Actor (Possibly? Probably?) Out

This one isn’t official, and of course it’s coming out in a bizarre way, but head behind the cut to see who…


It’s looking like James Lastovic (Joey Johnson), who was nominated for a Daytime Emmy earlier today, might be out. His mother has been on a Twitter spree, and though she has deleted many of the tweets, this particularly telling one lives on in screenshot form:


Either she’s wrong, or she realized they aren’t supposed to say anything yet, but it’s certainly looking like the latter. I can’t say I’m shocked, given the reception to him and his relative lack of growth in the acting department. I’ve been more willing to give him leeway than a lot of others (well, except on the hair), maybe because I find his sort of flat delivery more plausible for a teenage boy than from, say, Ciara… or maybe because I think he’s hot. I dunno. I generally like him with his parents, but handing him a story with Jade was a big fat fail, and making Joey a murderer was a terrible idea.

Very curious to see if they recast or leave him offscreen for a while. It’ll be ridiculous to have both Steve and Kayla’s children off-canvas, especially if Steve and Ava’s son is there, but maybe a short rest would benefit Joey as far as a reset. At any rate, I think it’s good for the show to be making active steps to improve things, and Lastovic seems like a sweet kid, so I hope he lands on his feet (and maybe gets his mom off Twitter).

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11 Comments on “Actor (Possibly? Probably?) Out”

  1. Michelle Says:

    I see from all the comments people are tore up about this, lol. In reality, both he and VJ should have been fired after like a month each, they should thank this awful taping schedule for the fact that they both lasted well over a year.

    • mykleraus Says:

      I don’t think he’s been nearly as weak as VJ — like, he seems capable of standing upright and speaking English at the same time — but yeah, this is a change I’m fine with. He made it to the end of a two-year contract, which is no small potatoes! I think a lot of the fun outcry might be because SN and MBE love him. Which is great to know that he’s a nice kid and a pleasant coworker! Doesn’t mean he deserves an unbreakable contract, though…

  2. underyourwing Says:

    his hair has an unbreakable contract tho……

  3. underyourwing Says:

    HAIL!!!! 🙂

  4. Shea Says:

    I know I am in the minority but I like him and I still think he has potential to do very well. I feel like these young actors are really at a disadvantage with the way they film the show. The vets have talked about how little prep time and how it’s all one or two takes and these young actors probably aren’t ready for that. I think back to the 80s and how bad Melissa Brennan (Reeves) was when she first started on this show. She was seriously close to VJ level stiffness in the beginning. Honestly, I think Paige Searcy was the best of any of the young talent they’ve brought on in the last couple of years. Kyler Pettis is pretty good but he can also get by with some stiffness and awkwardness due to the character’s autism. Olivia Rose Keegan started out well but then they made her character so annoying that I can’t separate her level of ability from the writing for the character anymore. VJ was terrible from the beginning. But I think James is just as good as Kyler most of the time.

    Mary Beth made some comments once about how he was asking for some advice for a scene and although I don’t remember anything specific about what she said I do remember that her comments made me think he was extremely frustrated at times with the writing and not being able to understand the motivations for the character. Maybe I am just projecting but I swear I have been able to see that in a lot of his performances.

    • Michelle Says:

      I agree on Olivia and Paige I think their the best of these new teens. Claire is annoying, but I think the acting is fine. There was a scene where Claire thought she was conning Victor out of money, and I really liked it, I thought Olivia and John Aniston had a nice vibe and chemistry, it was well played.

      • mykleraus Says:

        I agree with both of you on Olivia. She was fine when she showed up. This brattier writing for Claire is not good, and I think she’s playing it as written — maybe playing against it would help, but for a young actor pumping out this stuff in a take or two, I can’t blame her there.

    • mykleraus Says:

      I like him. And I agree with you that the way they shoot now really puts the younger/newer actors at a huge disadvantage. It might just not be feasible to place them in major story as soon as they arrive on the show, because there’s too much to get used to with regards to the pace, etc. Maybe it’s best to introduce them, have them on one day a week, let them get used to the schedule and demands, etc., then elevate them into story if they’re getting into a groove. Probably not the most exciting way to go about things, though.

      I definitely don’t blame him for being confused as to what he’s supposed to play or what the character’s direction is supposed to be. Stephen Nichols might be able to add to what’s on the page for Joey, but I’m not surprised that a newcomer struggled to get the lines out AND add depth when the writing has been this messy.

  5. ADW Says:

    Oops JL’s Mom leaked information before the powers that be at Days wanted to announce it. 😄 I’m curious to see if Joey will be re-cast OR if he will end up not getting away with murder and serve time in prision off screen.
    I think most of the teens with exception of Theo have been dreadful especially Ciara who seems more of a robot than a human.

    • mykleraus Says:

      They probably should use the transition to make him ‘pay’ for Ava’s murder in some way. It could be a chance to essentially wipe the slate clean and reset the character.

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