Jungle Badness

Of all the “classic” stories I expected to see revisited in 2017, Peter and Celeste’s late 90s bout of Jungle Madness was not one of ’em. But here we are.

Screen Shot 2017-06-06 at 5.03.39 PM

I do always appreciate a good Peter Blake mention, perhaps even more so because it’s hilarious to think about Stefano having filled Chad in on how a brother he’s never met got some kind of insane fever that turned him into even more of a lunatic, and JJ’s “Oh yeah, he tried to kill my mom and dad!” was a special kind of ridiculous. It’s also strange how this illness mostly just makes Paul’s vision and hearing a little funky and makes him want to pummel everyone on that island with him. That’s exactly how I feel after the bottle of wine it takes me to get through this show these days!

All the points for clobbering Gabi with that rock, though.

Screen Shot 2017-06-06 at 5.01.25 PM

Kate, on the other hand, doesn’t need to be bitten by any mosquitoes in order to make terrible, insane decisions! I honestly can’t even follow the logic of why she and Andre need to marry in order to save the company. Why would DiMera Enterprises cease to exist if there isn’t a DiMera around to run it? Wasn’t Kate the CEO pretty recently? Isn’t she still Stefano’s most recent ex-wife? This is somehow even more contrived than the other sham marriage storyline going on right now, which is saying a lot considering that one involves a rewritten backstory, complete ignorance of divorce law, and characters actively doing things that they acknowledge make no sense and are unnecessary.

I do like this Mr. Shin, however. It’s about time someone acknowledged that two-time serial killer Andre might be mentally unstable. You wouldn’t think he’d be so offended by it at this point, though!

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2 Comments on “Jungle Badness”

  1. I had the same thought about Kate recently being CEO. However, Kate was Co-CEO with Sami, who was a DiMera at the time. So they can slide by on a technicality with this one (almost) following internal logic.

    Actually, Sami still is a DiMera. I thought for one moment during the dialogue the other day that was going to be the catalyst to bring Sami back…as the only DiMera around to run the company. (Because Sami has such vaaaaast business knowledge and experience! Ha!)

    As for Jungle Madness….Perhaps this will be the reintroduction for Dr. Rolf since he had created a cure for Peter’s Jungle Madness all those years ago.

    If the show had any real budget to work with these days, the castaways would turn out to be on Melaswen. It would be so cool to see the old DAYS sets with that tropical overlay now looking like they’ve been abandoned for fifteen years.

    Wait…maybe they’ll explore the island and find all the current sets with a tropical overlay. Perhaps some insanely rich evil genius has been updating Melaswen every time Salem gets a facelift, just waiting for the right time to welcome unsuspecting Salem residents.

    If a palm tree suddenly shows up next to Alice and Tom’s plaque in the town square, remember that you heard it here first!

    • mykleraus Says:

      Okay, good point about Sami. How in the hell are these companies’ stockholders okay with the constant CEO turnover? Between DiMera and Titan (not to mention their holdings — Countess W, Basic Black, etc), these places change CEOs more often than Nicole changes hideous hairstyles.

      The Rolf thing would make a lot of sense, though I suspect he’s tied to Will’s return. But this could be his intro, you’re right!

      I’d die at the Melaswen thing. Maybe the mastermind has systematically replaced all the homes with things like that damn alley and the park bench, now with tropical plants!

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