Little Miss Perfect

It isn’t just me, right? Claire has become totally unbearable?


She’s acting like Sami — i.e., a major gloating bitch whose idea of subtlety is a semi driving through the Town Square — but the way Sami always acted when she thought she’d won, right before everything came crashing down around her. Chill out, missy. If you’re this insecure about your relationship and you’ve just officially become a couple, it’s not gonna work out. Not that Ciara is much more sympathetic, considering she had multiple shots with Theo and tossed him aside like day-old chowder to throw herself at her mentally ill cousin’s husband, but Claire’s being such a rude cow about all this that it’s almost making me root for Ciara!

I don’t really get what dynamic they’re going for here. The math is all off for it to be a Carrie/Sami redux, since Ciara is the “underdog” (with the rape in her past, ugh, since God forbid we launch a generation of young women without a “dramatic” sexual assault!), except Claire is the one acting like a huge bitch. The moral of this story? Go meet some more boys, both of you!


Another empowered young Horton woman, Abigail, left the house for approximately the 18th time to go reveal herself to her husband and child, no doubt only to fail and rush back to her mother’s home. How fortunate that, the last time she was out, she only happened to run into Dario, who already knows she’s alive. And then she and Andre make plans to meet by the damn bench, where Chad had just been hanging out 10 minutes earlier. How has no one else seen this woman yet? You know what I’d love? If Jen just called Chad and was like, “Look, this bitch is alive, and she’s trying to live in my attic like a loon. She’s totally off her rocker, and frankly, she can be your problem now, because I have a newspaper to run.” Let’s move things along, people!

At least Nicole finally got out of that damn bed. I was beginning to think Deimos had sawed her legs off, which everyone would probably have tripped over themselves to declare as “romantic.”

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8 Comments on “Little Miss Perfect”

  1. underyourwing Says:

    i so agree about attic grrl…….get on with it people!!! basta ! is it written in some Secret SoOp manual somewhere they have to draw this reveal out for as long as possible so as to drive us viewers to the nuts or did they all lose their secret decoder rings? what happened to gossip in this town? Can’t someone spill the haricots????

    • mykleraus Says:

      I suspect they think they’re building suspense, but when the same thing just happens over and over, and it would be simple for the characters to rectify it, it just feels like stalling!

  2. Simon Parris Says:

    For someone who is basically just hiding in an attic, Abigail sure goes to a lot of trouble styling her hair. Even from under the witch’s hat, her
    luscious long locks look gorgeous

    • mykleraus Says:

      Seriously. There was one day when she dozed off in the attic with curled hair and makeup. I can’t even be bothered to put in my contacts until I have to leave the house!

  3. Matthew Says:

    With the way they have (unnecessarily) written Julie over the past few years (as an overbearing busybody), I refuse to believe:

    A) Julie is living in Jen’s house and doesn’t know someone else is living there in the attic! Please! She’d investigate sounds, interrogate Jen every time she caught her with an extra cup of tea or two sandwiches, etc. What about the extra plates in the sink/dishwasher?

    b) That Julie didn’t know “way back when” that Valerie was pregnant with David’s child or that she didn’t keep tabs on her along the way.

    • mykleraus Says:

      I wonder if Julie has suspicions about Valerie’s son already. That’d be interesting. Though the way Valerie’s 1982 stint in Salem was written, David was older, and Julie was mixed up in the whole Lee Dumonde thing, so I’d buy that she wasn’t as involved in David’s life as she was when he was 19-20.

      They’re really pushing it with the idea that all these people live in the same houses but aren’t aware of things in other storylines. The Kiriakis mansion is ridiculous. These people should be ALL over each other, but they always have these little groups who only appear on ‘their’ days. And why is Abigail in the damn living room all the time?! Just because Julie and Doug aren’t currently at home doesn’t mean they won’t just come waltzing in.

  4. Michelle Says:

    I kind of like Claire, brat and all. She seems to be the only teen with an actual personality.

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