What Happened in Salem: Week of January 23rd

The truth about baby Holly was the big headline this week, but some other people did other stuff that might eventually add up to something…

Abigail and Gabi decided to team up to prevent the men they love from getting into a full-blown war over the microchips. Abigail planned to use her feminine wiles — which, to be fair, drove a man to fake a brain tumor, got her now-brother-in-law to cheat on the love of his life, and turned a third fellow into a serial killer — and a tepid Southern accent to pry information out of the tech, Myron. Dario interrupted the plan, and Chad figured out that the women were up to something. Later, Chad and Abigail left their child in the house with two known murderers so they could escape to the Salem Inn, where, for the first time since Abigail’s return, they enjoyed a sensual romp full of tastefully placed white sheets, exposed legs, and a bland ballad that you wouldn’t even remember if it smacked you in the face.

Read the full recap to find out What Happened in Salem this week!

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6 Comments on “What Happened in Salem: Week of January 23rd”

  1. Matthew Says:

    A couple lines of dialogue from the past week deserve the spotlight.

    Brady actually said, “It rips my heart out…” Brady, the heart transplant patient!

    Carrie said to Rafe at the cafe in Prague, “Someone impersonating Hope by email? Don’t you think that’s quite a stretch?”

    Rafe just nodded. Let’s think about that a minute. Carrie says impersonation by email is a stretch to a person who…wait for it…had an impostor who looked exactly like him impersonating him all around town for God knows how long not by email, not by phone, but in the flesh!

    Carrie, whose own father Roman was impersonated by a man who looked nothing like him for YEARS.

    Carrie, whose stepmother Marlena had someone impersonate her at least twice. (Her twin sister Samantha and Hattie.)

    Carrie, whose sister Sami was impersonated by a man!

    Then there was Susan who impersonated Kristen. Andre who impersonated Tony. A no name character who impersonated Aiden. A no name character who impersonated Stefano the time Ian shot him. A no name character who is now buried in Stefano’s grave.

    And God knows how many other impersonations over the years in Salem that didn’t spring to mind immediately.

    Yes, Carrie, such a stretch to imagine “impersonation by email.”

  2. ADW Says:

    Let’s not forget, more recently, Andre found an Aiden doppelgänger to help carry out their diabolical plan to murder Hope on her wedding night for the life insurance money! They had me convinced Aiden was dead and Chase was left with nobody (except that elusive Aunt in Chicago who didn’t sang to take him in).
    Abbie looked so trashy like Erin Brockovich when she “dressed up” to flirt with Myron, the character who seems more Austic than Theo.
    A Brady quote that I found shocking is he knew about that 1984 Orwell novel. He’s such a lunk head and it’s baffling that he reads or knows literature.

    • mykleraus Says:

      Lunkhead is the PERFECT word to describe Brady. He really is.

      The new Abby is a very pretty girl, and they seem to be figuring out what to do with her makeup so they don’t wash her out, but in some of the scenes where they have her more dressed up, there’s something forced about it. Like she doesn’t seem at ease in those dresses, and I’m already tired of her having her hair swept over one shoulder.

      • ADW Says:

        I was considering dolt or ignoramus but, Brady is more of the dumb-jock variety. Brady was really unbearable to watch during and immediately following Theresa’s abrupt exit; Brady was very much Mr. Pissy Pants Prick just like Tom Brady when he loses, gets sacked, or has some other miscue. Now Brady is all up in everyone’s business and in “hero complex” mode with respects to Nicole’s baby and being Demios right-hand man on Titan’s business side (not with the assult/poisoning).
        Well, I learned Marci Miller was a farm girl from Indiana so, she’s probably more comfortable in more casual clothes? I don’t know, perhaps that’s just the way she’s portraying Abigail she seems overly timid and walking on egg shells. I read Marci Miller’s filmography and this isn’t her first role as an Abigail. Billy Flynn evidently had some input with casting her following the audition. Also, a fan fact Marci Miller has a little sister named Kayla, named after guess who???

      • mykleraus Says:

        I saw that about her having portrayed another Abigail! Funny. She seems like a real team player and so far a decent actress, but she definitely has a different energy than Mansi had. I think, as time goes on, they’ll adjust the role to her strengths, as happens with most ultimately successful recasts.

        It feels a bit like, after losing Theresa/JL, they decided to plug Brady into the role that Philip would’ve had in the Nicole/Chloe story. Obviously Philip would’ve been more on Chloe’s side, and Brady has more history with Nicole than Philip does, but it’s a bit abrupt. Although it’s nice to see Brady in a purely supporting role for a while.

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