Character and Actress Return!

This is a fun one, you guys.

Patrika Darbo, a.k.a. Nancy Wesley (Chloe’s mother), is returning to Days. Chloe first airs in early January, so Nancy should air sometime in 2015, based on the shooting schedule.

I, for one, am very excited about this. I loved Nancy. Craig got to visit in 2009 when Kate poisoned Chloe, so it’ll be nice to balance it out. I hope they won’t pull any of the Tom Langan nonsense where Nancy gets stuck in a window (hilariously, because she’s overweight!) or gets admitted to the hospital for a suspected heart attack and then it turns out she just has gas (hilarious — overweight!). Other than that, I’m delighted by the possibility of seeing her mix it up in present-day Salem.

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3 Comments on “Character and Actress Return!”

  1. Joanna Says:

    Nancy is my jam! This is excellent news. Bringing Craig back too would be great, unless of course, he also has important business in Downtown California.

    Yes, I agree, I hope in the spirit of anti-bullying, Days keeps the fat jokes to a minimum. Zero would be a good number.

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