Maximum Occupancy

I know we’re all used to half the rooms in Salem looking exactly like the other half of the rooms in Salem, but apparently the sets are now defying time and space.

Screen Shot 2017-03-29 at 5.17.31 PM

Screen Shot 2017-03-29 at 5.19.21 PM.png

Gabi was in that hospital room — you know, the one room off the nurses’ station where literally everyone stays — on Monday, and then when White Jade was admitted on Tuesday (BTW, if you’re gonna have someone fall down a spiral staircase, please let us see so I can howl with laughter! What a copout!), they put her in that room. But on Wednesday, Gabi was back in the same room, chatting on the phone with Mama Hernandez, who’s back to her usual routine of not bothering to come see her children when they’re at death’s door… although, in her defense, it does happen like twice a week. Anyway, where in the hell was Gabi while Jade, Joey, and Kayla were playing out their boring filler storyline?

Elsewhere in the hospital, Adrienne — who was correctly placed in the Other Room that they use when the super-accessible (and, with any luck, soundproofed) one is already occupied — finally made her choice.

Screen Shot 2017-03-29 at 5.27.04 PM

I remain unclear on why they decided to do a love triangle and a breast cancer story simultaneously with three recurring players, but when they do make time for the emotional beats, a lot of this works. People seem to have very strong opinions on who Adrienne should choose and whether Adrienne/Lucas is even a viable pairing, some of which seems to depend on whether people watched the original Adrienne/Justin story or not. But given the horrible offscreen affair that Justin had with “Elsa,” there’s something gratifying about Adrienne definitively choosing to move on with Lucas rather than just getting over Justin’s infidelity. Bryan Dattilo broke my heart in that scene where Lucas assumed that he was going to lose once again; you could feel the weight of all Lucas’s past disappointments there. And then I was surprised again by the surprisingly tender beat of Anne learning that Adrienne chose Lucas and trying to hide her own disappointment. They don’t really ever let that character — or Meredith Scott Lynn — go to that place, so it was a welcome treat.

Still, I get the sense that this whole thing isn’t entirely over, and the final result will be Adrienne and Justin reuniting and some kind of Lucas/Anne pairing, which I’m also fine with so long as they bother to tell an actual story and give us interesting interactions along the way.

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20 Comments on “Maximum Occupancy”

  1. Michelle Says:

    I’m one of those who saw Justin/Adrienne in the olden years, and yeah, the thing with Lucas is just weird to me. I know BD is not that much younger than JE, but they just feel like it to me. Maybe because Lucas was going to proms when he showed up and Adrienne had left town two years prior with three sons and one on the way. Plus, I just love J/A, I have no idea why, I just find them adorable.

    • mykleraus Says:

      I totally get that. There is something odd about how much they seem to be from different generations. I think it’s all of what you said, plus the fact that even though Adrienne is probably only 8 years older than Lucas, when she came on the show, she had very adult storylines pretty fast. Lucas debuted in, what, 1993, and he definitely had younger-feeling story for quite a while. So the gap seems even wider.

      • Marla Says:

        I also feel that way about Eric and Jennifer. I can’t recall what the age gap is or should be between the characters, but they feel like they should be different generations. I don’t mind the pairing though, but I doubt it would work if Jensen Ackles was still in the role.

      • mykleraus Says:

        Yeah, it’s similar with them. They aren’t really acknowledging an age difference, but there is one. They’d be 8 years apart by their actual birth years, and probably about the same given SORASing (Jen was in her early 20s in 1992-93, when Sami returned as 15-16). But Jen was also in adult storylines and had a kid while Sami — and then Eric — had the ‘young adult’ storylines for the rest of the decade. Now what’s weird is that Jennifer is a grandmother and Eric hasn’t even had kids yet!

    • Shea Says:

      There was a scene when Justin and Adrienne were discussing whether or not they were going to divorce or try again and Adrienne told Justin something like “I have been with you since I was 19 years old” and I was floored. To think she was supposed to be 19 when she first appeared on the show is bizarre. First of all they were just showing her as this mysterious woman with a bracelet following Steve on a plane to Stockholm, tracking him around Stockholm and then around Salem before finally showing a face. Then the bracelet was supposed to be match to Steve’s mother’s necklace (that he gave to Kayla for Christmas) and the ring that Jack had from his birth mom.

      Then there was the time Adrienne pulled out a flask and helped Kayla get drunk. Kayla had to be almost 10 years older than her, right? Kayla was supposed to be the same age as Mike Horton and she is older than Bo so she had to be in her late 20s. This was 1987-1988.

      Lucas would show up in 1993 as a military school cadet…so they are closer in age than they seem.

      Jennifer and Eric are more difficult since both characters were born on-screen. Jennifer in 1976 and Eric in 1984 but Eric’s character bio on Soap central says “In 1993, birthdate changed to October 16, 1977”. SO Jennifer is not near the cougar i have been imagining…LOL.

      • mykleraus Says:

        Which is weird, because Kayla and Adrienne seem about the same age now! I could maybe see Kayla being 2-3 years older, but it definitely doesn’t feel like Adrienne is 50 and Kayla is 60.

        They really put the younger women in adult storylines early on back in the 80s. Hope was 18 and mixed up with Larry, Bo, etc. Melissa was underage and involved with Pete and all his shenanigans. Jennifer was the only one who really got a “teen scene.”

        If Eric’s birth was revised to 1977 (which would make him 40 this year, and that seems right), then I’m guessing Jen’s is somewhere around 1968-70 now?

  2. Michelle Says:

    Jennifer is also already a grandma and Eric, unlike his twin, has yet to have a child at all.

  3. Shea Says:

    And one funny note….I caught both Days and GH live yesterday. So I saw Wally Kurth play Justin reacting to Adrienne choosing Lucas then saw him playing Ned Ashton and proposing to Olivia who basically told him she didn’t want to get married and was happy with their relationship as it is. Poor guy can’t catch a break.

  4. ADW Says:

    I think the hospital, much like Daniel’s condo has the number of rooms expand and contract according to necessity. I was actually just thinking of the fact that nobody in SUH seems to ever share rooms and how funny and interesting it might be if Jade and Gabi shared a room because those two ladies never interact; Jade and Gabi can become buddies and commiserate over their man issues.
    I honestly think the writers and TPTB just like to pair Lucas’s siblings and Sami’s siblings romantically with Eric/Jennifer being the newest pairing.
    For example, we had Carrie/Lucas, Carrie/Mike, Carrie/Austin.

  5. Shea Says:

    I am just going to pretend that Gabi and Jade were on different floors or wings of the hospital.

    • mykleraus Says:

      Makes as much sense as anything! And you’ve officially thought about this more than the production staff.

    • ADW Says:

      That’s what I was doing 😉 There IS an elevator and many hospitals have different wards with the exact same or a similar set-up. One thing I find laughable is they don’t seem to have a separate area designed for an ER; people who are brought by ambulance seem to go the same area as in-patients. WTH? I’ve never seen anyone ill, mangled, or bloodied up on a strecher while I was visiting friends or family in the hospital unless I was happened to be close to the bay doors where the ambulances do their drop-offs.

      • mykleraus Says:

        Haha, I know. They always rush them in from those elevators and just linger around the nurses’ station while doctors make proclamations.

  6. ADW Says:

    I think TPTB like to sort of just lump everyone after the average college in their late 20s to late 50s together as peers. Its funny how they are so quick to SORSA small children and tweens yet, when they reach a certain age they want to keep them there if not have them regress to behave like they are still in High School. I totally agree with everyone when it comes to all the Cougar ladies in Salem: Jennifer, Adrienne, and Hope. It’s not necessarily the age differences as much as their life statuses and if you see it all in perspective. For example, in 1993, Jennifer was grown up, had a career, was married to Jack, and had Abigail; Eric at that time, was still a kid living Colorado with his Grandparents and his twin Sami had just re-emerged as a 16 year old in 1993. Sami and Eric were SORSA’ed with their birthdates moved from October 16th, 1984 to October 16th, 1977. Jennifer was originally born on screen in February 1976; if I’m correct, her birthday was SORSA’ed to 1969 because she was 16 years old when she returned from boarding school and ranaway from home in 1985. IF Jennifer was kept the same age and only Eric was SORSA’ed they would be just one year apart.
    My husband who does not really watch Days will sporactically see bits and pieces with me and has heard snippets of storylines was totally floored when I told him Greg Vaughan played a character who is 39 pushing 40 (same age as my husband) he thought Eric “looked” closer to 50 due in part to the gray chest hair and the way he carries himself. Also, my husband didn’t think Eric “look” absurd flirting with and going out on a date Jennifer. I agree with the person who said they may feel differently if Jensen Ackles was still in the role of Eric, he’s in his late 30s but, looks still very young. GV looks older however he is handsomely disginushed and a little rough/rugged in a good way. One aspect that bugs me about Eric is the gruff whisper-talk much like John is notorious for. I must say, I like Eric much more after his stint in the slammer albeit his stretch of time he was being a whiny, reclusive ass.

    • mykleraus Says:

      Yeah, there’s a weird thing that happens with time. You’re a kid, then you’re 16-18, then you’re 20-50. It didn’t really used to be that way, and in some ways it’s good because it mixes things up, but I find it jarring when they don’t address it. Personally, I find Hope and Rafe more jarring than Eric and Jen, but some of that is because she suddenly has a college-aged grandchild.

      I think GV and MR look pretty well matched in terms of age. I’m always a little shocked by how gray he is! (Which is not a slam — it looks great on him.)

  7. Dino Says:

    I’m pretty sure if they rotated the camera to the left 180 we would be in Eric’s office at the Horton Center, Kayla’s office, Marlena’s office, Nicole’s custody court room and many more. It’s really distracting as they use it for almost anything. Same goes for Marlena’s penthouse.

    • mykleraus Says:

      It’s ridiculous. If they need sets that can be easily redressed this way, I wish they’d make them way more basic. That blue room with the two doors is SO recognizable.

      At least we’re over that period where everyone “lived in Marlena and John’s building.”

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