What Happened in Salem: Week of February 20th

A new Horton appeared in Salem. Meanwhile…

After two weeks of treading water, everyone decided they were tired of the Orwell debacle and had to wrap it up ASAP. Drew managed to destroy both the program and the device. JJ and Paul rescued Sonny, who has a new character trait of “too stupid to know when to let it go” and was hellbent upon justice. Kate broke it off with Eduardo, With Dario’s help, Abigail managed to locate and save Chad and Gabi, who were on the verge of freezing to death and had thus stripped down to their skivvies to share body heat (a thing that only happens in Salem) and had been making out in their delirium (also a thing that only happens in Salem — normal people can’t be bothered to get it on if they have a faint headache, but Shawn and Belle were literally dying in a fire and managed to conceive a child).

Read the full recap to see What Happened in Salem last week!

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