What Happened in Salem: Week of July 17th

Anjelica’s grand plan wasn’t the only thing to take a sharp left turn…

Armed with her newfound knowledge of Dario’s shady activities and her newfound acquisition of common sense, Abigail went to Andre for help. He called in DiMera Enterprises’s newest tech specialist, Theo, a college student who got the job because he’s a relative who fixed Chad’s computer once. Together, Abigail and Theo quickly figured out Dario and Myron’s thefts from Countess W and Titan. Abigail decided to confront her husband instead of passing along this information to one of the many law enforcement officials she counts among her relatives (whom, to be fair, are basically all under investigation for murder at the moment), and Dario turned the tables by revealing a photo implicating Chad in Deimos’s murder — which he threatened to release if Abigail turns him in.

Read the full recap to catch up on What Happened in Salem last week!

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8 Comments on “What Happened in Salem: Week of July 17th”

  1. ADW Says:

    Hahahahahahahaha 😂 Yes, thank you for bringing up the fact that everyone who remained at the party during the time Demios was murdered was a suspect. Raines stated, “everybody in this (Martin) house is a suspect.” It might have been entertaining and relevant to initially implicate Hope at first since she was drugged and hated Demios as much if not more than anybody else for what he did to Bo. I assume it’s safe to say, Myron the other character with some form of ASD packed up his laptop and was placed in witness protection.

    • mykleraus Says:

      Hope was so worried about getting justice for Bo on the night of the party, too. AND she has a history of attacking people while drugged as well as killing men she blames for Bo’s death…

      I was a little worried about Myron, too! I hope they follow up on that.

  2. UnderYourWing Says:

    oh yes, as andre proclaimed to abi when she did not want the(slow)o to get involved in the mess with dario…..: “He’s an IT SAVANT!!”……oh please…

    i can’t think of anything witty to add. i slept til 5 PM.

  3. UnderYourWing Says:

    ga, couldn’t they come up with a better name for a search engine? for once i liked val stopping abe from snooping in savants computer!!
    til it was SO obvious someone is gonna kipe it from the bench they are sitting on….
    here we go!

    • mykleraus Says:

      I will actually give them a pass on Ewe Search — I work in TV and have had to come up with fictional names to clear Legal, and it’s IMPOSSIBLE because everything is taken. I don’t know why the TV studios don’t just agree on one fake one they can all use!

      And yeah, that shot of the computer tucked on the side cracked me up. I’m sure IT savant Theo doesn’t even have a damn password on his laptop, too.

      • Matthew Says:

        Agree on the password thing. That would be funny. Actually, Jade was able to upload to Theo’s computer. I forget now if they had established that it was on and active though right before she accidentally grabbed it.

        In this particular case with Chad’s picture, the laptop was still on when Abe took it. Abe would only need a password if there is a timeout / lockout feature activated.

        I’m surprised Abe didn’t comment on what he found last time he opened Theo’s laptop!

        (Other than the fact that there would be no story…) Why would Theo be breaking into Dario’s phone accounts in public, in Dario’s club no less? Presumable using the club’s free Wi-Fi? Shouldn’t Theo have plopped down on that lovely new couch in the DiMera living room and worked there?

      • mykleraus Says:

        I believe they’d had Theo on his computer right before Jade accessed it, but yeah, you’re right about the timeout. (Mine requires a password anytime the lid is closed and then reopened, but I’m also paranoid, sooooooo…)

        I hadn’t even thought of Theo doing his hacking THERE. That’s insane! Go to the damn Pub, at least.

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