Cast Tribute to Joseph Mascolo

NBC has posted a tribute video to the late Joseph Mascolo (Stefano) featuring commentary by other Days cast members. Strangely, it isn’t embeddable, but you can view it here.


It’s sort of interesting to see who’s included and who isn’t — no Deidre? no Drake? — but I wouldn’t be surprised if this were one of those last-minute things that was dependent on who happened to be on set that day. At any rate, I wish it were 90 minutes instead of 90 seconds, but it’s still lovely to see what affection and respect Joe’s coworkers had for him.

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9 Comments on “Cast Tribute to Joseph Mascolo”

  1. Gavin Scott Says:

    Sadly, this video won’t play in Australia.

    Meanwhile, can we talk about the absurdity of six people being all on mics when they’re standing two feet away from each other in the world’s smallest ballroom at the world’s worst attended masquerade ball? “Do you see anything, Rafe?” “Um, the same thing you can see, Steve – I’m standing right next to you.”

    • Jamie Says:

      The world’s smallest ballroom AKA St. Luke’s.

      The whole earpiece thing is very silly, as is the fact they are wearing masks…like Stefano wouldn’t recognize them instantly.

    • mykleraus Says:

      I hate how they geo-block some of this stuff. What’s the point?

      And I KNOW. “Marlena, where did you go?” She walked out the door, which is six feet away!

  2. Jamie Says:

    Awwwww. This makes me sad all over again. Such a big loss….I’m glad that we (hopefully) get to see him one last time today!

  3. ADW Says:

    Hooray! It’s about time. LOL about that Gala disappointment after they hyped up for several weeks AND I expected more people to attend. I would have at least thought they could go film inside a closed mall or nice hotel lobby. It really showed the bleak, low overhead.

    • mykleraus Says:

      At least they appear to have tried with this one. It was pretty grim, but it had the trappings of a party, at least. I really wish they had done something more elegant with the lighting.

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