Actor and Character Out

I would definitely not call this one a shocker, especially in the midst of a writing change, but the timing is kind of interesting…


Jordi Vilasuso, who plays Dario Hernandez, has been confirmed by SoapHub to be leaving the show — but instead of the usual six-month lead time we get when exits are announced, he’ll be off our screens pretty soon. SoapHub writes that Dario “will make his exit from the show sometime in August”… although info posted from the set reveals that he appears sometime toward the end of September. So it’s unclear whether he leaves and then briefly reprises the role or if SoapHub got it wrong with this August business, but either way, the character won’t be around too much longer.

The timing of this suggests to me that he’s going to wind up being the one who killed Deimos, which works for me. Not the most exciting resolution, but it would make sense, and at least this isn’t tossing in some random dayplayer to take the fall. Or pinning a murder on an important core character, which I think we’ve had quite enough of over the past few years. It’s a shame, because both Dario and Deimos — played by proven, talented actors — could’ve been useful, shady characters who acted as catalysts for action in Salem, but instead they were left to flail around and be largely undefined for far too long. We still need characters like that, but I’m fine with clearing the decks a little and building up some more focused versions of these guys.

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14 Comments on “Actor and Character Out”

  1. Melissa Says:

    Can’t say he will be missed but the wr

    • mykleraus Says:

      Yeah, I honestly doubt I’ll notice once he’s gone. This actor could’ve worked as Dario (who was basically a blank slate) or Brandon or a new character if they’d laid solid groundwork, but his whole run has been so blah.

  2. Fluffysmom Says:

    I suspected Dario was the killer but now it definitely looks that way. It makes sense that he could have returned to the party and killed Deimos.

  3. rustyspigot Says:

    Not surprised. Bring back the Ramirez’s if the writer is a fan of history.

  4. Fluffysmom Says:

    Can we trade Dario for Eduardo?

    • mykleraus Says:

      A few months ago, I would’ve been all for that, but they made such a sloppy mess of Eduardo that I kind of don’t care now. And that ‘great love’ between him and Kate bored me to tears. They should’ve stuck to the original plan and run with him and Eve, because they had tons of potential.

  5. Michelle Says:

    I don’t think the killer is Dario, RC is usually more clever than to make it such an obvious person. If it were the old writers then yeah it’d probably would have been him.

    As far as the character in general, I think he was one Hernandez too many way back in 2011, and he only lasted 6 months then. This time he bounced around for a year before they put him in the AWFUL Abby/Chad/Gabi triangle, I’m not sure he ever had a chance once they did that.

    • mykleraus Says:

      I could see RC going with him as the killer just to give the story a neat end, but yeah, it is VERY obvious. He’s by far the most likely “throw under the bus” character in the mix.

      I actually liked the intro of Dario back in 2011, because he brought out a side of Melanie they’d forgotten, but he was only on for like six months and was so ill-defined most of that time. And then his return truly was ALL over the place — he knew Summer, he had a little thing with Nicole, he hated Eduardo, he was a criminal, blah blah. They kind of just plugged him into this Abigail story as a random fourth person.

  6. Simon Parris Says:

    Just saw the new Soap Digest cover “Get ready for a whole new Days!”
    What happened to the classic/traditional/annual “The new plan to save Days”?
    Either way, cannot wait for the middle of next week to arrive

  7. Shea Says:

    Dario has been all over the place since he was (re)introduced but it’s all just been boring. I feel like they hire too many actors based solely on looks. I’m not saying that Jordi is a bad actor because he is not but for me there is no charisma…no spark. Ideally both the character and the actor would have it (like Billy Flynn/Chad) but in some cases it’s one or the other (Paul lacks the spark but Chistopher Sean has it and to me Brady has some spark but Eric Martsolf doesn’t). Jordi’s acting isn’t the problem but both he and the character lack the spark so it just hasn’t worked.

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