Mother, You May Not Sail With Danger

On the plus side, at least someone continues to find this Kate/Andre marriage more alarming than wacky. And on another plus side, Lucas got some actual screen time.

Screen Shot 2017-07-08 at 7.31.40 AM

Though I’m not sure he came with the strongest argument. Andre is “the guy who once beat [Lucas] up in drag”? What about “the guy who had your husband murdered at your wedding,” or “the guy who had your daughter hacked up and stuffed into a piñata,” or “the guy who caused some kind of international incident that resulted in Philip losing his leg”? I enjoyed the barbs between Lucas and Kate — their interaction is pretty much always fun — but it’s like they don’t want us to remember who Andre actually is and instead want this to be some new, other DiMera who’s been sort of naughty and shady in the past.

I also appreciated the touch of Billie and Austin conference-calling Lucas to give him the news, but it’s a little grim that he had to find out from two siblings who live in Europe, no? Especially since he’s running Mad World, a subsidiary of DiMera Enterprises, meaning that sometime between two and five days ago, his company got a new CEO and he just didn’t notice. I realize this happens every few months, so it’s not as novel as it might be in some normal business environments, but you’d think that’s still the sort of thing an executive might want to know.

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5 Comments on “Mother, You May Not Sail With Danger”

  1. MMG Says:

    I thought Mad World was part of Titan? Countess W is dimera, no? Did I miss a switch, ugh. This show sometimes. 🙄

    • mykleraus Says:

      They switched at some point, yeah. Chad hired Lucas to run Mad World a while back. I remember Justin and Kate were running Countess W for a while over at Titan, like two years ago? Who knows anymore?!

    • mykleraus Says:

      Wait, you might be right. Did they switch back? Mad World was originally Titan (Brady brought in Madison), and then I remember they switched, but I guess they went back?

  2. UnderYourWing Says:

    lucas had some great lines about andre. died laughing….

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