Past Meets Present

Hey, guys! Remember that time in 2000 when the exterior of the Brady Pub looked exactly as cheap as it does in 2012, and also, Nicole looked like a member of B*Witched?

(Actually, that’s rude. My friends and I have a drinking game involving turn-of-the-century music videos, and I always say B*Witched look like a bunch of Irish librarians — no offense to Irish librarians, but I don’t need to see them dancing about in crop tops — but still, they sure nailed that 1998-2001 style, huh?)

Recreated flashbacks always crack me up, but the level of detail in this one is surprisingly good. I had totally forgotten about how Eric slugged Roman (for calling Nicole “THAT WHORE!” — whom he later slept with) right before leaving town. You can watch Eric’s exit, including the scene with Roman and his last scene with Nicole, around the 33-to-35-minute mark in this video. They actually recreated this pretty faithfully.

Also, Eric is a priest and super-fine, and I love Nicole, so I’m on board with the potential angst and also just with having him on my screen.

Things I am also okay with:

I remember when Jensen Ackles was first cast as Eric in 1997, there were rumors — and some hints on screen — that he was going to be the first major gay character in Days history. Then they veered left and introduced Nicole as a love interest instead. And now, on the day that Eric returns to town (12 years after he left!), his nephew has an actual love scene with another man. And they were treated exactly the same as any heterosexual couple. It wasn’t gratuitous, but it was fitting and it was pretty sexy and the two actors played the hell out of it, especially the cute afterglow stuff. I’ll even forgive them for that ridiculous flashback.

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6 Comments on “Past Meets Present”

  1. Dan Says:

    When it was announced Greg Vaughn was going to be sensitive, soulful Eric Brady, I rolled my eyes, but I’ve been impressed so far with Vaughn’s Eric. He works well as Nicole’s confidante and it’s clear where this story will go, and I think that’s a good thing. It’s bad everyone and their sister hates Nicole, but to have her threaten his career is even more scandalous by soap standards. Also, I really like how Eric’s decision to become a priest was tied into his photography past. I like that the writers are taking the time to give thought to the decisions the characters make.

    Sonny and Will in bed was nice. I loved the shots of Gabi seeing Sonny lying on the bed and realizing what has just happened. This is going to be ugly. I love it.

    Tying it all together, I wonder how Eric’s will deal with his nephew’s sexuality and the church’s stance on the practice. This could tie very nicely back into Nick’s conflict, which I’m curious to see develop further. This all has the potential to be beautifully messy. I hope I’m not getting my hopes up.

    • Jayme Says:

      B*Witched is the greatest reference I’ve heard all year! Thank you.

      I fainted when Eric wiped his face with his t-shirt.

    • mykleraus Says:

      There’s a lot of surprisingly nice character-level stuff going on. It makes sense for the Bradys to have a priest in the family, given how Catholic they talk about being. And I’m wondering if Eric has some unmentioned backstory that truly drove him to the priesthood, a la Marie Horton becoming a nun in the 60s/70s. Could be a useful way of breathing fresh life into the show if it’s introduced at the right time. (Just don’t make him a recovering addict — we have enough of those!)

  2. Erin L. Says:

    I can’t believe that Days actually treated the gay scenes like a heterosexual love scene. I thought It would show them maybe kissing and then after the break getting dressed. Kudos to NBC and Days! BUT I did laugh at that intro after it was over they had Sonny laying on his back with his legs sticking out of the sheets, like they do with the female in every other love scene, hairy man legs…not exactly sexy. Plus he looked like he was wearing a diaper.

    The actor playing Eric actually looks a little like Jenson Ackles. Can I just add MMMM Jenson Ackles…. I saw him in person 3 weeks ago at a Supernatural-convention. It was freakin heaven!

    • mykleraus Says:

      Hahaha, I know. Who lies in bed like that?!

      I could sort of see a resemblance between Greg Vaughn and Jensen Ackles, facial structure-wise. It’s a little jarring to have a dark-haired Eric with Marlena, Roman, Sami, Carrie, and Will, but I think I like him so far!

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