Legend of the Fall

Ugh, I hate when you wake up at a party and you’re still kind of fucked-up and you just go to the window for air and a dead body that someone improbably moved into the windowsill falls on your cute dress.

Screen Shot 2017-07-01 at 10.48.10 AM


I also cannot figure out in what world it made sense for anyone (the killer?) to move Deimos’s body there. We saw him stabbed on the floor. You mean to tell me that someone picked him up and crammed him into that windowsill without getting blood all over the place and him/herself?

Screen Shot 2017-07-01 at 10.47.55 AM

I know the people of Salem never do anything without making it 100 times more complicated than it needs to be, but this really takes the cake.

I did enjoy that little montage of everyone waking up, though. The panning shots as we found people in various configurations and strange places… that felt really fun and soapy. Color me 0% surprised that Raines showed up at the crime scene alone, without backup or a forensics team. I’m sure whatever lawyer represents the accused will be too stupid to petition for a mistrial based on the absolute lack of proper protocol. I’d complain about how goofy it is for the police commissioner to show up at a crime scene, but I suppose this is a rather high-profile victim, and also all his employees were at the party and are now suspects, including the receptionist who hasn’t been to work since her second day, when she got bored of boasting about the benefits and switched her focus to fretting over her upcoming green-card marriage.

This is actually all playing more interestingly than it seemed it’d be from the write-ups (which sounded ridiculous), and there’s the bonus that I’m just thrilled that Deimos is dead. Not that that has stopped another terrible character from constantly showing up (…Daniel, although at least this appearance served a useful narrative purpose as part of Eric’s story), but somehow I don’t think that’ll be the case here. And I really hope I didn’t just jinx us.

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4 Comments on “Legend of the Fall”

  1. Simon Parris Says:

    The first half of Thursday’s episode as they all woke up was the most entertaining sequence in a very long time. Kristian’s acting as she brought out a playful side of Hope was especially fun.
    I have a different reading on the body. I took the previous day’s “one hour later” shot to be the body after it fell from the window sill. But your reading of another Salemite making things unnecessarily complicated is probably right! Either way, I suppose it still involved someone putting the body in such a lame hiding place.
    One more thing, I find it weird that Raines and Eli have exactly the same look, especially whenever they are on screen side by side. If we didn’t know that David Banning was Eli’s father, it would look like Days is setting up Raines as his father.
    ps Gabi’s dress was amazing and she she looked fabulous in it

    • mykleraus Says:

      Oh, interesting. I hadn’t thought of it that way. Did he still have the knife in him when he fell on Gabi, though? It was definitely there when he was lying on the carpet in the ‘One Hour Later’ ending.

      I find Raines and Eli’s similarity a little distracting, too. I actually wouldn’t mind learning more about Raines, though! Good actor, handsome, could mix things up a little. At least give him a first name!

      I liked Gabi’s dress a lot, too!

  2. Mo Says:

    I liked it when Raines told everyone not to leave. They could still go “anywhere on the grounds” but just don’t leave. Because the killer walking around an active crime scene wouldn’t look strange in ̶c̶o̶u̶r̶t̶ ̶ the blue office where the judge sits on her lunch break.

    • mykleraus Says:

      That was so laughably absurd. “Go tamper with the crime scene, just be reasonably available to me even though everywhere in town is apparently 15 steps away anyway!”

      LOL about the blue room. Can they please get something resembling a courtroom if this thing goes to trial? God, just re-dress St. Luke’s!

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