Seeing Double… Again

I knew this microchip thing had potential, but suddenly, we’re in the throes of a really strong umbrella storyline. The Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday episodes were exciting not just because of that escalating sense of tension and impending disaster, but also because every scene, every storyline featured, felt like spokes coming off the same hub of drama. Yeah, it’s still a bit thin — probably because not much of this is really rooted in the characters’ arcs, aside from the Chloe/Nicole/Deimos situation and elements of the Abigail/Chad/Gabi stuff (which they aren’t really playing up) — but it’s at least interesting and has momentum. It feels like all these separate threads are suddenly weaving together, tangling things up and driving tensions to their peaks. I might be crazy, but this at least feels like a decent attempt to emulate the adventures of olden Days.

Also, talk about past characters I never thought I’d see onscreen in “real time”:


I tend to forget that Shane ever had a twin, because Drew doesn’t seem to have been a very significant character at all, and his role in the narrative always seems confusing in recaps. But this is a fun use of random history, and it gives both Charles Shaughnessy and Melissa Reeves something playful and a little exciting to do, so… have at it.

But Drew showing up really made me think about how absurd it is that people in this town are constantly finding out that they have doppelgängers, twins, and what have you.

Here’s a list of people currently on the show who have or have had lookalikes:

  • Marlena Evans: Samantha Evans (identical twin)*, Hattie Adams (doppelgänger)*
  • Hope Brady: Princess Gina von Amberg (doppelgänger)
  • Shane Donovan: Drew Donovan (identical twin)
  • Nicole Walker: Helena Tasso (doppelgänger)
  • Andre DiMera: Tony DiMera (cousin/brother and doppelgänger after plastic surgery)
  • Doug Williams: Byron Carmichael (identical half-brother)
  • Rafe Hernandez: “Rafe #2” — Javier something? (doppelgänger after plastic surgery)

*Both roles were played by Deidre’s real-life twin, Andrea Hall, in their original runs, though Deidre later took over both for reprisals.

And then we have the following, all of whom have been (at least once) replaced by a doppelgänger somewhere in the process of being “murdered” or otherwise participating in mayhem:

  • Abe
  • Maggie
  • Caroline
  • Roman
  • Victor
  • Doug
  • Jennifer**

**There was a very short arc, a few days long, sometime in 2005-06, amidst the zillion times Jack was presumed dead, where he arrived home to reunite with Jen, only to realize that she was actually some woman named Madison wearing a Jennifer mask (as we know those are easy to come by). Melissa Reeves played the role of Madison until she was unmasked.

Meanwhile, the following people look exactly like former Salem residents, although no one notices it:

  • Roman (Josh Taylor previously played Chris Kositchek)
  • Adrienne (Judi Evans previously played Bonnie Lockhart)

And this is all with Sami, EJ, Aiden, Kristen, and god knows who else out of town! (Now tell me how many people I’ve missed…)

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10 Comments on “Seeing Double… Again”

  1. Shea Says:

    While I have spent the last year and a half wishing for Andrew Donovan’s return, this is not the Andrew I had in mind.

    It’s been so long but from what I remember the Drew character was just all over the place. I remember at first thinking he was just this sort of bumbling scoundrel. Like he was unscrupulous and always up to something but ultimately harmless. And I think that was what Shane thought until discovering Drew was one of Stefano’s hitmen going by the nickname Iago. I remember he romanced Calliope during a time when Eugene had disappeared from Salem and he was part of the Benjy storyline and John discovering the part of his past that involved working for Stefano but I can’t remember how Drew ultimately exited Salem. I had kind of assumed he was dead.

    • mykleraus Says:

      Drew always struck me as a really random, plot-focused character. Like FIVE YEARS after showing up, Shane turns out to have an identical twin we didn’t know about? (Or did they at least mention that Andrew was named after him when he was born? Which is weird, because wasn’t that kid supposed to be Victor’s at first?) It sounds like one of those things they did just to indulge CS and give him something more fun/different to do, and because they needed new obstacles for Shane & Kim. I like that this isn’t just Jennifer dealing with a dayplayer, but it’s a very random piece of history to draw on… just like Hattie turning up at the prison, I guess. I wonder if some of this is a way of using up the actors’ contract guarantees — which also points to performers like Hall and Shaughnessy not having much of interest to do in their ‘real’ roles, which seems like a problem.

      • Shea Says:

        IF I remember correctly although it was believed that Victor was Andrews father, by the time the baby was actually born Shane and Kim had already decided to work it out and were planning to raise him together. But I believe Andrew is Shane’s father’s name as well and that is technically who the baby was named after.

        I clearly remember the reveal of Shane being the father and he was by Kim’s side supporting her when Andrew got sick and needed blood or something. Victor was not a match and Kim got to tell Shane he was the father. She was explaining that Andrew needed a transfusion or whatever and Victor couldn’t donate and Shane said “Don’t tell me that man refused?” and then Kim explained that Victor couldn’t do it because he wasn’t a match. I remember it was a really sweet scene watching Shane slowly realize that she was telling him that he was the father.

        In retrospect most of these twin or doppelganger stories just seem like vanity projects or ego strokes but I can see where the writers might enjoy mixing it up a little bit every once in a while too.

      • mykleraus Says:

        Ohhhhh. Makes sense. That was one bit of history I’d never thought to consider in more detail. Definitely makes me think they just invented Drew later on and had NO plans for him to exist earlier in Shane’s arc…

  2. ADW Says:

    Honestly, I forgot Shane had a twin named Drew, I don’t feel too bad though because if you blinked in the late ’80s, you missed him. When Drew first emerged I was like WTH is Shane dressed like a homeless bum with nasty, scruffy hipster beard and shaved poodle wig on his head. It’s funny because Shane’S /Drew’s father is named Andrew and is Shane/Kimberly’s son. What the heck has Andrew Donovan been up to and will he ever visit?

    • mykleraus Says:

      Yeah, it seems to me that Drew’s existence was such a flash-in-the-pan gimmick anyway — certainly nothing on the level of Samantha’s existence as Marlena’s twin or Andre being a doppelgänger for Tony.

  3. rustyspigot Says:

    The five Marlena clones with different taste in earrings?

    • mykleraus Says:

      Oh my god. I completely forgot about that. What was the point, even?! They just set that up and completely dropped it.

      • rustyspigot Says:

        I think Stefano sent the Marlena clones to different parts of the world so Marlena sightings would be happening all over the place. But, then they never mentioned them again. Maybe they are all living together in a house in “Africa”worrying about John.

      • mykleraus Says:

        LOL! What a ridiculous plot point. And it was uncharacteristic of JER to set up something like that and never pay it off. I’m surprised he didn’t somehow go back to it during the Salem Stalker mess.

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