WTF Wednesday: Virtual Eden

If you were watching Days back around the turn of the century, that headline probably tempted you to throw your computer out the window and set yourself on fire. If not, strap in for this ride, because it’s going to be insane.

After being shoehorned into the show through ridiculous circumstances that probably deserve a WTF Wednesday post of their own, Greta von Amburg learned that she was next in line for the crown of, uh, Amburg. When she and her new pal and sorta-love-interest Austin traveled to Downtown Europe to begin the proceedings, they learned that Prince Amburg (or someone acting on his behalf, I don’t remember) required Greta to complete some tasks before she could claim her title. And the tasks were to be held — I’m totally serious here — in a virtual reality Garden of Eden.

Before you ask any of the four thousand questions suddenly clogging up your brain, just watch this:

I mean, WHAT?

(Note: it’s strangely difficult to find clips of this online. This dubbed clip of just a few short scenes was all I could find. I want to know who involved with this decided that they had to wipe as much from it from the internet as humanly possible. I also love that it’s titled “Austin Peck,” because come on — the only way I could see anyone greenlighting this madness is on the basis of “Let’s have Austin Peck run around in a loincloth for a few weeks,” since god knows he was far more qualified to do that than he was to do things like speak English and approximate the inflections and behaviors of real human beings.)


Basically, Greta and Austin had to fight through a series of challenges, including extreme weather, strange monsters, and a whole bunch of other fuckery, in order to earn Greta’s crown. Aside from the concept of “virtual reality” being really hilarious in a 1999-2001 kind of way, it’s just like… who was the Prince of Amburg to set all this shit up? Stefano? And this went on for weeks. Every damn day, we’d go from reasonably normal scenes of the young Philip/Chloe relationship and Nicole seducing Victor to THIS craziness. It’s truly mind-blowing to watch any of it now.

Also, just imagine them trying to do this on the show’s current budget. We wouldn’t see a badly CGI’d snake; we’d see Austin pointing toward the camera and yelling, “Look!” before they cut to a commercial, and then we’d cut back to see him and Greta running back onscreen to talk about how they defeated it. And there would probably be a bench.

Anyway, this would hands-down be the worst thing that ever happened in Days of Our Lives history had it not paved the way for Greta’s Coronation Massacre, which is in my top 5 favorite Days moments of all time.

That lavish party! Nicole wearing her J. Lo dress and I Dream of Jeannie hair! Sami with a garter over her face shrieking about “the tape!” Stefano randomly announcing, “By the pricking of my thumbs, something wicked this way comes” while Lexie turns to him with that “The fuck?!” face. And the assassin screaming, “Hasta la vista, everyone!” as he runs out. Every part of this is gold. And if Virtual Eden was the price we had to pay to get to it… well, I won’t say it was worth it, but I can only be so mad.

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10 Comments on “WTF Wednesday: Virtual Eden”

  1. eramer Says:

    Oh…my…GOD!! I was literally cackling as I watched that first video. Holy shit why is Days so boring now?? AHH I wish this whole SL was available online.
    I started watching in 2005, so I missed all the crazy 😦 Although I did catch Nicole giving Chloe flesh eating virus on her face.

    Anyway, best WTF Wednesday yet!!

    • Gary Says:

      A silly storyline, but one good thing did come out of it. The little girl who appeared to give Austin and Greta clothes was played by Megan Corletto, who so impressed the producers that they brought her back as little Abigail Deveraux. She played the part for the next two years and was a cut above most of the child actors on DAYS at the time.

      • mykleraus Says:

        I had forgotten about that! Thanks for the reminder.

        That actually seems to be a way they cast younger characters a lot. I remember when Bo and Billie found out their daughter was alive, they went searching and found a girl named Georgia who was played by… Rachel Melvin, who took over as Georgia/Chelsea when Mandy Musgrave left. And Mark Hapka playing a grown-up Johnny DiMera in a dream before he was cast as Nathan Horton.

    • mykleraus Says:

      The flesh-eating bacteria thing is even funnier when you think about how they became BFFs three years later!

  2. Andie Says:

    WTF? indeed…thank you for posting these videos and discussing this s/l because I don’t remember this, of course, those years were a blur bc I partied heavily and worked at some crappy jobs. I missed chunks of Greta’s aka Smampgirl’s time on the show. LOL on Nicole’s genie hair and J-Lo dress. I wish Chloe and Phillip would come back.

  3. Farah Says:

    Austin Peck became such a good actor when One Life To Live producers realized he doesn’t do earnest well meaning leading man, but excels at sleazy troublemaker.

    • mykleraus Says:

      I think he got much better on As the World Turns, too, when they let him be more of a goofball and less of the put-upon hero. I’m still not sure I believe he’s literate, though…

      • Dylan Says:

        I didn’t watch him on Days, but I really liked him on ATWT. The show had so many intense, serious storylines. It really helped to have him as comic relief.

      • mykleraus Says:

        From what I saw, he provided some nice balance. I’m still ticked that they ended his story by KILLING HIM.

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