Blowing It

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My mood every time they reference how Orpheus and John used to be partners:


They were never partners! Orpheus and the actual Roman were ISA partners before Roman came (back?) to Salem and met Marlena. Roman accidentally shot and killed Orpheus’s wife in a mission gone awry. Then, when John was presumed to be Roman, Orpheus popped up looking for revenge and went after Marlena, which resulted in John shooting him and leaving him for dead. So he should want revenge against John for that whole debacle — but not the part where Roman shot his wife!


“And this is only the third worst thing I’ve had to wear this month!”

I thought the drama with Jennifer and the bomb was kind of fun, though. It’s always nice to feature Jennifer and Hope’s close cousin relationship, and there was an inherent tension to what was going on. I even enjoyed Rafe and Eduardo bonding as they worked together to help Hope defuse the bomb. And Rafe and Hope do work well together… as friends and coworkers. It says a lot that I forgot until the end of the episode that we were also probably supposed to be wrenched over the fact that they had to work together but can’t be together, but they didn’t even seem so bothered by it, so… meh.

What Happened in Salem: Week of October 10th

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A pair of secret plans began to bring down the Trio of Terror…

As part of an elaborate ruse to capture Clyde, Andre lured him to the DiMera mansion, where Chad, Adrienne, and Lucas refused to give up Thomas’s location. The centerpiece of the plan, which actually had nothing to do with the end result, was when Andre pretended to shoot Chad, who played dead long enough for Clyde to steal off to the panic room to swipe the baby, who was not actually there. Clyde got locked in the room and was arrested. Everyone was like, “Thanks for pretending to shoot your brother, Andre! Maybe you aren’t actually as deranged and maniacal as the last three decades would suggest!”

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Use Your Head

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Kayla, you had brain surgery mere days ago. You’ve already performed surgery on someone else, been held at gunpoint, fretted over your kidnapped son, and helped enact a plan to save the city from a trio of criminals. So I’m not surprised that you’re exhausted and that your judgment is impaired.


But that’s still no excuse to be borrowing Sami’s old clothes! In what universe is this a good decision?! I actually think Sami might have worn this very dress during her Everything is Better With Leather phase, but I don’t have the mental fortitude to venture down that particularly wretched sartorial memory lane.

This whole town-wide plan to smoke out the three villains has more holes than something Nicole would’ve worn in 2014, but it’s kind of fun seeing all the Salemites team up to turn the tables on them. Lucky for them Clyde didn’t just pump an extra bullet into Chad for fun, huh?


But I guess the shooting was worth it for that. (Why is he so cute?)



I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I also kinda like this latest chapter in the Hope/Aiden saga. Aiden is crazy as shit, but I like that I can completely understand his reasoning: he doesn’t see himself as a bad guy, and in his mind, if he can wind up with Hope, then everything he did was justifiable and all right. And his plan feels very classic Days. I even expected to be more annoyed by Rafe, but since he knows what’s going on (even though Hope won’t admit it), he’s taking a stand instead of just mooning around. And Hope is finally acting like, “Oh, fuck, I killed an unarmed man and could have completely ruined my life and that was a terrible thing to do”… even if it’s ten months too late.

Arianne Zucker Response Interview

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Following her brief, somewhat-indirect statement about the Donald Trump scandal  (which one, AMIRITE?) over the weekend, Arianne Zucker (Nicole Walker) appeared on Today this morning for an interview in which she addressed the situation a little more head-on.


She honestly doesn’t say too much specifically, other than the comments were bad but not that surprising (which, honestly, they aren’t, although probably not befitting of the President of the United States, ahem), and you can tell she’s trying to speak out without explicitly offending the sexist troglodytes who probably still comprise an unfortunate percentage of her show’s ratings base [I would not consider anyone who comments here a troglodyte, btw, except for maybe me… but I’m not a sexist one!]. Still, I like what she says about using this experience and the visibility to do good things and affect positive change, and at least we got through the damn thing without mentioning Shawn Christian and/or Daniel Jonas!

Black Widower

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Let’s say you are currently engaged to a man who has been engaged five times (to Chloe, Arianna, Madison, Kristen, and now you), and of all those women, the only one who’s still alive is the one who managed to make it official with him.


Things you should probably not do: hold a fake, private wedding that is in no way legally binding but would be perfect for grief-stricken flashbacks in the event that you should die a terrible death at a young age. Theresa, you in danger, girl!

Minor Character Returns

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I guess this could be entertaining…

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Get These People Some Help

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Poor Arianne Zucker has really been through enough lately… but on the plus side, at least she no longer has to be known as the Salemite with the worst hair!


They should’ve offered to throw in an extra $5 million if Clyde took him to a Supercuts before returning him.

Speaking of crazy people with insane hair…


As much as I loved Lucas’s comment that Andre is exactly Kate’s type — “a homicidal maniac” — it’s also sad because it’s true. And then she had to go on and try to explain that Andre (a known serial killer and all-around loon) isn’t as bad as Clyde. WTF?! “He reminds me of my old friend Tony!” First of all, you knew Tony for like two years, and secondly, of course he reminds you of Tony, because he had plastic surgery to copy his face so he could take over his life! Someone get this woman a prison pen pal or two. It’d be much safer for all of us.