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Don’t Go Chasing Waterfalls

November 29, 2016

Truly strange, yet amusing, casting news that pertains to the very near future behind the cut…



Like Sands Through the Looking Glass

November 29, 2016

My trip back from Thanksgiving was supposed to be a two-hour drive, which turned out to be a four-hour drive, because Los Angeles + holiday weekend = hell on earth. What better use of that time, I thought, than to space out and think about Days? (Okay, there were a lot of better uses, but this is my life and these are my choices.) I don’t even know how I got down this particular rabbit hole, but I started thinking about how the show has cycled through so many different “eras” since I’ve been watching, and I wondered what I’d have thought if you’d, say, shown me an episode from the present day at some point in the past.

Which is basically what this post is. Let’s say it’s 2006 and someone, somehow, has gotten his or her hands on an episode from 2016. What the hell would you be thinking as you watched?

Episode # 10325

As a refresher, here’s some of the big stuff that was going down in 2006:

  • James Scott debuted as suave racecar driver EJ Wells, who would later be revealed to be a DiMera.
  • After being dumped at the altar by Lucas, Sami got back together with Austin, who was carrying on an emotional affair with Carrie, who married Lucas even though she didn’t love him because Sami got Lexie to lie that any child Carrie and Austin conceived would be genetically doomed.
  • Dr. Alex North, the first husband Marlena had somehow completely forgotten about (and no one like her parents ever told her about), showed up and tried to manipulate her away from John.
  • Jennifer almost married Frankie, but Jack turned up alive again, and his fatal illness was cured.
  • Kayla returned to Salem conveniently mere weeks before Steve turned up alive, with amnesia.
  • Bo and Hope were torn apart after Chelsea accidentally hit Zack with her car, killing him. Hope turned to Patrick Lockhart, while Billie saw yet another opening to throw herself at Bo.
  • Nick Fallon first appeared as a super-nerd instantly in love with Chelsea.
  • Belle was married to Philip but lusting after Shawn, who was revealed to be Claire’s true father because they had sex while they were unconscious and didn’t remember, which is pretty much the blueprint for their entire relationship.

Let’s take a glance at that crystal ball, or inside one of Celeste’s wigs, and see how 2016 might look through this lens…


What Happened in Salem: Week of November 21st

November 27, 2016

There were only three episodes, on account of the holiday, but everyone worked overtime to keep the stupidity up to its usual standard…

Jennifer and Andre both encouraged Abigail to reveal herself to Chad so that she could reclaim her family, rather than continuing to hide herself by walking around in public places in broad daylight wearing a Halloween witch costume. Abigail was resistant because she was sure that Chad had moved on with Gabi. Meanwhile, Chad and Gabi separately resolved to end their working relationship on account of their confusing new feelings for one another, which is why all of you should remember not to get locked in hot panic rooms and crawl spaces with your friends unless you’re ready to deal with the consequences.

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Shout Out to My Ex

November 23, 2016

Short week, but I still have plenty of thoughts.

For starters, I wonder how Kate feels about having a roommate who’s just as… jaunty a dresser as she is.


I feel like this is Thaoo Penghlis’s outfit more than it’s Andre’s. Also, can they no longer afford to pay the heating bill inside the DiMera mansion? Take off your damn jacket and scarf when you’re inside!

Meanwhile, the wedding drama has been… interesting.


Justin came off like a real asshole barging in and putting Adrienne on the spot like that, especially since they’re broken up because he cheated on her. Adrienne ended their marriage because he was unfaithful. He doesn’t just get to go, “Hey, I’m ready for you to take me back now.” But the emotional dilemma Adrienne’s now in is pretty compelling. Can you really move on from your great love, especially if that person is still alive? (The entire history of Salem would suggest not, except for Marlena’s stone-cold ass. Though she only did that because her new Great Love was presumed to be her old Great Love for years.) I loved how Lucas compared his relationship with Sami — and Adrienne’s relationship with Justin — to addiction. I don’t know that I totally buy that that’s what those dynamics are, but I buy that’s how Lucas sees them.

Really bizarre that Wednesday’s episode featured Sonny and Paul outside the hotel room where the debate was taking place without actually featuring the way more dramatic storyline taking place inside said hotel room, though.

While we’re on the subject of that wedding, this cracked me up:


I imagine this is exactly how Sami would react to the news. “Someone is focused on something other than meeeeeee?!”

In conclusion, Valerie told Abe that she loves pugs, which is the most randomly specific thing on this show in forever, and since I have a pug and am obsessed with them, I’m taking it as a personal shoutout. Also, she mentioned having a son and that the father hasn’t been around in a long time, so I’ll eat Abigail’s giant witch hat if that kid doesn’t turn out to be David Banning’s.

What Happened in Salem: Week of November 14th

November 21, 2016

A court date and a sparsely attended wedding — so, an average week in Salem:

The day of Hope’s sentencing arrived. Shawn returned to support her. After an impassioned statement from Chad, the judge sentenced Hope to 25 years in prison without a chance of parole, which sounds pretty bad until you realize that’s two-and-a-half decades that she only has to deal with Ciara through a sheet of plexiglass.

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She’s All That

November 19, 2016

I was very nervous for Marci Miller’s first scenes as Abigail. The character has become pivotal to the show, and Kate Mansi was very strong in the role. I remember all too well the way my blood ran cold when Charity Rahmer first appeared as Belle and seemed unable to speak and move at the same time; I have a similar sinking feeling every time Ciara is onscreen these days.


So I was relieved to see that this woman can, you know, actually act. She had some pretty heavy stuff in her first scenes — and Abigail carries a lot of baggage — but I thought she handled it all quite well. I’m sure it’ll take some time for her to really settle into the rhythm of things, but this was a promising start.

And how much does she look like she could be Melissa Reeves’s daughter?!

Also, for all the faults that the present-day show has, there’s something fantastic about the fact that it’s 2016 and we’re getting a wedding centered on Adrienne Johnson Kiriakis.


Sure, there are like four people there, and Joey is so stupid that he’s blurting out the news of Jade’s pregnancy in the middle of the damn ceremony, but it’s a wedding. And there’s clearly emotional investment on the show’s part in her relationships with both Justin and Lucas. I was going to harp on Kate for continuing her usual “No woman is good enough for my son” craziness, since Adrienne actually is a kind, relatively sane person, but then I remembered that amazing scene where Kate and Adrienne got into it and Kate punched Adrienne in the face, so I guess her attitude tracks with what’s come before.

Actress Returning for Visit

November 17, 2016

Surprisingly good news! Go behind the cut to find out who it is…