Actor Returning This Fall

I’ve had a feeling this might be in the air — and now it’s confirmed. Details behind the cut…


Chandler Massey, who portrayed Will Horton from 2010-2014, is already filming at Days. Entertainment Weekly reports:

Massey returned to work in the last month. His first episode will air sometime in September.

“I am so excited to be bringing Will back to Salem!” Massey told EW. “I can’t wait for the fans to see what we have planned. You won’t want to miss it!”

Since the news of Alison Sweeney returning as Sami broke, it’s seemed likely that her return would tie into the return of either Will or EJ, especially since the word was that this was a story that would be happening regardless of Sami’s presence, but the show wanted her around for it. In my opinion, Will’s murder is something they needed to rectify; the minute it happened onscreen, it felt like one of those moments that would be talked about for years to come as a key point in the show’s destruction. It was just tasteless and short-sighted, both because his coming-out story was such a big deal and because he’s an important legacy character. This is a character who needs to be on canvas right now, no matter how badly the Guy Wilson era (both because of the acting and the really messy writing) made a rest necessary. I know plenty of people weren’t fans of Massey’s tics (the smirking, mostly), but I always enjoyed him, and even if this is only a short run, establishing that Will is alive — and using that to iron out Sami’s confusing offscreen life — will be a very smart move in shoring up the core of the show.

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22 Comments on “Actor Returning This Fall”

  1. underyourwing Says:

    there are gonna be a TON of people losing their shit over this one!

    • mykleraus Says:

      In both good and bad ways!

      • Michelle Says:

        Just looking around your absolutely right about that! People seem to be either woohoo, or ugh. I think I’m more meh. I like Chandler, but I never thought he was irreplaceable. They just happened to hire an actor who wasn’t right for the part last time and their solution to that was to kill Will off, which was dumb, he could have left with Sonny. Either way I agree the character is probably needed, and I’m happy for Chandler/Will fans.

      • mykleraus Says:

        Agree entirely. I like Massey, and I thought he did some really great work and then seemed checked-out at other times. That part shouldn’t have been as tough to recast as it wound up being. I feel bad for Guy Wilson because he got absolutely pummeled online, but he also wasn’t very good in the role — and the writing took a real nosedive after they killed off Nick and started up the Paul triangle, which made Will even worse. All the character needed was to go off with Sami for a year and come back recast, though.

  2. Shea Says:

    Good. I just wish he wasn’t bringing Sami with him. But I do dread another love triangle with Will, Sonny and Paul. I mean no offense to Christopher Sean….he is handsome and a very talented actor but Paul is just soooo blah to me. I just can’t care about anything Paul is involved in because he just bores me. Maybe it’s just me but I feel the same way about Dario and honestly it takes a strong storyline to get Brady out of this category (which he hasn’t had in a while).

    • mykleraus Says:

      I think it’s good that Sami will be a part of her son being resurrected. Sweeney is willing to return and Sami is alive, so it would be pretty shitty to keep her away for that. I’m hoping the bulk of her return is about Will’s resurrection — I think that’d be a great use of her and save the show from falling into The Perils of Sami Brady for 8 weeks or whatever and then having nothing left when she leaves again.

      I feel the same way about Paul. I like the actor, but the character is just kinda there. I keep *wanting* to like Paul more, but he’s just… there? Dario really is the same, though they’ve given him a variety of traits that come and go.

  3. Gavin Scott Says:

    Count me in the very happy camp. Chandler’s Will was responsible for me returning to Days after a few years not watching (and I’d been a viewer since the mid 80s). The coming out storyline and the early days of WilSon gave the show a vitality and a relevance it needed.

    Ideally, the Will who came back from LA was not the real Will – and therefore it wasn’t Will who cheated on Sonny with Paul but a Di Mera clone. That way, Sonny can be torn between his love for his husband (who was never unfaithful) and his first love/the man he has moved on with.

    If everything we saw up until Will being “killed” was actually Will, then they have a lot of backpedalling to do to make Will likable again and Sonny could well just go, “Well, I’d left you before you ‘died’ so, you know, nice that you’re not dead, but nothing’s changed.”

    And it’s a shame Will and Sonny’s wedding wasn’t filmed while Chandler was still around – no flashbacks!

    • mykleraus Says:

      They had Sonny and Will on the verge of reuniting right before Will was killed — Will wrote that letter or left Sonny a voicemail or something, right? Wasn’t Sonny coming back to Salem to see Will anyway?

      I think they can just write off a lot of what Will did back then as confusion, especially since Sonny seemed ready to forgive him before his death.

      • Gavin Scott Says:

        Will called Sonny and left a message. But Sonny had no reason to go back to Will at that point – well, beyond blind love, that is.

        I feel like unless they correct (and not just gloss over) some of that stuff Will did post-LA, it makes no sense for Sonny to choose Will over Paul now. It would take his character backwards to when he was the chump that put up with anything Will did or had go on in his life. And I feel like Sonny has become a much stronger character since those days.

        To me, it’s no contest that Sonny should stay with Paul unless Will is somewhat redeemed so it’s more of an equal contest and he is genuinely torn. And the redemption needs to be more than just the fact that Will’s death was faked and he’s been kept from his family. That won’t negate what he did to Sonny or make him more appealing as a partner.

      • mykleraus Says:

        They definitely need to address a lot of what Will did, but I think most of it will be filed under the heading of “being desperate and stupid.” Cheating on Sonny with the guy in LA and with Paul were the biggest offenses; otherwise, it was mostly smaller stuff like telling lies, trying to bribe that therapist, etc. And I think they were *trying* to say that Will fully saw the error of his ways at the end. I don’t think Sonny would just go running back to him, but I could see a lot of Will’s bad behavior being written off by virtue of having been held hostage for a year and a half and realizing that he was in the wrong and screwed up his whole life.

  4. Erin L Says:

    The only thing I can say is


    I am also very happy Allison Sweeney is coming back too. Plus there are so many unanswered questions about EJ but with the different writers I’m not sure if we will ever get them. Like what was Kristin injecting into him? Was it to wake him up? Or preserve him in some way? It bothered me that was never answered.

    I hope they come up with a good reason Will was gone and not just that he faked his death like Abby did. Maybe EJ had him!?!?!

    • mykleraus Says:

      I really hate all the loose ends with Sami and EJ. They hinted that EJ was alive twice — first with the injection, then with whatever clues Sami had — but we have no idea what happened. Sami went into hiding with the kids because of the stolen money, but no one seems to care. I’d like them to at least resolve those dangling threads.

      I’m guessing some form of DiMera has Will hidden.

      • Erin L Says:

        Right…like why bring back Sami for a week and have her exit by saying “I’m off to go investigate these leads” and never mentioned it again. I also wonder if they will age Johnny and Ali and move them into the loft too.

      • mykleraus Says:

        It’s weird how I feel like it’s too soon to age them, even though it felt fine to age Ciara. Maybe because Sami and EJ are younger? They basically let Will age in real time, so it seemed less jarring for Sami and Lucas.

  5. ADW Says:

    I’m ecstatic Will is returning AND it’s Chandler Massey! 🙂 They certainly have a hell of a lot of explaining to do; Will certainly looked dead to me and Ken Corday had that infamous quote about any characters killed after September 1, 2015 would remain dead. I assume they will use the whole doppelgänger twist (as they did with Aiden) or perhaps, somebody secretly revived Will and smuggled him from the morgue? My guess is Sami was a part of it because her behavior following Will’s death was rather strange and tame.

    • mykleraus Says:

      If there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that any Ken Corday quote can be doubled back on! And they brought Aiden back so quickly that, like… whatever. I’m interested to see how they explain this.

      • Shea Says:

        It definitely makes undoing the story more complicated since he was killed by a serial killer….unless he has been hanging out in Melaswen with Paige and Serena.

      • mykleraus Says:

        I feel like they built in that thing about Ben moving Will’s body as sort of an insurance policy. It always seemed strange that he was able to get the body from his and Abigail’s apartment back to Will’s place without being seen.

  6. underyourwing Says:

    ‘without being seen’……. it’s magic !

    • mykleraus Says:

      Or, I’m sure stupid Andre saw him and had another doppelgänger at the ready…

      • ADW Says:

        Haha 😂 …speaking of Andre will he be around when Sami returns? Andre was rather perturbed at Sami for syphoning a great deal of the Dimera fortune! It’s odd how Andre has been rather scarce in recent months. I think Kate mentioned something about Andre being in Machu Picchu at the moment.

      • mykleraus Says:

        I’m sure he will be. I’m dying for them to mop up that whole mess with the money. They left way too many loose ends.

        Andre popped up again in Thursday’s episode. He sort of mentions South America in passing and then gets back to business.

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