if I didn’t know that the actors and characters were in their final episodes. Nevertheless, a ton of damage was done to this couple over the past two years, and this little arc serves to hit the reset button and give them what I presume is going to be a happy send-off. What says “passionate reunion” like a callback to their, uh, iconic love song — you know, the one with lyrics such as “I feel fine, because you’re mine”? That’s how I’d describe all the great super couples of Days past: “fine”!

After Chad heroically allowed said kidnapper to run off into the night, she was free to rush to the hospital, where she appeared ready to inject Ciara with something that would kill her, in order to, uh, prove that Ciara needed protection from Ben?

Jordan is clearly a nutball this time around, so her logic doesn’t necessarily need to track, but yikes. Shame that they didn’t redirect her back toward Kate to finish what she started, though.

But I guess the fact that someone else tried to harm Ciara means Ben never would! Or something? I did appreciate that they used Valentine’s as a means of reuniting three high-profile couples: Chad/Abigail, Ciara/Ben, and Will/Sonny.

Much like Chad and Ben, Gabi appears to be headed for redemption largely based on the fact that someone else is now doing bad stuff, and she’s being mean to that person, which puts her back on the side of the good guys, or whatever. If that pillow really is from the Gabi Chic Home Collection, however, I’m gonna go ahead and say that she is still firmly doing evil.

Take a Chance on Me

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Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you and the reformed serial killers/corrupt cops/temporarily employed CEOs who have your hearts!

You know what they say: get you a man who has visions of you dressed like a cast member of Mamma Mia 3: Waterloonatics.

They’re really making it clear that Ben and Ciara are supposed to be the new incarnation of Bo and Hope, what with this “psychic connection” they share (presumably the same kind of deep, innate communication that kept Bo from realizing Hope was alive for four years). But I mean, the parallels are there. Young Hope was a strong-headed young woman who tended to get in over her head; young Ciara is basically the same. Bo was a little older and rode a motorcycle; Ben is a little older and murdered three innocent women. Those two young lovers just wanted to be together, but Doug and Julie were staunchly against it; these two young lovers want to be together, but Hope is abusing her power as a civil servant to keep them apart. You get the drill.

That said, this really is the most exhilarating young pairing we’ve had in a long while — definitely the first since “Chabby” took off in fall 2015 — so I hope they are able to navigate this deftly and slowly, which is the only way it’s gonna work. The ol’ Sami-Brady-in-a-china-shop routine is not the way to go here. Oh, and maybe someone should actually be trying to find the kidnapped woman and infant instead of doing happy dances that Ben has been arrested? Bonus points if we can move on to talking about anything but that fucking cabin being on fire.

And sometimes love means forgetting about someone for 30 years and then finding out you have a random child with them!

Hey, John. I feel as dubious as you look that Leo is actually your child. This was all… too straightforward, no? I guess there’s also the fact that he just went through this with Paul a few years ago, although this conception at least makes sense within the timeline of John’s history — well, until you consider how this establishes Leo as being several years older than Brady, and they’ve said outright Diana left him 30 years ago, which means…

No, I am not subjecting myself to Salem math today. If there’s a better “Love yourself” lesson for Valentine’s Day, I don’t know what it is!

Rash Decisions

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“Where are you going with all those supplies, Jordan?!”

I’m sure this is very unfamiliar to you, Kate, but we plebs call them groceries. Sorry we don’t all live in hotels for months on end, Mrs. Rockefeller.

And I’m incredibly disappointed at the missed chance for product placement in those scenes with the diaper cream. Can you imagine Jordan standing there espousing the virtues of Burt’s Bees Diaper Cream? “It isn’t only for babies’ asses! I scraped my arm on purpose just so I could enjoy its soothing balm!”

Jordan might have kidnapped a baby and then left her crying in a very fire-prone cabin with only a tied-up young woman to look after her, but that might be the bar for childcare in Salem these days.

Sure, Chloe, I know you’re in a real pickle, what with this drug cartel after you and stuff, but if you think moving your kids into the DiMera mansion is going to help, you’ve got another thing coming. That place is basically Grand Central Station.

“It’s practically a fortress,” Chloe tells Brady moments before Gabi marches into Stefan’s living room unannounced.

“I told the staff not to let you in,” Stefan says to Gabi, oddly nonplussed by this complete failure of his security team. Good luck, Parker and Holly!

That look on Gabi was a grand slam, though. At least she’s dressed like someone who runs something called “Gabi Chic” (still unclear on what this is, plz advise) and not a Fly Girl waiting around for the In Living Color reboot. And, to bring this full circle, is Jordan gonna have to kidnap Gabi, too, to keep her quiet? Shoulda thought of that before you went schlepping Kate’s limp body through the middle of the mall, Tammy Sue.

Corday Productions Sues Sony

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Some big behind-the-scenes news going on this week: Corday Productions has filed a lawsuit against co-producer Sony Pictures Television, as well as Columbia and Screen Gems, for $20 million in lost profits.

Deadline Hollywood reports:

“While the domestic ratings for Days of Our Liveshave remained largely constant, Sony’s distribution receipts have decreased by over 50%,” the 33-page complaint asserts as it seeks of damages of over $20 million and significantly taking back control of the show. “This dramatic decline is directly attributable to a decision at the highest levels of Sony management to eliminate any competition to its own wholly-owned Series The Young and The Restless also distributed by Sony,” the suit from the company founded by DOOL creators Ted Corday and Betty Corday states.

And from the Los Angeles Times article on the suit:

The suit states that Sony has instead favored its own daytime drama “The Young and the Restless,” which the studio produces and distributes. “The Young and the Restless” airs on CBS.

“This manifest conflict of interest — fraught with the potential for self-dealing — creates a strong incentive for Sony to favor licensing ‘The Young and The Restless,’ and not ‘Days of our Lives,’ in foreign markets,” the complaint says.

Corday claims that Sony has failed to negotiate a license fee with NBC that has a reasonable profit” for Corday, while negotiating a more favorable license fee from CBS for “The Young and The Restless.”

It’s taken me a few attempts to write this post, because I’m not sure what to make of all this. I would gather that Corday feels this is necessary to save the show, but it also feels incredibly risky — if their relationship with Sony falls apart, is there even a chance of the show surviving? It’s certainly seemed in recent years that NBC is very supportive of the show, but we don’t hear much from Sony, so it appears that the goal here might be to cut ties with Sony in order to partner with another producer/distributor or with NBC itself. But Sony is also footing the bill for the show; we don’t know to what degree, but I’d imagine that’s where the bulk of the production budget comes from. Without that backing, can there be a Days at all?

We’ll have to see how this plays out. This kind of thing can get drawn out in court for years, but when it concerns the day-to-day funding of a show actively in production, that seems like an incredibly unstable dynamic that ultimately won’t be very productive. I’d like to believe that this will steady the ship and benefit the budget and production in the long term, but it also seems very possible that the degradation of that relationship could finally spell the end for Days.

Stars are Blind

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I know we have multiple kidnappings going on, and a drug cartel is coming after Chloe, and Jordan is back and out of her mind, but we need to stop and talk about the craziest thing going on in Salem this week.

Claire has apparently abandoned her dreams of being a famous singer and is instead now a pimp for the Care Bears!

Should we just start calling her “Kate, Jr.” now? She does have a penchant for enacting schemes with zero regard for the safety of her loved ones…

Soap Legend Joining Days?

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Another day, another piece of casting news broken by someone making a social media post from the Days hair and make-up room. Info behind the cut…

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