Thursday Thoughts

We’re at that point in this slow-as-shit writing transition where I’m turning on the DVR-ed episode, picking up my phone, and then realizing an entire act has gone by and I haven’t absorbed a thing. And sometimes I don’t even bother rewinding! So in lieu of a post with actual structure and theme, here are a bunch of stray thoughts I’ve had as I’ve caught things in between playing Words With Friends and stalking my exes on Instagram.

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John’s back! Fart-sniffing faces and all, I just love John Black. He is core Days of Our Lives to me. I know they were in a terrible position with his sudden injury and having to write around his absence, but I just started to get reeeeeeally tired of all the moaning and groaning (from Marlena — granted, that’s mostly all she does, anyway) about “Where’s John? How dangerous is this mission?” So I’m happy that he’s back and this is over. Also, didn’t they make a huge honking plot point last year of Marlena having him quit the ISA and him opening BlackPatch? Did he just drop that the second Steve stopped tending bar at TBD?

I always lock into Eric Martsolf’s Brady a little bit more when they play him as John’s son, which they strangely don’t do that often; this iteration of Brady tends to be much more Kiriakis than Black. So the scenes of John and Marlena at Brady’s bedside were a nice inclusion. Way less compelling: Nicole, with her knockoff Kayla hairdo, calling Brady’s room. Until that conversation, I had actually completely forgotten about this “great love” between the two of them. Shows how invested I am in that relationship!

The Nicole/Eric stuff has actually turned out to be somewhat satisfying. As annoyed as I was at Nicole for her incessant railing at Eric about killing Daniel, it makes sense for her character and what she’s been through. Things that did not make sense: wandering right off that plane, into what appeared to be some sort of… sponge-painted mall? Where was that jet parked, outside the Chili’s? However, I actually can believe that she managed to get her dumb ass captured again, given her decision-making skills over the past year.

Screen Shot 2017-05-17 at 7.28.03 PM

Joey’s hair has been looking a lot better now that they’re taming it! That shiny blue blazer and black t-shirt were kind of a weird choice for a casual date, but I had almost forgotten how cute he could be. And I continue to enjoy Tripp and this strange little cat-and-mouse game he has going on with the Johnsons, though I question the wisdom of Steve inviting his long-lost son along on a sting. Maybe go for burgers and beers next time?

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8 Comments on “Thursday Thoughts”

  1. underyourwing Says:

    joey does look a lot more Nom*able now….thank dog…..and yeah, the sting thing….well, hell, why not? everyone else in town, women it seems mainly, barge into these capers all the time, they are not invited, they are not wanted and they refuse to stay back or go the hell home when told they should…..who is in charge of all these so called dangerous missions???? obviously no one…. aaarrggghhhh

    • mykleraus Says:

      Seriously. How many times has Marlena just marched into one of these things and gotten herself bopped over the head/kidnapped/whatever? It’s like a hobby.

  2. ADW Says:

    I suppose John just trusts Paul covering for him at Black Patch. I find John on an ISA mission much more palatable and less far-fetched than the lengthy duration in NOLA due his sick and dying, crazy old bat Mother whom he washed his hands of. The writers were in quite a bind with explaining John’s lengthy absence following the sudden serious injury he endured on set.
    I agree Joey’s slicked back look was an improvement from the sloppy looking clown wig. I wish Joey would cut it short like it was when he first arrived. I don’t understand why Joey would take a lovely girl to his family Pub where he happens to work on the first date. Man, Jade is a queen of c— blockers!

    • mykleraus Says:

      Yeah, I found the mission thing plausible aside from how they made such a thing about him quitting the ISA. Maybe they cut a scene where Marlena explained that he’d gone back or something, I dunno.

      I think Joey is so cute when his hair is in order. That floppy, curly mess is so unflattering, though I guess it is realistic for teen boys these days. But especially next to Tripp, he looks so goofy when it’s untamed!

      • ADW Says:

        Some guys have some awful hair styles nowadays!
        Tripp reminds me of a combination of younger Ricky Schroeder and Paul Walker. He is hot and as well as a good actor.
        Tripp is only supposed to be a couple of years older than Joey however Tripp seems light years head especially when it comes to self-defense and street smarts. Also, Tripp looks so well-groomed and exudes confidence; Joey looks like a disheveled mess and comes across as a whiney little p—y at times.

      • mykleraus Says:

        They really nailed the casting for Tripp. I’m impressed. Where was this guy when they initially SORASed the teens?

      • ADW Says:

        Tripp certainly took more after Steve than Joey. I laughed at the feeble attempts to make Joey look all bad ass like Steve by dressing him in a jacket and giving him motorcycle.

      • mykleraus Says:

        I see a LOT of younger Stephen Nichols in Lucas Adams (Tripp). It’s eerie sometimes.

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