What Happened in Salem: Week of May 8th

While many Salemites headed for a corner of the soundstage nicknamed “Greece”…

Back in Salem, Brady’s health continued to deteriorate as his body did its best to expel Daniel’s heart. Valerie placed him on the transplant waiting list, while Marlena was desperate to get word to John through the ISA. Brady urged Chloe to drop the charges so that Nicole could come home, but Chloe was like, “Look, I only get to show up once a week anyway because that baby is missing, so if I let go of that, I’m probably out of a job.” Brady asked Justin for a Do Not Resuscitate order, which he signed and which the staff of University Hospital will no doubt completely disregard in a week or so.

Check out the full recap to find out What Happened in Salem last week!

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2 Comments on “What Happened in Salem: Week of May 8th”

  1. ADW Says:

    To be honest, I think Jade lying and stirring up trouble as well as Xander in cahoots with Demios and intruding on the mundane Manitoban getaway are the best things the show has going for them right now. I like storylines and adventures that involve and affect multiple characters.
    When have we seen Claire visit Victor aside from when she wants something namely money? Claire seems to forget the simple fact that Victor knows/trusts Ciara more because she was close to him during her childhood; meanwhile, Claire spent a majority of her childhood galvanting the world and living in Maine and never bothered to call or visit. I wouldn’t give Claire a dime for her sappy caterwauling. It looks like Claire may get desperate and potentially take Jade’s advice (which she mentioned twice) of doing a sex tape with Theo. Jade barging into the other teens apartment whenever she wants reminds me of Kramer from Seinfield.
    I swear if I hear about “Daniel’s heart” one more time I’m going to scream! It’s bad enough a handful of people won’t stop incessantly ranting about him. I’m sure you are aware he’s going to return as an apparition once again to give Nicole advice. ENOUGH! Please tell us what the heck Lucas is doing other than being Ari’s on demand babysitter. Also, I would rather hear more about John’s covert ISA “mission.”
    I’m confused about something, Rafe went to the hospital to arrest Brady on multiple charges related to aiding and abetting Holly’s kidnapping right before he coded. Valerie pleaded with Rafe that he couldn’t arrest him and Brady had to stay put because of his condition. OK, we get it but, shouldn’t there be a officer be on watch and prepared to take Brady into custody once his condition improves enough for a release to be authorized? What about Nicole? I thought Brady specifically told Eric NOT to bring her and Holly back to Salem because she would go to jail and lose Holly. Now, it appears Nicole won’t be dropped back off at the Canadian cabin IF she even makes it out ahead of Demios and the police. You are right Nicole is an idiot for refusing to leave with Eric who was sent in lieu of Brady himself.
    Hope being such a fly on shit rountine with Chad was rather irritating this past week. Although the writers attempts to redeem her are futile she made some good points especially when it comes to Cousin Abbie. Case in point, Abigail deep down wants to get Chad’s attention and see how he will react once she filed for divorce.
    Haha…you are right about Chole, she has to make the most of her airtime! Chloe spends much of her airtime getting berated or lectured, taking about Holly, and getting drunk. I enjoyed her scenes with Dario and Ciara though.

    • mykleraus Says:

      I’m honestly not hating the Tripp story. Jade sucks, but she’s clearly batshit and I get *why* she’s doing all this stuff. And the Nicole stuff is 100x more bearable since the switch of focus to Xander and Greece.

      I get why Valerie didn’t want Rafe to upset Brady, but yeah, even if they had arrested him, wouldn’t they have just put a guard on duty or cuffed him to the bed? It wasn’t like he was insisting on hauling him down to the station right that second.

      You’re so right about Abigail. Deep down, she wanted Chad to really take notice and miss her. I don’t think *she* totally realizes that, though.

      The Chloe stuff is so confusing. I have a post about her coming up…

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