‘Chips Ahoy

I have a perhaps-controversial opinion.


No, it isn’t that I think Club TBD looks okay. It’s still awful on every count.

My controversial (?) opinion is this: I think this microchip storyline is pretty good.

Wait, wait. Hold the tomatoes. I have some caveats — primarily, that I think this storyline is very solid on paper. If you were to describe this story to a longtime Days fan without giving away that Dena Higley were writing the show, I bet that viewer would say it sounds like exactly what Days needs right now. Think about it: the DiMeras and the Kiriakises are both privy to revolutionary technology that could earn either family millions. A scrappy, third family rises up to get involved and take that technology. All this is the backdrop for a number of personal and relationship stories. Chad and Abigail are trying to get their marriage back on solid ground, while she’s harboring self-doubt and he’s resisting the feelings he developed for Gabi. Abigail has a newfound friendship with Dario, her husband’s wild-card competitor. JJ is desperate to win Gabi back but has been tasked with investigating her father and brother, and wild-card Lani is… there. Sonny and Chad’s friendship is threatened as they step up to represent their respective families. Kate’s burgeoning relationship with Eduardo is complicated by his family having stolen and smuggled the microchips. Deimos is willing to play dirty, which again tests his and Nicole’s relationship and strengthens Chloe’s resolve to keep Holly away from him, even if it means hurting Nicole.


See? That’s a pretty strong umbrella storyline. In execution, though, it’s a bit like a house made out of popsicle sticks and Scotch tape (or, you know, the typical Days set). The microchip stuff arose out of nowhere. Chad and Gabi’s “love” was completely rushed. Sonny as a business-minded Kiriakis feels forced. It makes no sense why anyone trusts Deimos. Chloe is the damn voice of common sense with regards to Deimos, and somehow her motivation for keeping that child from Nicole still feels thin.

But there’s something there. Maybe the scripts need to be digging deeper. Maybe it’s that the setups were rushed into place, and we just need to buy into those in order to buy the story. But I will say that it’s generating a lot of scenes and dynamics that I’m enjoying, and this sort of far-reaching storytelling works so well for this incarnation of the show. So I suppose I’m willing to go along for the ride right now, based upon the potential of the whole thing and the engaging scenes that pop up along the way.

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6 Comments on “‘Chips Ahoy”

  1. Mo Says:

    I can’t help but giggle whenever Dario pipes in with “Hey The Hernandez family is not to be messed with either!”. Until a year ago the Hernandez family was made up of a sad-sack cop and a fashion model. Cool your jets Dario. I’d buy into this storyline if it didn’t feel like the writers fixation of the moment. Remember when Kate, Nicole and Theresa were going to run a fashion empire together?! Or even a few weeks ago when Jennifer and Adrianne were going to run a newspaper together?! This feels like it could be the same. I hope I’m wrong although if they would actually DO things it would be great. Not just puff out their chests, talk in circles and say lines from The Godfather. This isn’t how Stefano, Victor or even Tony/Andre do things kids…

    That photo of Chloe is unintentionally hilarious. I think it’s the look on Holly’s face. I thought baby Ariana won the prize for looking bored about whatever her daddies were arguing about. Holly might give her a run for her money! With the YEARS of whomever ends up being your mother rambling about Daniel every day you are going to be making that face a lot kid.

    • mykleraus Says:

      I’m hopeful that this is more of a story and less a setup than the other business ventures they’ve tried to set up. NOTHING ever happened with Basic Black besides that fashion show and the idiocy with DJ Wear (which also went nowhere). Isn’t Nicole running Basic Black now? She should hire Anna DiMera, once she’s less nuts, to design for BB.

      I’m still waiting for the Spectator thing to add up to something. Can Jennifer at least get an office? It just feels like lip service to history right now.

      I was dying at Holly’s face. God help that child. She will NEVER stop hearing about Daniel!

  2. underyourwing Says:

    it was pre-empted friday right???? for you know, the Norman Rockwell Naziesque Dystopian inaugural address??

  3. underyourwing Says:

    too bad Joey or JJ didn’t run……that would have been more fun than this POS. !!

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