Megyn Kelly: The New Stefano DiMera?

Over the years, we’ve seen some serious threats to Salem, and even some pretty dangerous cancellation rumors, but when word broke on Tuesday that NBC would be stealing Megyn Kelly away from Fox News, it seemed to signal near-certain doom for Days of Our Lives. 


From Forbes:

Megyn Kelly, one of Fox News’ biggest stars, is heading for rival NBC News when her contract is up later this year, according to a spokesperson for NBC News. She will host a daytime news and talk show, anchor a Sunday night news show and work on special programming.

Here’s the thing about that “daytime news and talk show”: NBC actually has very few daytime hours to fill. Over the years, they’ve given more and more hours over to the affiliates to fill with whatever (presumably syndicated) programming they choose. There are only three current hours of actual daytime programming controlled by NBC itself: the third hour of Today; the fourth hour of Today (otherwise known as “The Kathie Lee & Hoda Shitshow”); and Days. And if something were to be cut from that slate…

I was reluctant even to write about this, because I didn’t want to put bad thoughts out into the universe. Days is only guaranteed to be on-air through this coming fall, and frankly, the ratings continue to slide and it isn’t exactly hitting creative peaks — though it has improved significantly from last year’s various nightmares. The whole thing made me very nervous. Makes me very nervous, I should say. And given the current Days production schedule, they’re already shooting into June and July right now, which means that if the show were to go off the air in September, they’d only have a few weeks to re-jigger plans and write the scripts for those final weeks.

But today there was this, from a variety of news sources:

Megyn Kelly’s new daytime show on NBC is expected to replace Today’s 9 a.m. hour, sources said Wednesday.

NBC News declined to comment. A network source said that timing on everything involving Kelly is still up in the air, including when she will join NBC News and when her new shows will debut.

That third hour (as the article linked above goes on to discuss) is sort of a mess right now. It’s a pale imitation of the first two hours, only without any actual news and a lot more emphasis on pop culture and light human interest. Most recently, they brought in Billy Bush to be a part of it, only to lose him after the scandal of the leaked Donald Trump tape (involving Days‘ Arianne Zucker) this past fall. It doesn’t sound like that hour would be a huge loss, since they’re struggling to fill it as-is.

So we’ll see what happens. I suspect we’ll know either way very soon. My fingers are crossed for word of a renewal right around the airing of the 13,000th episode of Days and that the sands will keep running through this particular hourglass for many years to come.

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7 Comments on “Megyn Kelly: The New Stefano DiMera?”

  1. Jan Eckhart Says:

    Leave days alone! Feel free to cut the today show after 9 am, I am so disappointed in the decline of the today show. Used to be excellent source of news. Now, after the first hour, it’s trivia and senseless chatter. I’ve watched the today show since Dave Garroway. Now, I switch after the first hour. Happy hour with Kathy Lee is wasted. Honda is that hours only redeeming value.

    • mykleraus Says:

      Ugh, I know. The Today show is hardly watchable some days — they’re frantically trying to be “cool” and up the pace. Some of the segments seriously last about 40 seconds.

      It’s been a breath of fresh air having Katie Couric back on this week, I must say!

  2. Fluffysmom Says:

    It makes the most sense for her to be part of the Today show since she will be doing news coverage including the inauguration for the network.

    • mykleraus Says:

      You’d think! A daytime news show sounds like a tough sell overall. Is that really what a network daytime audience is going to watch? And these news personalities who start daytime talk shows (Katie Couric, Meredith Vierra, Anderson Cooper) don’t tend to fare well. It seems short-sighted to cancel their only scripted daytime programming for a show that, statistically, might only have a season or two in it.

  3. underyourwing Says:

    cut the “forever” today show back to 30 minutes which is really 30 minutes too long……there is just too much crap on TV….too many talk shows, too many judge/court shows, too many ‘facilitated’ shows with unqualified hosts bringing on child molesters, cheaters, warring roommates, sexual deviants, liars, thieves, jokers and fools to yell and scream at each other while the so called host thinks he can get a resolution…….after the break.

    gaaaaaaaa. SORRY!!! but, well… know. right? if anything we need MORE soap operas as far as I am concerned…….ok then.


    • mykleraus Says:

      I think they’re also overestimating how much an NBC audience (especially in daytime) wants to watch her brand of backward-thinking “news.” But I’ve been surprised before, so…

  4. […] all the rumors that Megyn Kelly’s move to NBC would spell the end of Days of Our Lives, and the news of a new head-writing regime… the network has just announced that it’s […]

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