Always Be My Baby

After this entire months-long baby Holly debacle, Days managed to “redeem” Chloe in the span of an episode, which was actually pretty impressive.

Screen Shot 2017-06-22 at 8.00.36 AM

“No, Nicole, your hair, uh, it looks great. It’s beautiful,” she lied, as only a true friend would.

Screen Shot 2017-06-22 at 8.00.56 AM

Oh, wait. No, it wasn’t that. That’s dialogue that not even Dame Judi Dench could’ve gotten through without bursting into laughter.

But that emotional exchange between Chloe and Nicole worked really, really well, I thought. Chloe’s talk about the voice in her head that kept telling her it was wrong to keep Holly from Nicole added some much-needed depth to this whole thing, and the mere act of doing the right thing and leaving Holly with Nicole actually worked for me in terms of wiping away months of ickiness between the two women. I might be in the minority, though, in that I didn’t think Chloe needed a ton of “redeeming” here. The setup was contrived as hell, but she carried that baby and then genuinely feared leaving her in Deimos’s care. She told Nicole repeatedly that all she had to do was end things with Deimos — a man exhibiting signs of being a controlling, callous psycho at every turn — in order to have the child, and Nicole refused. When Nicole finally broke up with Deimos, right before the actual custody hearing, there was evidence that Deimos had tried to bribe the judge. Why should Chloe have believed Nicole then? And don’t get me started on Chloe apologizing for Brady being shot. She didn’t force Nicole to kidnap that baby, or Brady to go along with her, or Deimos to hire Xander, or Xander to pull that trigger… That’s like blaming Trader Joe’s for the pizza binge I went on last weekend, because they were low on thin-sliced chicken breasts when I went shopping earlier in the week, so by Sunday, I had nothing left to make for dinner and obviously my only remaining choice was to order Domino’s and shame-eat the entire thing. Uh, yeah. Let’s blame Trader Joe’s. And Chloe.

Anyway, this entire thing was sloppily written at best, so much so that it’s tough to dissect anyone’s motivations or actions in a clear way because there were ample amounts of contradictory evidence right there onscreen. But at least it’s over, and Nicole has her baby, which is something most of us have been rooting for since 2009 even though she is really trying my damn patience these days, and Chloe can head off to New York for a bit and then come back and be treated like an actual human being by other Salemites.

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8 Comments on “Always Be My Baby”

  1. UnderYourWing Says:

    all well and good, yah….but could it have taken ANY LONGER for her to hand over that baby??? jeez! Chloe just got too much drama all over me….

    • mykleraus Says:

      That was some old-school (90s) Days nonsense — “I’ve come to say something, and I’m not leaving until I tell you what I have to say, and I’m going to say in just a minute!”

  2. Shea Says:

    How in the hell did it take Corday and company so freaking long to fire Higley and Quan????

    The good news is that RC tweeted his first scenes air on July 19th. I think we need a big countdown clock. I know it’s a bad idea to get my hopes up I can’t help it.

    • mykleraus Says:

      July 19th is SO soon. Thank goodness. This show desperately needs an injection of fresh energy. It’s actually feeling a bit like we’re on the cusp of transition now, which is nice.

  3. Mo Says:

    Of all the characters to suffer under the current riders I don’t know if Abigail or Chloe has it worst. I admit my level of interest has faded during many of her scenes but it never felt like Chloe was really that worried about Nicole ABDUCTING HER BABY!

    • mykleraus Says:

      That was so bizarre. They’d have her pop up once every other week to be like, “Anyone heard about Holly yet? Nope? Hey Eduardo, wanna make out to piss off Kate?!”

      • Matthew Says:

        I noticed that too…that Chloe never really seemed overly upset.

        This is another instance just that is crying out for real character work/motivation/development.

        The underlying reason Chloe didn’t seem worried was simply that she wasn’t worried. Deep down, she knew all along that Holly was safe with Nicole, where she belonged.

        In fact, THAT realization should have been what prompted her to finally give Holly back. She didn’t really explain herself in the mansion foyer. She basically said she realized she was wrong and Nicole getting the baby back was the right thing to do.

        To me, that was only half the story. Chloe needed true motivation for her change of heart as I explained above.

        The WHY behind a character’s actions makes such a difference. We actually got one with, of all people, Jade a week or so ago. Although Jade was insane and ridiculous with the whole sex tape thing with Claire and Theo, there was a pivotal scene which added another dimension to it.

        That scene was Jade’s fantasy imagining that Claire would be so happy and thankful about the tape. That let us understand that Jade wasn’t trying to hurt Claire in any way. It really showed us how damaged and twisted Jade’s psyche is. Her true motivations in those crazy actions were to give Claire what she wanted and therefore prove to Claire what a great friend she could be to her.

        If the show wasn’t simultaneously running the story with Jade tricking Tripp into thinking that Kayla killed Ava, Jade’s underlying motivation in the sex tape escapade actually would have made us feel bad for her to some degree.

        That would go a long way in making her a viable long term character. As it stands, I’ve long felt that the Jade character is on borrowed time.

      • mykleraus Says:

        Agreed about Jade. She’s absurd, but at least I sort of get why she’s such a mess. I sort of think the sex tape thing was a setup for her involvement in Tripp’s story — like he’ll get cold feet and she’ll push it too far and cause a disaster.

        Chloe’s lack of presence in this story is so bizarre. It’s almost like they mapped out the story with a random surrogate, then decided it would have more oomph if they plugged in someone Nicole knew, but they didn’t have the space (even though they did) to give her a real POV. It did just sort of seem like she went, “Oh, I’ve been wrong all along, oh well, time to hand Holly over” — nothing CHANGED for her. It would’ve made sense to just do this after Brady pulled through his heart debacle, honestly.

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