More Returns Coming

Thank god there are things going on behind-the-scenes… and we won’t even have to wait that long for the show not to be a snoozefest anymore!


First up, this photo — originally posted by Galen Gering, and then pointed out by Daytime Royalty contributor Lysie — shows script covers for December that reveal Belle and Shawn are going to be back. Martha Madison and Brandon Beemer have since confirmed on their own social media that they’ll be playing the characters. It’s unclear whether they’re visiting short-term or will be on contract, but it makes sense for these two to be around at least for the holidays and for their daughter. That same script cover, like one that was seen last week, also confirms that Ciara will be back on the show by year’s end, though there’s still no word on who will be playing her. But it would make sense that Shawn and Belle are the ones to bring her back to Salem.

And now for the bigger, more insane one…

DAYS 04-06-05-2

No, Adrienne isn’t getting a mullet. Starting this week,¬†Judi Evans is going to be pulling double-duty as Adrienne¬†and her former character, Bonnie Lockhart! This has Ron Carlivati written all over it, and based on the cliffhanger in Tuesday’s episode, I have some thoughts. Bonnie went to prison in 2007 to take the fall for her daughter, Mimi, who had killed the abusive Mr. Lockhart and blocked it out years earlier. Perhaps she met Hattie in prison (though you’d think Hope would’ve encountered her, given that there was only one actual room in the whole damn place). And this obviously has something to do with Anjelica’s revenge scheme against Adrienne.

Evans played Bonnie from 2003-2007. She was the mother of Mimi, Belle’s best friend, and her contract run somewhat contradicted the character’s few prior appearances, when she’d been named Maureen (they later had Bonnie explain that her husband had forced her to go by her middle name). When Maggie was “killed” by the Salem Stalker, Bonnie weaseled her way into Mickey’s affections and married him, though the union was later invalidated by Maggie’s return from Melaswen. Bonnie also had two sons: Connor, who was seen as a child in 2000 and then briefly appeared as a teenager in 2007, and Patrick, who was newly invented when he showed up in 2004 as a potential love interest for Jennifer and who first appeared to be the father of Ciara Brady.

Bonnie was a ridiculous character, but I’m open to this. It’ll certainly be an infusion of fresh energy. I’m almost positive that no one during Bonnie’s original run ever mentioned her resemblance to their old friend/relative, Adrienne, though there was probably some winking “You look so familiar!” line. Jennifer, Bo, Maggie, Mickey, Victor, John, and several others definitely knew Adrienne and interacted with Bonnie enough that they would’ve mentioned such a resemblance, so I’m assuming they’re just going to pretend that was the case all along. Which I guess is weird, but oh well. Let’s see where this goes…

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12 Comments on “More Returns Coming”

  1. ADW Says:

    This is so random but, I don’t hate it bc Bonnie was hysterical. I think Anne Milbauer should be the one to mistake Bonnie for Adrienne; after all Anne told Lucas she thought Kayla and Adrienne looked so much alike and has confused one for the other.

    • mykleraus Says:

      I could get into that! If they just have fun with this, it’s fine by me. I don’t need Bonnie hooting and hollering around all the time, but I’m assuming she’ll basically be what Hattie was last year, so whatever. Let JE have some fun and make this show not a bore to watch. And give her one good scene going up against Maggie!

  2. ADW Says:

    PS I’m very happy about Shawn and Belle, I wish they would stay in Salem for good this time especially if I have to put up with their stupid, annoying, and insufferable daughter.

    • mykleraus Says:

      I think they definitely have a place in Salem full-time. I still feel like they blew it last year by bringing them back and basically plonking them right back into their 2007 story. That was such a chance to split them up for good and have one or both around as viable characters; they’re so stitched together as a meant-to-be couple that it’s tough to use them as leads. And that Phelle redux was horrible. Madison’s Belle really grew on me toward the end of her run, but I would’ve also been fine with them bringing in a new actress in 2015 and essentially resetting Belle. These two seem to own the roles now, though, and I’m fine with that provided they get good writing and don’t behave like they’re 16. Even having them around as cop, lawyer, and family members in a supporting role is cool by me.

      • Michelle Says:

        I’m happy for all the Shelle fans but these two characters are like a never ending annoyance for me. They were on so much from 99-08 that I just got sick of them and honestly can’t imagine what they can do with them anymore. A triangle with Chloe this time? I just feel like this is the same as when they choose to bring Carrie/Austin back over and over and just repeat the same story we saw day after day during their respective heydays.

      • mykleraus Says:

        I HATED Shelle by the time they left in 2008. Like, almost as much as I hate Daniel. I can still remember my utter joy when we found out they were leaving. And throwing them back into a triangle with Philip when they finally came back was insane. That was the time to do a hard reset for the characters. If they do break them up, this has to be IT. End them and use the characters in other stories. That’s why I’m fine with them being supporting characters — I have no interest in getting back on the same horrible merry-go-round that we already spent so many years on.

  3. GnuHopper Says:

    I do vaguely remember that, during one of Jack’s several deaths during this period, there was a scene where Jennifer received a call from Adrienne (who was still in Texas at the time) while Bonnie was standing next to her and there was some brief *wink wink* dialogue “Who was that?” “Jack’s sister Adrienne.” But I never recall anyone mentioning any resemblance between the two.

    • mykleraus Says:

      Ha! Sounds about right. I guess Adrienne also hadn’t been on the show in like 13 years by that point, so it was really just for those people in the know.

  4. Shea Says:

    I will say that the Lockhart family wasn’t boring. Annoying as hell, but not boring. But it just makes me remember this little gem….

    • Mo Says:

      That was more fun than anything DAYS has done in the last 5 years! Cheesy but fun. Thanks!

      • mykleraus Says:

        I think it plays better in montage form that it did on a daily basis, but yeah. You really feel the production value there, which bums me out!

    • mykleraus Says:

      LOL! That was truly insane. This was also during those years that there seemed to be a push to connect with (some stereotyped version of) ‘middle America,’ with all the country music and NASCAR and stuff.

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