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This All Vaguely Resembles a Soap

January 31, 2012

Monday’s episode was a nice reminder that this thing I record every day is a soap opera and not just a really pointless documentary about a bunch of people who live in a cardboard town and receive amazing job offers without exerting any effort whatsoever.

We had not one but two cases of Outraged Sami Outbursts, about Will having brought Sydney over to EJ’s and also about… well…

This whole prince-and-princess-waltz thing has left me speechless — and if you ask any of my friends, or my family, and anyone I work with, or anyone I encounter in public, that is a serious accomplishment. Did they even bother to explain where they got the costumes? This was some serious James E. Reilly craziness. And I have two questions:

1) If Kayla’s invisible son loves this show so much, why isn’t he at the party? Isn’t he Sydney’s second cousin or something? Then again, he’s invisible, so maybe he is there. (Also, why aren’t Sydney’s other two siblings there?!)

2) I’m all for exploring the chemistry between Rafe and Carrie, but um, how are they supposed to be at all sympathetic here? Yes, Sami slept with her ex/the father of her children/her rapist while consumed by grief at the thought that her son was dead, but Rafe is just running around lusting after his sister-in-law because… Sami is somewhat busy with work? It’s just making Rafe incredibly unlikable, and for a “good girl,” Carrie sure busts up a lot of marriages.




January 29, 2012

A friend made this for me, since clearly we have nothing better to do with our time:

What Happened in Salem: Week of Jan. 23rd

January 28, 2012

Bo and Hope managed to spend an entire week berating Stefano, only to arrive at the conclusion that… there is some stuff in the safe deposit box. Meanwhile:

I have nothing to recap, because they just replayed the episode of Alice Horton’s funeral. Oh, wait. That was just everyone saying goodbye to Daniel as he left for a short trip. I got confused by all the wailing and gnashing of teeth and the way Maggie and Melanie hurled themselves into an empty cemetery plot because their grief was so massive.

Check out the rest of this week’s What Happened in Salem recap!

One of These Things is Not Like the Others

January 27, 2012

You know, it’s really a miracle that Madison ever had time to launch a highly successful cosmetics company, given all the time she spends plotting against Kate, repairing the broken friendships of college-aged girls, and fielding 1,000 daily phone calls from some mysterious person she possibly doesn’t even want to talk to.

(Sarah Brown makes some of the best screencap faces.)

Meanwhile, I can’t think of anything I’m less interested in than seeing a father and his overly tanned son talk about whether their company needs a Twitter account.

And then, in the midst of all this tripe, we had those really compelling scenes of Jack meeting with the veterans’ support group. Since this is Days, of course the writing was a little corny and broad, but it was nevertheless an important note to touch upon and a huge step for the character of Jack.

I loved how they managed to take us on a little journey with Jack, from his reluctance to even sit in on the group to his finally opening up about what he experienced in Afghanistan. And they did it while being appropriately respectful of the fact that he isn’t a military vet — but was nevertheless greatly affected by the traumas he suffered in the war zone.

On a totally superficial note, does this guy look to anyone else like a combo of Aaron Paul (Breaking Bad) and Darin Brooks (our very own former Max Brady)?

The Land That Logic Forgot

January 26, 2012

When Bo had an idea about Stefano and the safe deposit box, after Hope said something about “pretending to be someone I’m not anymore,” did anyone think we were about to get a fun sequence of her pretending to be Princess Gina to get Stefano to open up?

I did. And if you did, too, then HA! upon both of us. Because this is Days of Our Lives in 2012, and things only happen in the most perfunctory, dull manner.

So they had some dayplayer call Stefano and pretend to be a bank employee. This got Stefano to head through the Town Square en route to the bank, allowing Bo and Hope to ambush him and… show their hand right then and there. “We know you were Alice’s secret partner! Open the safe deposit box for us!” What masters of manipulation.

Stefano, for some reason (probably because he knows they are half-wits), went to the bank with them anyway. And I swear this is a close reenactment of the dialogue that ensued:

Stefano: Are you sure you want to open this box?
Yes. We have to know what Gran was hiding.
Stefano: Very well, then. Let’s open the box. [pause] But before we open the box, I’d like to tell you something about opening the box.
Bo: Like what?
Stefano: Once you open this box, there will be no turning back. What if you don’t want to know what your beloved Alice was hiding?
Hope: Hmm… Yeah, you’re right. Let’s not open the box.

This. Effing. Show.


So Kate = Rita Repulsa?

January 26, 2012

Is it just me, or has Madison been running around Salem dressed as a Power Ranger?

Steven Tyler IN as Kate DiMera!

January 23, 2012

You guys. When I saw this photo, I immediately had two thoughts:

1) Damn the Patriots.

2) Is Lauren Koslow now singing for Aerosmith?