Kasting News

And yes, that “K” is a hint…


First up: after weeks of rumors, it’s being officially reported that Vincent Irizarry (Deimos Kiriakis) is on his way out. From Soap Central:

Vincent Irizarry (Deimos Kiriakis) has wrapped up his stint at Days of our Lives, multiple sources have confirmed to soapcentral.com. While the news will come as a crushing blow to his fans, those fans can find some solace in knowing that the actor will continue airing well into mid-2017 due to DAYS’ production schedule.

What a comfort that this terrible character will still be on our televisions for months! Ugh. I’ve said plenty about what a disappointment Deimos has been; Irizarry should’ve been an asset to Days, but this entire year-plus of storyline has been a mess. He was set up as such a villain at first — which could’ve worked fine — but then they strangely backtracked, only they didn’t stop having him do villainous things. Instead, most people just ignored and excused his behavior. The recent writing clearly seems to be taking a turn toward painting Deimos as a black hat again, so maybe the climax of all this will be fun. But this show, and especially the character of Nicole, will be better off without this unfocused retcon stinking up the joint.

In other Kiriakis news, Paul Telfer (Xander Cook) is on his way back. Jason47 reports:

Fan favorite Paul Telfer will be returning to “Days of Our Lives” for an upcoming May Sweeps storyline. What trouble will Xander cause this time around, especially since everyone thinks the crazed Kiriakis is dead!

They left Xander’s exit pretty open-ended, and he has plenty of grudges left in Salem — notably against Victor, Nicole, and Brady — so I’m onboard for bringing back a charismatic actor in a wild-card role to shake things up. Since Deimos helped Xander fake his death and escape to Greece, I have to wonder if Xander’s return will tie in with or facilitate Deimos’s exit. Fingers crossed at least part of his stint is spent shirtless.


FYI, it’s unclear when Irizarry wrapped and whether the decision to write out Deimos came from outgoing head writer Dena Higley or the incoming team of Ron Carlivati and Sheri Anderson — but if it’s the new writers’ work, they’d be acting fast. Xander’s May sweeps appearance, based on timing, must be under Higley and Ryan Quan’s pens.

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14 Comments on “Kasting News”

  1. Simon Parris Says:

    The headline made me think Kassie de Paiva was coming back! Hopefully she will be back on board at full strength soon

  2. Michelle Says:

    I think I’m the only one, but I don’t care one bit about Xander, I don’t even find him good eye candy.

    As far as Deimos, they didn’t know what to do with him from the day he came on, which is almost always what happens when they bring someone one who was popular on another show.

    • underyourwing Says:

      oh nay nay! xander never rang my bell either…… at least we won’t have to see deimos playing that piano anymore…..

    • mykleraus Says:

      I’m not particularly attached to Xander, but I think the character is a loose cannon and can work as an interesting villain in the short-term. And you’re right — whenever they try to cram in someone who played a popular character on other soaps, it turns into a mess.

    • Shea Says:

      I agree that Xander just doesn’t do anything for me. I like my eye candy with less bulk so even seeing him shirtless doesn’t excite me.

      Like ADW below, the “K” clue actually gave a brief wave of panic thinking that maybe one of the younger Kardishians was the new Ciara.

      • mykleraus Says:

        Would that make more people watch? Would it be worth selling our souls?!

      • Shea Says:

        Yes it probably would make more people watch but it wouldn’t be worth selling our souls. Imagine Kris Jenner trying to dictate storylines and make sure her daughter got as much exposure as possible. I can see it now….Kris would make sure that her daughter’s character had a sex scene with every male on the show and eventually the whole family would have a twitter feud with every female in the cast.

      • mykleraus Says:

        Can you imagine?! Hahahahaha

  3. ADW Says:

    *phew* I was thinking K was for one of the Kardashian/Jenner sisters being cast as a new character, thank God that’s not the case! Then I was like Kristen?
    I’m guessing Demios either gets killed or goes back to prison???
    By the way, I actually love Xander and not just because he’s nice eye candy. One of my favorite aspects about Xander was his disgust with Daniel whom Victor treated Bette than his blood. Also, Xander made that stupid blood diamond story line with Sarena much more bearable when he entered the picture. I knew Xander wasn’t dead, Demios ensured he got back to Greece OK.

    • mykleraus Says:

      Hahaha, now I want to see Khloe or Kylie blowing through Salem. Maybe everyone would go as crazy as they went for Patty Stanger!

      I did love Xander for his hatred of Daniel, lol. Always a way to my heart! I also think he could work as a useful short-term antagonist, which this show needs.

  4. Shea Says:

    Let me say that I was so excited when it was announced that Vincent Irizarry was joining the Days cast and I still have a positive opinion of him as an actor even though Deimos has been a clusterfuck of a character. I totally consider this a writing failure and every thing starting with the backstory has just been a disaster. So sadly I am glad to see him go. But I think down the road I would be open to VI returning to play a different role.

    • mykleraus Says:

      The writing for him has been all over the map since day one. He’s a really strong soap actor, but there were days when you could tell he didn’t know what the hell he was supposed to play.

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