Actress Returning… Again

I doubt anyone will be much surprised by this becoming official, but I consider it good news.


Kassie DePaiva, whose Eve Donovan was written out (badly) at the top of 2016 and then made two return visits later in the year, is headed back to Salem this fall. According to Jason47:

The new issue of Soap Opera Digest has confirmed that Kassie DePaiva (Eve) is returning to “Days of Our Lives.” Her first airdate will be Monday, October 30.

Her stint that began last December was supposed to be a return as a contract character, but DePaiva was diagnosed with leukemia and had to leave the show to seek treatment. A few months back, she announced that she’s now cancer-free. And she worked heavily with incoming head writer Ron Carlivati at One Life to Live — plus he briefly brought her to General Hospital to reprise her OLTL character — so it isn’t too shocking that he’d be interested in writing for her again.

I’m thrilled that she’s doing so well health-wise, and I still maintain that it was foolish for them to write her out when they did, considering her Eve was really hitting her stride then. The aftermath of Paige’s death was powerful, and there were a number of interesting directions to go with Eve: exploring a pairing with Justin, revisiting her past with Eduardo, having her in a mentor role to Claire. I’m less convinced that there’s obvious story for her in the current climate of the show, although Carlivati is hopefully (please!) going to toss everything up in the air anyway and see where things land, so I could be totally wrong. I keep seeing speculation that Will’s resurrection will also mean a resurrection of Ben’s other victims, including Paige, which… no. And I’m not just saying that because she was a bland character played by a weak actress. The gravity of having lost her daughter so tragically turned KDP’s Eve into a genuinely compelling character, and to me, undoing that takes the character backward in a way that makes her far less interesting to have around. As long as it isn’t that, I’m genuinely eager to see what they have planned for her.

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6 Comments on “Actress Returning… Again”

  1. Shea Says:

    I have always had one pet peeve when it comes to KDP. She is a very strong actress except for the fact that her inner southern girl breaks through in most of her emotional scenes. She just can’t seem to hide her southern twang when she is emoting and it gets on my nerves. I am southern and I have an accent but it stands out to me when she does it and it annoys me. I also have the same problem you do in trying to figure out how she is going to fit into this canvas but who really know how much of a re-set we have coming when Ron takes over. But I do welcome her return

    I’m both excited and nervous about what Ron will do at Days. Overall I will say I liked most of what he did on GH but he did make my favorite male character a cheater (and that broke my heart). I just hope his stuff is not too heavy on the soap opera cliches (back from the dead, who’s the daddy?, doppelgangers, etc). I’m at the point where I am realizing that this show has been on for over 50 years so maybe it is impossible to really write many NEW, fresh, compelling story ideas. I saw where Chandler Massey had a tweet yesterday praising the scripts. i guess that’s a good sign but it will be October or November before we see any of it so that really frustrates me!

    • mykleraus Says:

      That’s a good point. She definitely does let that come out. I kind of just bought it as part of Eve at a point, but yeah, it can be distracting once you notice it.

      I just want to be excited again. Honestly, even if some of it’s crazy, it has to be better than how destructive and dark (2015-16) or flat-out boring (2016-17) it’s generally been. And they need to make the next generation compelling! That has to be the #1 goal.

  2. Fluffysmom Says:

    I’m excited about Kassie’s return. I hope to see her in an interesting story.

  3. Erin L Says:

    The actress that played Paige (I don’t care enough to Google her name) is doing Ross commercials now. Kind of a backwards step.

    • mykleraus Says:

      Yikes. She actually did get a bit better at the end of her run, also because the material was a little more interesting, but she really never felt natural in the role at all.

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