The Revolving Door Continues

Possibly (probably) unpopular opinion: I’m kind of going to miss John Paul Lavoisier as Philip.


His tics could be distracting at times, but I thought he really settled into the role in the last few months, especially after they wrapped up that horrible “Phelle vs. Shelle” retread triangle and moved him into Chloe’s orbit — and got him a haircut. He was at a disadvantage from the get-go, both because he was taking over from a beloved performer (almost certainly unpopular opinion: I often thought Jay Kenneth Johnson was phoning it in from 2009-11, and he’s the one who chose to leave, so I’m not holding it against the show that they brought the character back four years later with a new actor) and because they saddled him with a terrible rerun of a story that was terrible the first time around. And in his final two days, he was the only damn person besides Chloe making any sense whatsoever regarding Deimos. I could’ve watched another week of Philip just marching around town, telling people they’re insane for even considering trusting that maniac.

Oh, and look what we get in his place.


My first thought when she popped up: oh yeah, this was once a character. Second thought: well, she is very pretty. Third thought: guess she’s the mystery woman JJ slept with! I guess that tracks, since she was inexplicably a nympho before she “left town” (disappeared and literally wasn’t mentioned until a month ago), and at least it’s better than her just sitting around scowling about the rest of the Salem PD’s lack of ethics. I actually like her when she’s around Abe and Theo, and it’s nice to see an actual contingent of black characters with some material to play, so maybe she’ll be able to redeem herself from being one of the most useless insta-relatives ever introduced on this show. Maybe.

Meanwhile, this was disturbingly intimate.


Andre is a little too involved in all this, and Abigail is definitely still off her rocker if she’s letting him hold her like that. I’m also just tired of watching this woman huff and puff all over town. Marci Miller is generally doing well with being thrown into an important frontburner role, but the panic attack stuff was not her best work, and I just want to shake Abigail and tell her to knock it off. “My husband thinks I’m dead, so he’s moving on with another woman, which he wouldn’t be doing if he knew I were alive, but because he’s doing it, I can’t tell him I’m alive!” I get that she’s scared and insecure, but if I have to watch her leave Jennifer’s house to go see Chad once more, only to be unable to do it and then spend hours hanging around in public places, I’m going to need some of those pills Jen picked up for her, too.

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23 Comments on “The Revolving Door Continues”

  1. Mo Says:

    I’m not sure I’m upset to see this Phillip go but the old song “I’ve Grown Accustomed to Her Face” comes to mind with JPL. The shirtless scenes were a cruel dagger in the heart at the end as well as I had no clue he was hiding all that under there all this time.

    Between Phillip leaving, Belle leaving, Theresa leaving, Chloe popping in and out, Jade returning after losing momentum with Joey and the way characters like Laura, Eve, Shawn, Shane, Rory, Kimberly, Derrick, Nancy, Santa Claus (Today. WTH?!) etc. just show up for a day or two it’s really taking some of the air out of this show. I don’t mind the occasional guest star but the show right now is revolving around guest stars like “Hattie” (technically not but you know what I mean) and never there characters like Chloe or focusing on recurring characters like Lucas and Adrianne. I’d make the (probably controversial) argument there is more fire and drama in Lucas/Adrianne/Justin than Kayla and Steve, the only really solid couple on the show right now that come to mind. Those three shouldn’t be recurring but the show shouldn’t be leaning on it’s back-bench and use guest stars to keep us from falling asleep either with the talent it has just standing around.

    There is potential in Chad/JJ/Gabi but Abigail is taking a page from the Sami playbook and making it too much about her. Nicole and Deimos makes no sense and it’s making Nicole look like a chump. Abe and Valerie, Sonny and Paul, Kate and Eduardo are all too underdeveloped. Other pairings like Theo and Claire and Hope and Rafe just seem to be spinning their wheels going nowhere.

    Sorry to ramble so much but this show has seemed to have dropped the ball all around heading into 2017!

    • mykleraus Says:

      I know what you mean. I really like the visits, but sometimes I feel like instead of writing stories with compelling events, they lean on the comings and goings way too much. The story distribution does feel wonky, too. Almost everyone is involved in something, but a lot of people are just commenting on other people’s lives without a ton of action. I think there are a lot of promising pieces, but it’s not all gelling (yet?).

    • Emtv Says:

      I am so glad you recognized jay Kenneth Johnson. Still one of my all-time favorites hand down and this new Phillip has made me cringe from the get-go…for real!!

      Also, I stopped watching Days after Stefano’s TV death and am so glad to have found your blog. Weekly recaps and your banter are the best. I started watching again this month, so thanks!!

      • mykleraus Says:

        Glad you’re enjoying the blog! With any luck, the shift in writing on the show will become visible in the next few months, an you’ll be enjoying the show more, too.

  2. Shea Says:

    I honestly have only watched a couple of episodes in the last couple of months. They are all there on my DVR but at first I was just unmotivated to watch and then life got in the way and there just wasn’t time to start catching up….now I am overwhelmed and think I will just fast forward through most of it at this point because I am not giving up completely.

    I think I liked JPL as Phillip….or at least I could have liked him if the writing hadn’t been such crap. I did see Tuesday’s show and I enjoyed watching him confront Deimos. He is probably the only person I have actually enjoyed in a scene with Deimos so that is something.

    I didn’t know what to say about Lani when she was on before and I have no clue what to expect now.

    From what I have seen Marci Miller is doing well as Abigail but I can’t help but think they have just made this whole thing too complicated. I guess I shouldn’t complain since Chad and Abby could be in a bubble but it just feels too complicated with all the other characters involved. I just don’t get the hiding in the attic thing when she is just roaming around town the rest of the time.

    Today I saw a glimpse of the early Joey and Jade chemistry that I had liked. You know the spark they had before they joined a cult and had that little crime spree. I also really enjoyed the Kate and Adrienne scenes today….and I haven’t enjoyed anything Kate has done in probably a decade…LOL.

    • Shea Says:

      And I just saw where Vivian Jovanni is leaving. Not sure yet if there will be an immediate recast or Ciara will be off camera for a while.

    • mykleraus Says:

      I actually like the complications surrounding Abigail/Chad, because it means there’s a lot of story to play out. This was one thing I actually really liked about Higley’s 2008-2011 run. The Sami/Nicole baby switch, for example, wasn’t JUST about that — it created story for Sami/Rafe, EJ/Nicole, Brady/Arianna, Will/Mia/Chad, etc. Not all those threads totally worked, but it was a smart way of constructing soap stories, and I see the same thing happening here. I like that this weaves in JJ/Gabi, Dario, Jennifer, and Andre. I’m just ready for her to stop playing dead because she’s spending 80% of her time in the Town Square and in the living room, so it’s insane more people don’t know by now.

      The Kate/Adrienne match-up is pretty genius. Two strong actresses, one of whom doesn’t get enough to do and one of whom rarely gets rootable material. Very smart.

      • Fluffysmom Says:

        Adrienne and Kate are great together. I was genuinely surprised in a good way when they started sharing a storyline.

      • mykleraus Says:

        It’s such a nice way to use Kate. Obviously we need conflict, but they so often just have her act like a nutjob and put the burden on Lauren Koslow to sell it (which she does, amazingly). It’s nice to see her act like a human.

  3. Fluffysmom Says:

    Yuck to Lani returning. I’m sure she will turn out to be the mystery woman JJ slept with in Miami.

    • mykleraus Says:

      My biggest issue with Lani last time is that there was NO point to her. They didn’t create any drama whatsoever about her being Abe’s daughter (seriously, it was just like, “Oh, cool,” and that was it), or about her interest in Rafe (she seemed to be on to the Stefano cover-up and then they dropped that), or about her relationship with Shawn. If there’s actually a point this time, I’m willing to go with it. I liked the actress on the All My Children reboot.

  4. Farah Says:

    Lani is no worse than Cameron “Hi, i know you’re dying, but I’m your brother”. Followed by him being immediately treated like family. Lexie telling EJ, Chad and Cameron “I love my brothers equally”. If I was EJ I would been offended. She’s known these dudes for two seconds! She’s known me for five!

    • mykleraus Says:

      Cameron was absolutely ridiculous. They just kind of plonked him into the show with zero drama. And with Lexie and Celeste both gone, he’s never going to be mentioned again!

  5. underyourwing Says:

    speaking of the revolving door?

    This performer who didn’t take the hint that he/she needed acting lessons, is out the door once his/her contract expires in the next couple of months. Vivian Jovanni (“Days Of Our Lives”/Ciara)

  6. lmoas Says:

    Agreed. The Abigail storyline is unbelievable. I couldn’t have put it any better. ““My husband thinks I’m dead, so he’s moving on with another woman, which he wouldn’t be doing if he knew I were alive, but because he’s doing it, I can’t tell him I’m alive!” I get that she’s scared and insecure, but if I have to watch her leave Jennifer’s house to go see Chad once more, only to be unable to do it and then spend hours hanging around in public places, I’m going to need some of those pills Jen picked up for her, too.” The only character who bothers me as much is Chloe.

    • mykleraus Says:

      Abigail’s driving me insane. ALL the conflict in this story is coming from her. She keeps catching Chad in these moments that make her so sure he’s moved on, but hasn’t she noticed that he visits that ugly statue like 37 times a day to talk to her?!

  7. underyourwing Says:

    speaking of chloe ! wasn’t it just Delightful & Delicious that a second before she was going to tell Nicole the baby girl was hers ( & what’s his name) she goes unconscious!! For once I would love to see something followed through and not be so freaking predictable…..I think they do this to give them time to figure out how to drive us all insane more than they already do. Just think, Nicole could have names that baby Danielle !

    • mykleraus Says:

      At least that was kind of soapy! Better her passing out than two episodes of her going, “I have to tell you something” and not just being able to spit it out. (My standards are low!)

  8. underyourwing Says:

    now that you mention it…….and it would probably be more than 2 !! Merry Christmas Mikey!! Christmas snuzzles to the puppeh from me.

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