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What Happened In Salem: Week of Sept. 24th

September 30, 2012

Yet another Salemite departed for the green grass of “downtown Europe” this week:

Bo continued to contemplate non-police paths for his life, which I think means we’re about to embark upon the thrilling storyline of Bo enrolling at DeVry to become a dental hygienist… Chad confided in EJ about his problems and asked for his help with Melanie, which EJ’s one-track mind interpreted to mean “Blackmail Rafe by threatening to turn his sister in to the police if he doesn’t stay away from Sami”… Melanie told Gabi that she won’t be pressing charges and also to go to hell… After saying goodbye to her loved ones and maybe texting or sending a Facebook message to her BFF Abigail, Melanie left Salem.

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The Man With the Solid Door

September 29, 2012

Turns out Rafe is smarter than I thought (which is still “not very”)!

It took just short of two years for the FBI agent/police officer to figure out that it might be better to have a front door with a normal peephole rather than a giant eye-level mail slot that could allow anyone in the hallway to eavesdrop on what was happening in the apartment.

Then again, based on the number of people who lived there at one point (Rafe, Sami, Will, Johnny, Allie, Sydney, Dario), there are clearly a ton of bedrooms sprawling all over the place for private conversations, so maybe privacy in the kitchen and living room weren’t a huge priority.

Now for things that actually are smart: the way the writers hooked EJ and Rafe into the Gabi/Chad/Melanie mess. Not only have they accomplished the Herculean task of finally making the younger set interesting, but they’ve given their story a surprising ripple effect. Just like the way Jennifer has (obnoxiously and shrewishly, but still) been drawn into Nicole’s paternity drama, it’s a surprising but very natural link that only opens up story for everyone involved. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I’m actually intrigued to see where they go with Gabi and Chad next.

Days: Un-booted

September 29, 2012

You might have noticed that this past Wednesday, September 26th, marked the one-year anniversary of the Horton Town Square opening.

Of course, it also marked the official debut of the writing and producing regime that would “save Days,” “bring it back to its roots,” etc. I remember how excited I was for the Reign Of Higley to be over and how delighted I was by the big party that week. The show had become fixated on random new characters, forced relationships, and terrible, character-ruining plots (see: EJ/Taylor, Quinn, Chloe the prostitute). A change was necessary. But how funny that, a year later, we’re just finishing up un-doing the results of that big “reboot.”

I truly believe that “MarDar” love this show. But they also seemed incapable, from Day One, of plotting an actual story or using history in effective ways. That Town Square party was a microcosm of what the next ten months would be: people milling around referencing historical events, familiar faces popping back into Salem with zero purpose or drive, and “stories” that ultimately went nowhere. Sure, there was some really good stuff. Their version of Days produced some great dialogue; it dug Sami out of the weeping heroine role she’d been crammed into; much of Will’s coming-out was excellently done; and they accomplished the miracle of making Marlena not only tolerable, but likable again.

But I can’t say I was sad to hear they were let go or that Tomlin & Whitesell would be back. The show we’ve seen since the Days-aster is so much more palatable to me, in terms of wanting to watch it from one day to the next. I wish MarDar’s material had worked — and I think, on paper, it probably did, like “Kate and Sami face off in a corporate rivalry,” “EJ runs against Abe for mayor, and Salem has to take sides,” “Will turns against Sami and aligns with the DiMeras.” But I can confidently say that I prefer the Days on my screen today, and it’s hard to believe that it’s only been a year since all of that went down.

Don’t Let Your Mom Give You Any Pills

September 27, 2012

“I’m going to go spend some time with Carly Manning to de-stress,” said NO ONE EVER.

Then again, she was just rescued from a kidnapping, her other stalker was recently paroled, she jumped into an engagement with a guy who’s suddenly crazier than both her kidnappers, one of her best friends admitted to being behind the kidnapping, her father is the color of a Troll doll, etc. So getting away from Salem certainly seems like a good idea, and maybe even Carly’s huffing and puffing doesn’t seem quite so stressful at the moment.

For as dull as the start of this relationship was, the devolution of Melanie and Chad has been pretty awesome. Molly Burnett has done a great job bottling everything up and then letting it blow on Chad. And — and I never thought I’d be writing this — but in light of her new friendship with Nick and her confession about hiring Andrew, I’m actually interested in Gabi. Chad’s turn into a rageaholic seems rather abrupt, but I’m willing to go along for the ride if they actually have a plan for the character besides “tall” and “nice.” I just hope “dense” isn’t one of his new traits, as hinted at in the following exchange:

Melanie: I’m going to go see my mom. On my own. Without you. With me present and you not present.
Chad: So I can come, right?!?!

Unfortunately, this is all reminding me of how much I don’t want Molly Burnett and Melanie to leave Salem, and how I wish she’d been used better in the last year and a half. But at least she’s going out on a high note.

With Suitors Like This, Who Needs Enemies?

September 26, 2012


Like two days ago, you were “going to give it a shot with EJ.” Now you’re mooning over Rafe again? How about just be single for fifteen minutes?!

Then again, if my choices were the guy who had sent me to Death Row, the guy who raped me and told me my child was dead, or the guy who wanted to sleep with my sister but never actually did it? I might pick Rafe, too. That or give up forever.

What Happened In Salem: Week of Sept. 17th

September 23, 2012

Nicole continued her nonsensical plots, the men of Salem continued their nonsensical lusting after Sami, and…

Chad and Melanie moved their wedding up to two weeks from now, which will probably actually be two endless Salem days. Chad even gave Melanie a beautiful gift of a random piece of gauzy cloth, which she was sure to clutch in her hand while running around town frantically. Chad stomped around barking at everyone about Nick Fallon, especially when he saw Gabi being friendly with Nick at the Pub. Melanie was upset when Maggie questioned her reasons for moving up the wedding, so she tracked down Nick and had a talk with him about moving forward with their lives. Nick vowed that he has changed. Melanie left her piece of cloth behind, so Nick picked it up… just as Chad came up, saw Nick fondling the cloth, and proceeded to pummel him.

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Please, No One Sniff It!

September 22, 2012

Oh no.

I think we all remember what happened the last time there was a storyline involving a DiMera and a scarf.