Mr. and Mrs. Johnson

Sure, they might’ve had to forego the elegant boat setting for a restaurant decorated by a blind person, but Steve and Kayla are finally husband and wife again.


And I know my standards for entertainment are probably as low as Statesville’s standards for security, but there was lots to enjoy here. The vows were heartfelt. Kayla looked fantastic. Numerous people attended, and there was an actual reception instead of everyone immediately rushing off to participate in other storylines. Lots of cute little moments, too: Carrie dancing with Roman, Stephanie checking in with her Aunt Adrienne, Doug bemoaning how everyone was staring at their phones, Mary Beth Evans somehow getting away with (kind of) singing “Single Ladies” for the bouquet toss…


And it’s nice to see that, despite how long it’s been since they were together, Steph and Joey still bother to get the same haircut. Their scene together was really cute — presumably, when Stephanie says that she’s proud of Joey, it’s because she isn’t aware that he murdered a woman in cold blood — and James Lastovic seemed less stiff than usual with Shelley Hennig. It’s strange: for a character who didn’t make much impact on me during her actual run, Hennig’s Stephanie was such a breath of fresh air during her visit. I’m pretty sure she and Carrie have never shared scenes (Christie Clark overlapped with Shayna Rose’s Stephanie for a little in 2006, and both Clark and Hennig were on for Alice’s funeral in 2010, but I don’t remember them interacting at all), so that was one of those nice touches that Days manages to remember to hit even though half the stories have holes the size of Daniel’s ego in them.


Also loved: Kayla’s fib over the phone to Caroline (Peggy McCay really must not be well, huh? I don’t want to think about it) that of course they were having a Mass for the wedding, followed by her telling Marlena, “I’m going to Hell.” That felt so real that I was sure it had to be an ad-lib.

What a lovely palate-cleanser following that whole demented mess in Prague. Not that I’m thrilled about how that entire thing, after all the hoops they jumped through to establish that Stefano could be alive (and the fact that I went along with it!), wound up just dumping more shit on Steve and Shane, who apparently believe Hope to be so noble that they’d rather carry the guilt of this entire scheme for the remainder of their lives than let Hope rightfully believe that she shot a man dead. Do we think Hope will ever wonder whose body she and Rafe dumped in a random warehouse? (No.) But they planted that little nugget of possibility that Stefano really one-upped everyone again and that he’s still out there somewhere, which I guess is supposed to make us so confused that we just stop asking questions and bask in the glory of everyone bending over backwards to welcome Hope home, but… ugh.

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15 Comments on “Mr. and Mrs. Johnson”

  1. Shea Says:

    In my area we get two NBC channels but only one of them is available in HD so that is where I DVR the show. On Thursday they preempted and I don’t even think they aired the show. I check 2-3am when they normally air the make up shows and it neither of my NBC stations had it on in the middle of the night. The one station that is non-HD airs the show a half hour behind the other station so it is possible they aired at least a portion of it live but I was at work so I have no idea. As if I needed more reasons to dislike either the president or the media, they screwed with my viewing of Steve and Kayla’s wedding!

    Shelley Hennig was a breath of fresh air and I did not like what I had seen of her (or Shayna Rose) before.

    • Matthew Says:

      Shea, you can watch the show online at the NBC website so you won’t have to miss the wedding. Each episode goes up about six hours after it airs and remains available for a week. Enjoy!

      • mykleraus Says:

        They’ve actually gotten VERY good about posting it in the evenings now. It’s rare that it isn’t up by the time I get home from work and settled.

    • mykleraus Says:

      I get so annoyed when I plop down on my couch in the evening and see that Days isn’t even on my DVR list because of a pre-emption — or, more irritatingly, when I start it, realize there’s news on, and then fast-forward long enough to realize there’s no point. At least it’s online, but sometimes I just want to watch on the big TV (whine, whine, I know).

      • Shea Says:

        Yeah, I recorded Days on a VCR from 6th grade until I was in college and the worst feeling ever was getting home to discover that it hadn’t recorded! At least now we have options and I watched the show online but it still sucks that my NBC affiliate never even acknowledged the preemption.

      • mykleraus Says:

        Maybe it’s because of the online option, but yeah — they don’t even seem to announce that they’ll be showing it during the night or anything anymore. And sometimes I have to DVR through 20 minutes of news crap to realize the show won’t be on. They don’t even run a scroll saying that it’s been pre-empted and you can view it at

      • Matthew Says:

        I can solve that for you too! I watch it online via the big TV. I connect an HDMI cable (10 to 15 bucks at department store) from the laptop to the TV. Basically, it turns the TV into a giant comuputer monitor.

        I also downloaded a free app called Intel Remote Keyboard which turns your smartphone or iPad into a remote for the laptop. In this case, since the laptop is connected to the TV, it creates a remote to use while watching shows online via the TV ( or on TV via online, depending on how you look at it).

      • mykleraus Says:

        Thanks! I’ve used an HDMI cable to connect my laptop to the TV at work, and weirdly I always have this issue where it winds up projecting in a small portion (like 30%) of the screen. So odd. But I should try it at home!

  2. Simon Parris Says:

    Not only did Steve and Kayla have to forego a boat, they also had to forego chairs for their wedding guests.
    My highlight: Hope’s dress was stunning, if just a little too black for a wedding

    • mykleraus Says:

      I didn’t hate the standing thing. It felt like it made it less glaring that it was a small crowd.

      Pretty much everyone looked good! I didn’t love Adrienne’s dress, but there weren’t any of the usual nightmares. I did think it was funny that Stephanie flew to Salem and arrived at the Pub in the same dress she wore to the wedding.

  3. Michelle Says:

    Stephanie was one of those characters that once they aged up, they had no idea what to do with, she’s had like 4 personalities between two actresses. She was a quirky race car driver, a slutty doormat, sparkly good girl, and finally pathetic schemer. She was always used as the back up girl the guy got if he lost in a triangle. It’s only Shelley’s real life charisma and likability that kept her on through her four year contract I think, something her on screen brother totally lacks, because man I hate watching that dullard on screen, I credit Shelley for finally getting me to smile at any scene that kid has ever been in.

    • mykleraus Says:

      Totally. She shifted SO much from 2006-2011. But you’re right — the actress always had a charm that carried a lot of it. I’m impressed not only that she came back for this, but that she was so enthusiastic and was active on social media about promoting it. It’s nice to see that she doesn’t look down on her time on the show.

  4. ADW Says:

    Anyone know if Shelley Henning/Stephanie is going to stick around for a bit or is just in town for the wedding?
    By the way, its unbelieveable that Rafe is STILL evidently unaware Gabi his little sister is missing AND Dario, his little was assulted/stabbed and left for dead outside TBD which happens to that very same club his father, Eduardo owns and where the wedding he attended was held? Aside from that is Rafe even aware of the Orwell investigation or his he too preoccupied and pigeon-holded with Hope? Also, on a side note does Hope consider David Banning her brother OR her nephew? LOL 😂

    • mykleraus Says:

      SH was only there for the two episodes. I’m still glad she made it. I wouldn’t mind Stephanie being a continued presence at all, though SH is busy, so they’d have to recast.

      You’re right about Rafe. That’s insane. He’s been SO islanded. Chad and Gabi’s captivity is also going on for an absurdly long time, and it’s sort of like no one cares!

    • mykleraus Says:

      Oh, and based on Hope’s behavior on Friday, I’m not sure she considers David either!

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