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Me: I hate drama
Also Me:

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I mean, I get it. I’m bored, too, Chloe. But I’m not so sure about the wisdom of provoking a woman who has tried to murder you and gotten you blackmailed into prostitution just for shits and giggles. Especially by making out with a former assassin double your age in the middle of the mall. But if it keeps your mind off that kid you allegedly miss so much, then have at it, I guess.

This is super-random, though, right? Like they had nothing for Nadia Bjorlin to do while this kidnapping plays out, so they just decided to plonk her in the middle of this Eduardo/Kate “story” for the hell of it.

And speaking of said kidnapping…

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Nicole seriously has the worst luck with neighbors. I’ve lived in my building for nine years, and there are people I see every day whose names I barely know. Meanwhile, this woman walks inside with a suitcase and she has people beating down the door to get her life story. After what happened at that motel, I wouldn’t so much as let a stranger past the threshold, but nah, Nicole will just sit down and have banana bread with this incredibly nosy woman 15 minutes after arriving in Downtown Canada. And her brain has been so thoroughly compromised by her relationships with Daniel and Deimos that she referred to the baby she kidnapped, whose name is all over the news, by her actual name. Meanwhile, Brady — a defective Hooked on Phonics cassette tape that somehow became sentient — can make it all the way back to Salem from “Canada” in the span of a commercial break, and he waits until he’s in the living room of a mansion filled with people who want to find Nicole to talk loudly on his cell phone about all kinds of sensitive information.

Fun fact: Hillary is played by Jennifer Landon, three-time Daytime Emmy winner for her role as Gwen on As the World Turns and also the daughter of the late Michael Landon. This could actually be an interesting, organic way of introducing a new character played by a very capable actor, but nah, she’ll probably do eight episodes and then we’ll go back to The Adventures of White Jade or whatever.

And I don’t even know what to do with the fact that Brady’s Canadian alter ego is “Freddie Smith.” I assume this is his passport photo.

"Days of our Lives" Set

What, was “Chandler Massey” taken?

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10 Comments on “Out in the Open”

  1. Michelle Says:

    Remember when Jennifer Landon won three Emmys in a row? Now here she is taking a small part on Days. I guess winning an Emmy for a soap gives you no cred out in the acting world, lol. Also I liked her as Gwen very much her first year on ATWT, but after that she literally ate the show and I started resenting her.

    I’d comment more on what’s actually happening on Days at the moment, but it’s so bad I’ve taken to ffwding 90% of it. Pretty much anything not Jennifer or Eric.

    • mykleraus Says:

      I loved her and her character when she started on ATWT! Then they made all the modern-day mistakes with a new character who unexpectedly takes off: made her magically related to someone (Carly); tethered her to a single partner despite being like 18 years old (Will); saddled her with constant baby stories. And they had her play that INSANE Susan Banks knockoff story with the buck-toothed doppelgänger who tied her to train tracks. Anyway, yeah, they really overdid it.

      She gets a fair amount of primetime work, interestingly. She’s had significant role son both Banshee and Animal Kingdom. I guess a few days’ work for some money was worth it, but it’s weird to have her popping in for a small role like this… unless they were thinking of expanding it?

      • Michelle Says:

        Cleo! Omg the worst story ever. JL has said many times that one was her favorite too. As much as people loved Will and Gwen, poor Jesse Soffer was sidelined to be the #2 in all of JL’s stories. Now I’m missing ATWT, lol.

        I had no idea she’s been on those shows. Good for her, I guess a little side gig on Days never hurt $$$:)

      • mykleraus Says:

        I can see why that story was fun for an actor, but yikes.

        That teen set from ATWT is probably one of the most successful ever, come to think of it. Jesse Soffer works all the time and is on one of the Chicago shows now. Alex Chando (Maddie) was the lead in The Lying Game and books primetime work. Zach Roerig (Casey #1) just wrapped The Vampire Diaries after being on it the entire time. I really loved ATWT in the mid-2000s before the wheels came off for good!

  2. Marla Says:

    I wanted to vomit when Chloe and Eduardo started kissing. Clearly, she is either an idiot or has amnesia (probably both) to think that all this is going to do is make Kate want Eduardo back. Kate will plan 50 ways to take Chloe down and will have a perfectly coordinated and fully accessorized outfit for each plan.

    Too bad Theresa didn’t have faith that Brady could whisk them away into hiding from her drug cartel ex-boyfriend. If she only knew what he can accomplish over one episode, they could be happily together with the invisible Tater Tot sitting in front of a Canadian fireplace.

    • mykleraus Says:

      Yeah, does she actually think Kate is just going to get jealous and then take Eduardo back and that’ll be that? She’ll have Chloe dangling in a cage over a vat of acid by May.

      That is SUCH a good point about Brady and Theresa! I hadn’t even considered that angle. Since Theresa’s ‘inevitable’ exit to Mexico, both Shane and Brady have helped other women get out of serious scrapes. Did they really just not want to help her?! I’d crack up if Theresa returned and we found out she’d faked the whole thing just to get away from these miserable people.

  3. underyourwing Says:

    it blows my mind how no one ever tells a nosy af stranger to butt the fuck out of their lives, GTFO of their ‘house’ and just stands there like a dummy being interrogated. puleeeese……. on the hother hand this is salem and not the hells angels club house.

    • mykleraus Says:

      OMG, do these people have *nothing* better to do than prod and pry the ‘main characters’ for the intimate details of their lives? How bored is this Hillary woman?!

  4. underyourwing Says:

    she needs a good smack in the kisser and a boot up her butt while being thrown out the door. (harumph)

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