What Happened in Salem: Week of December 19th

Christmas brought the annual Horton ornament hanging, a.k.a. the one day to remember all the non-Daniel people they know who have died…

Chloe told Philip that she can’t return his feelings for her, what with being knocked up and only onscreen once every three weeks. A dejected Philip lashed out at Deimos for kidnapping him and at Victor for inexplicably taking Deimos’s side, and after quitting Titan, he said goodbye to Kate and left Salem. Nicole went to visit Chloe in Chicago, a place so close to Salem that you can drive there and back in a day but so far that it can be pounded with devastating snow while everyone in Salem walks around in light jackets. The two women were caught in a snowstorm and forced to seek refuge in an abandoned motel, probably because all the guests and employees realized that they just had to get 15 minutes away in order to avoid the snow altogether. Chloe went into labor, and Nicole helped her deliver a baby girl, but before Chloe could tell her the truth, she suffered a stroke.

Read the full recap to catch up on What Happened in Salem!

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