Mr. Nice Guy

I took a screenshot of this scene because I was thinking, “Hey, this is kind of a nice, refreshing little story with Ciara and Wyatt,” but as I attempted to formulate my post, I came to the realization that none of this makes any damn sense.

Screen Shot 2017-05-06 at 2.06.33 PM

Why are Wyatt and Theo conspiring like this? Couldn’t Theo have just, I dunno, told Ciara that he had a nice guy from class to set her up with? Why is Theo having to provide him with so much information? Why can’t Wyatt just ask Ciara questions? Does this guy really want to date someone with whom he has nothing in common but he will have to pretend to like all the same shit she does? Does Wyatt have any actual interests of his own? Did Hope and Rafe eat two lunches that day?

Still, they’re cute/pleasant scenes, and I might be crazy, but Vivian Jovanni seems to be settling in a little. (This always happens once we hear that someone has been fired, doesn’t it?) Maybe because this is more normal, natural material for her to play, but she’s coming across as a bit more at-ease. It’s almost like there’s a lesson here about not thrusting your green newbies into frontburner stories that have them getting kidnapped, raped, working at a mental institution, becoming obsessed with their cousins’ husbands, etc., while they’re learning the rhythm of the show.

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