You’re as Cold as Ice

Is there anywhere in the world where being close to death makes people horny like it does in Salem?


I know it’s about as classic a soap situation as an interrupted wedding, but it’s also about as relatable as finding out your town psychiatrist has been possessed by Satan. And at first I thought I’d just dozed off and missed a key scene, but it looks like they purposely played what went down as ambiguous — one episode ended with them headed toward sex, and in the next, they were delirious and making out (as one does) before passing out entirely. Then there was that chat in the hospital about “Do you remember what happened?” “Uh, no.” How long until Gabi decides to tell Chad that his DiMera soldier was totally operational even in the face of arctic temps?


Nicole, meanwhile, finally got a hold of her senses long enough to call it off with Deimos, and all it took was having a judge decree that her relationship with him was a key reason for her not to be trusted with her own child. If only she had access to evidence of his dangerous, erratic nature before something so terrible transpired!

…oh, wait.

And if Nicole were really in her right (“right”) mind, she would’ve decided months ago to fake a breakup with Deimos long enough to get that kid back from Chloe, then turned right back around and married him the second Chloe’s claim on Holly had been taken away. Or, you know, not gotten involved with a lunatic in the first place, but that’s probably asking too much. If you have to be an idiot, at least be a clever, conniving idiot!

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10 Comments on “You’re as Cold as Ice”

  1. underyourwing Says:

    His soldier was standing at attention?? I missed that part….shoot.

    What drove me insane was Abby reassuring Chad she understood his brain was wacky from hypothermia so it made him do things in the meat locker (good name for a bar in town) with gabi….
    she got it…
    .they are OK.
    She knows how important she and Thomas are to him…..

    and 5 minutes later she is pulling down her stupid memorial statue in the park and falling on the ground hysterical and lo !
    out of nowhere Dario magically appears and helps her to the bench where she tells him she thinks chad is into gabi and she thinks she should let him go and what does he think? smh. what…..??

    • mykleraus Says:

      Haha, I just assume that they didn’t have sex but of course Gabi will get jealous/crazy and tell him that they did, and Chad — in the grand tradition of Salem idiots like Austin — will be like, “Oh, okay!” and commit to her. Ugh.

      Abigail knocking over the statue was HILARIOUS. But yeah, her moves there didn’t make a ton of sense. I think maybe she was putting on a brave face because she doesn’t want to push Chad away, but then it all hit her? It felt like transitions were missing.

      • Michelle Says:

        Actually I think it’s going to play the opposite, Chad will stay will Abby because it’s the right thing to do, yet be pining for Gabi. From everything I’ve seen so far, Dena, at least, has written Chad/Gabi as the root for. Which to me, as someone who very much loved Chad/Abby, seems totally out of character for him. I mean the guy faked a brain tumor and fought a serial killer for Abby. Gabi faked a stalker to try and snag him and became his stylist for two weeks and he’s torn. But what do I know, I just watch the show!

      • mykleraus Says:

        That’s what feels off to me, yeah. Chad and Gabi shouldn’t be the ones pining. If they wanted to do this, they should’ve used Abigail’s faked death to really break up Chabby — like she comes back, sees him with Gabi, and still doesn’t feel worthy, so she tells him that she needs to be single. Then Chad’s with Gabi by default, but still wants Abby even if he denies it at first, and Abby starts coming out of her stupor and wants him back, but she knows she chose this. They wind up pining for each other. That’s the setup that would’ve felt more in-line with supercouple writing.

  2. Michelle Says:

    They botched the whole entire Abby/Chad/Gabi triangle from day one and now all three look like idiots. Abby is a whining pathetic mess, Gabi is a backstabbing airhead and Chad is a disloyal flip flopping jerk. Total hack job on three former at least some what likable characters.

    • mykleraus Says:

      The POVs on this triangle are a mess. I think a huge part of it is that they started Chad/Gabi’s bonding way too late, so by the time Abigail got back, they’d pretty much made out once and gotten a little closer, but now we’re supposed to think they fell in love during that time. They needed to go way further with that before she returned if anyone was going to come off as torn and sympathetic here.

    • underyourwing Says:

      and don’t forget about chad grasping that lavender in his hand while abby was blah blahing to him….that gabi sent him with the roses.

  3. Michelle Says:

    Mykleraus, can you write the show? I like you ideas. 🙂

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