I Don’t Know Who’s Most Demented Here

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I was wondering if Kristen was living in Transylvania, based on the decor in her manor, but Victor helpfully explained that she’s in Italy… near Rome… and even gave Brady her exact address.


The specificity of that floored me. Usually it would be, “Where’s Kristen?” “Europe.” “Oh, okay. I’ll tell the pilot to go there!”

I’ve seen people speculating that her living room might be the St. Luke’s foyer, which I can totally see. That fireplace and French doors are straight out of the (now-unseen) DiMera living room, though, right?

Screen Shot 2015-04-17 at 6.03.51 PM

Also, this place was impossible to get a good, wide screenshot of, and I’m tired of watching the five damn commercials that Hulu makes me watch every time I try and skip to a different segment of the show, so that’s as good as it gets.

Speaking of Transylvania (by which I mean, things that are spooky and eerie)…

Screen Shot 2015-04-17 at 6.41.11 PM

What is this look Daniel’s always giving Nicole? He looks like he wants to fuck her and then rip her limbs off and beat her to death with them. I feel like I’ve been watching the same scenes between them for the last 600 years. Please make it stop. Pleeeeease.

On the other hand, they basically have the same hairdo now, so maybe they are a good match.

Screen Shot 2015-04-17 at 6.40.09 PM

TBT: Diners, Drive-Ins, and Disgraceful Behavior

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Since the 2015 version of Days is currently most effective as a substitute for ZzzQuil, let’s throw it back to the fall of 2000 (I think, based on my depressingly encyclopedic knowledge of when certain key events occurred and the fact that I know it was spring of 2001 when I told my Politics Seminar professor that I had a doctor’s appointment because I “needed” to leave class early to watch the massacre at Greta’s coronation).

This clip, in which Sami discovers that Kate is working at the diner with Fay Walker — who, you will notice, is not wearing a CAMEO — is over-the-top from start to finish. For my money, few things will ever be as hilarious as the moment around 0:35 when Sami announces herself by shouting, “Yo, Kate! You go, girl! You sling that hash, honey!” before breaking out into a maniacal cackle.

If you had forgotten what a crass, rude pig Sami could be, look no further for a reminder. To be fair, she’s carrying on about a woman who recently had her sent to Death Row, but still. I also love how Roman and Austin just kind of stand around going, “Hey, Sami, cool it” like a pair of limp noodles.

Tuesday Blessings

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I gasped at the end of Tuesday’s episode, even though I knew exactly what was coming.

Screen Shot 2015-04-15 at 8.49.02 AM

I love Eileen Davidson and Kristen, but mostly I love that her reappearance — with that baby — means that something has to happen in this damn story besides Brady, Theresa, and Melanie carping at one another in the hospital and the Town Square nonstop. On the plus side, the fact that I’m so bored by just about everything going on means that I’m perfectly okay accepting the, er, shaky “science” behind this entire scenario.

Tuesday’s other moment of glee:

Screen Shot 2015-04-15 at 8.46.18 AM

No, not Serena being on. That will never send me into anything but a rage spiral. (Also, how many blue dresses does this woman own?!) But there was one glorious moment when she showed up to try and hang out with Melanie, and Mel was like, “Uh, I’m busy,” and then Maggie showed up and Melanie let her into the apartment but still didn’t let Serena in. No one wants you around, lady! Take a hint and GTFO!

What Happened in Salem: Week of April 6th

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At least one story moved in an interesting way last week…

Will, a professional journalist whose entire career rests on writing shocking exposés about people he encounters on an everyday basis, neglected to put a password on his tablet, which allowed Sonny to find the article (“article” = “amateurishly formatted blog post containing an unsubstantiated rumor based on guesswork”) about Paul being a DiMera. While Will and John bonded by fueling each other’s negative perceptions of Paul, Sonny went to tell Paul about his mother’s lies. Paul confronted Tori, whose startled reaction was either a short in her circuits or confirmation that Paul’s father was from Salem. Looking on, John put the pieces together and realized that Paul is his son.

To find out what else plodded along, check out the full What Happened in Salem recap!

Good Surprise, Bad Surprise

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So: Xander (Zander?) is a Kiriakis!

Screen Shot 2015-04-08 at 2.22.51 PM

Based on his brief interaction with Victor at the end of Wednesday’s episode, I gather that he’s Alexander Kiriakis, Justin’s son (with Anjelica Deveraux), Adrienne’s stepson, and Sonny’s brother. This reminds me of the way they introduced Theresa, which I dig. Also, the actor’s not bad and appears to have some charisma. And I love the idea of a Kiriakis who really follows in Victor’s footsteps. Philip grappled with his dark side a bit, Brady’s dark side just involved chugging out of the decanter in the living room, and Sonny’s most nefarious impulse is his taste in coffeehouse decor, so this could be a fun new dynamic.

I do hope they’ll explain where he got that accent and why Sonny said a month ago that he was going to visit his brother Alex in Phoenix, unless XZander was there raiding all the Marshall’s and HomeGoods for decorative white pebbles.

Meanwhile (brace yourselves), Eve is dressed like your Aunt Helen if your Aunt Helen was also an outer space blanket.

Screen Shot 2015-04-08 at 2.23.08 PM

That is some legitimate fug, even by Days standards. Kassie dePaiva is up there like, “What did I do to deserve this?!” I half-expected Theresa to say that the real reason she dragged her to that clothing drive was to get rid of that hideous blouse and get Eve into a decent shirt.

They Come From a Land Down Under

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Australia’s Arena channel has apparently been co-sponsoring some kind of casting contest with Days, which is culminating with these three men coming to Los Angeles to audition for a role on the show.

Screen Shot 2015-04-07 at 10.32.46 PM


I’ll put the rest behind the cut just in case…

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Happy Easter, Will!

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(Anyone else kind of miss those ridiculous “Happy Flag Day, Sami!” commercials?)

Screen Shot 2015-04-04 at 10.14.24 AM

I can’t tell how much of this is influenced by how bored I’ve been by 90% of the show lately, but Friday’s episode — with the revelation of Paul’s paternity and then the public outing of Will’s affair — felt like pretty classic Days, no? I loved Marlena’s creeping horror as she realized what Will was up to and how he really is the spawn of Sami’s dumb ass. I loved Victor’s speech where he said that Sonny and Will’s wedding was a nice change-of-pace because “No one was shot, no one was arrested, no one found out they were pregnant.” I loved the fact that they threw together this impromptu toast for Will and Sonny’s anniversary and yet had the time to get this banner made.

Screen Shot 2015-04-04 at 10.34.12 AM

Actually, the entire fundraiser was great. It was so nice to have that many people swirling around in one setting, and that felt like the right sort of event to hold in the Town Square (as opposed to, say, a gay beer pong tournament or a vow renewal).

I loved how they took the time to give everyone reactions to the affair revelation: Victor officially deciding that Will is no good for Sonny; Adrienne telling Lucas they can’t sleep together again; John deciding that he wants nothing more to do with that homewrecker Paul. These sorts of things work so much better when we get to feel those ripples.


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