If These Walls Could Talk

…they’d probably be all, “Please don’t hit me! I’m made of cardboard!”

Lots of set-related business going on this week. While this might not seem especially noteworthy, dedicated viewers of 2017 Days realize that any time we set a new or long-dormant set, that’s a significant expense for the show, so it’s either a) a revamped version of one we already know, b) something we are going to be seeing a lot of in various logic-perverting scenarios, or c) both.

So: Rafe’s house is back, and in addition to his kitchen (f.k.a. Maggie’s kitchen), he now also has a big-ass bathroom.


I felt the same way trying to get through these scenes, Rafe.

It’s nice! It’s very large! How the hell are we going to justify spending another thirteen episodes’ worth of scenes in here? Please tell me the answer is not “lots and lots of intimate ‘Rope’ scenes.” Honestly, they might as well have just held Chloe and Nicole’s custody hearing over Holly in here, because it’s larger than whatever the hell broom closet they actually held it in. Hold tight for the scene where that rascal Dario rents out the Hernandez bathroom to the city of Salem to make some extra cash on the DL.

It’s also apparently that time of year when everyone in the DiMera mansion hangs out in the living room again, as opposed to that tiny study upstairs (?).


“Wait… This place looks different…”

Looks like Harold went along with Henderson to the opening of that new Pottery Barn to pick out some new furniture. It’s about time they overhauled this place (though it’s kind of hilarious that the portrait of Stefano remains — I’m sure the show did it as a tribute to Joe Mascolo, but do Chad and Abby actually want that thing hovering over them all the time?). It definitely gives the room a lighter look, and I’m just relieved that the Sex Couch is gone, though I’m sure this one will be soiled soon, too. And check out the complicated, aggressive arms on that green chair just behind Chad! It’s like someone sawed Thomas’s baby gate in half and glued it to the end of the chair.

Who knows how long any of these will last, but it’s always fun to play along. And it makes me wonder what we haven’t been seeing or won’t be seeing for a while. Hope’s house appears to be gone for the time being. Steve and Kayla’s living room hasn’t been seen since Adrienne’s cancer diagnosis. Eric has apparently shut down the bedroom where Hope suffered through typhoid fever (good call) and now hangs out in the living room of the farmhouse, which is maybe the living room from Chloe’s place in “Chicago,” a place known for its rustic log-cabin architecture. And we also have the teens’ apartment in the rotation now. It’s been a bit since we saw the Horton living room, and I can only pray that the next time it pops up, Jennifer has taken the guidance of the DiMeras and Kiriakises and finally replaced the damn couch that Ciara was raped upon.

But never fear, for there is one constant in Salem: everyone will be hanging out on that godforsaken bench just off the Town Square until the very last sand flows through the hourglass.

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13 Comments on “If These Walls Could Talk”

  1. Mo Says:

    DAYS can’t keep actors or writers but their set decorators are always working hard!

  2. Matthew Says:

    I love the town square, but is it under a biodome? It’s winter in the Midwest and there isn’t a trace of snow anywhere. Plus, Abigail is running around in a short sleeve dress that looks like she borrowed it from Anne Milbauer!

    Also of note is how the town square got smaller and the huge staircase (that Nicole once fall down and claimed Jen pushed her) just disappeared one day a few years ago.

    Back when they first created that set, they had said in interviews that they were going to build out the shops over time. Then we would see the square from the inside of stores looking out sometimes and it would be much more realistic. Too bad that never happened. I believe the only interior we ever saw was the spa that Maggie owned at one point.

    I know the set designers are actually doing a great job considering that they are basically working with no budget and no resources. However, I beg them to stop using that same set with the same two doors/window on the left/flat light switches as almost every single: waiting room/office/cheap motel room in Salem and a three thousand mile radius. It’s gotten to the point where it’s gone from distracting to absurd.

    • Mo Says:

      I believe the Horton Town Square has some sort of roof. I remember someone talking about it at some point, so when they walk out into the hedges that means they are going “outside”. Speaking of, there are hedges EVERYWHERE outdoors in Salem. Outside cabins, The Horton house, the beach…

    • mykleraus Says:

      When the Town Square opened, everyone was going on and on about how it had a roof (and free wifi!!!). Then, during the episode in 2012 where Stefano was “killed,” it rained in the Town Square. But usually, there’s no sense of weather there, so I’m guessing it does still have a roof.

      I went to the set when they unveiled it, and I remember them talking about turning around and shooting out of the storefronts. It never totally made sense, because if you’re in the Square looking out, you see… camera equipment. But I guess they could’ve put some stuff up on the periphery to close it in.

      I really liked the larger HTS set. They overused the hell out of it, but it felt like a gathering place, and I liked that it had different playing areas (the cafe, the plaque, those sofas for a while, the stairs, the arch). This new, smaller one drives me nuts.

      And that damn room! It’s everything. If they wanted such a versatile swing set, why didn’t they just make a really straight square box with one door? It’s SO distinctive that it’s distracting.

  3. Mo Says:

    My favorite sets are probably the Brady Pub and the Hospital nurses station/lobby. They change the least.

    I love how absurdly tiny the booth at the Pub is and how people go there dressed for The Oscars even though it’s supposed to be a working-mans bar.

    The hospital is my favorite for all the silly minutia like the coffee stirring sticks and CPR pamphlets that litter the space. How many times have they “rushed” someone in from the right with Kayla clutching her chart off to the left where all the unseen life-saving happens? And yet somehow in the busy nurses station there is plenty of room for 20 sick kids to scatter all over the ground every Christmas. You’d think there would be insurance issues? And of course that one room off to the right with a window and shade on it for some reason. With only one room you’d think people couldn’t sneak in and out so easily but they do all the time with or without a security guard at the door.

    • mykleraus Says:

      I love the Pub because it’s so “classic Days” to me. But LOL about people going there dressed for the Oscars. It makes me crazy how we don’t have an upscale restaurant as a set. The Pub, TBD, and that table in the Square all kind of serve the same purpose (casual meals, coffee, a drink). Can we please get a Chez Rouge in place of TBD?!

      The hospital kills me. At least they bother to put extras in it, but it’s so funny how everyone always knows exactly where to find everyone else. And of course, any Salemite who’s checked in gets to be in that one room right by the nurses’ station, no matter if they’ve broken a leg or are in a coma.

      • Shea Says:

        I miss the 80s sets. Back then we had Shenanigan’s which served as the casual dining option and go to coffee shop, the Brady Fish Market was mainly a store but they did serve chowder so it was sometimes a lunch stop, the Cheatin’ Heart was the bar/pool hall and then there was the nice up-scale restaurant/bar which was Doug’s Place, then Blondie’s, then Wings. The fun thing about Doug’s/Blondie’s/Wings is that the opening to the tunnel over to the Dimera’s was under the restaurant. It was also the place where all the musical performances happened. Doug, Liz, Tamara, then eventually Eve, Melissa and Emilio all used to sing on the stage there. I guess the last time I remember them using or even referencing that place was around 2006. It was old and boarded up at that point but Doug, Julie and Hope were there reminiscing a bit and then with Bo and John’s help they blew a hole in the wall and rescued Lexi from the Dimera basement where Andre (I think it was Andre, but it may have been EJ) was holding her captive.

        The set I miss the most is the pier but I honestly used to love the hospital set with the little lounge area across from the nurse’s station where everyone used to go for their private conversations. And Shenanigan’s was great because it had apartments upstairs (where Jo and Adrienne lived at one point) and the little apartment downstairs where Bo lived and then Steve moved in after Bo and Hope bought the loft.

      • mykleraus Says:

        I remember those scenes in 2006 (or 2007? idk) really well, for some reason. If there’s a chance of ever getting that Doug’s/Blondie’s/Wings spot back, I think Ron Carlivati might be the one to do it.

        I loved the old-school pier. I was SO tired of that janky cheap one they used nonstop in 2009-2011. Everyone was constantly on the pier for no reason, like it was a normal thing you had to walk through to go from the hospital to the pub. So weird. Then again, I might take that over the Bench of Doom where everyone hangs out now…

  4. underyourwing Says:

    chez rouge forever!

  5. ADW Says:

    Do they still consider it gauche to show toilets on TV, particularly daytime TV? I don’t think I have seen a toilet in any Days bathroom scenes.
    I’m glad the Dimera mansion furniture was FINALLY updated and I’m glad Stefano’s portrait is back as well.
    One set I’m ecstatic that we haven’t seen in a while is the parkette with the Astro turf, plastic foliage, and sometimes a trash can. I think it’s further out beyond that gate and bench exiting THS where that ugly Angel statute memorial statute Abbie pushed over.
    I thought that set with the river and rocky beach (where Nick was thought to have washed away and drowned) was neat and I would like to see it agiam

    • mykleraus Says:

      Oh, there was no toilet in that scene, huh? I guess maybe it’s best not to be forced to think about what happened with Hope and her food poisoning…

      They actually DID get rid of the actual Murder Park. We haven’t seen that in a while! The current bench is right off the Square, yeah.

      I liked the river set a lot. Of course they had to come up with a million excuses to show it and have people hanging out there, to justify the build…

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