If You Can’t Say Something Nice…

In the spirit of the holiday season, I’m going to say some nice things about recent Days viewing:

Judi Evans is going to kill it as Adrienne coping with breast cancer, and this twist adds some depth to what’s been a pretty lightweight triangle.


Bonus points for actually using the Steve/Adrienne sibling relationship so much of late!

JJ referring to how Jack left their family, insisting it was for their own good, as a plea to get Abigail out of the damn attic was a smart use of history.

Deidre Hall is cracking me up as Hattie.

Rafe and Shawn actually seemed smart by roping Kate into their investigation of Stefano.

At long last, we got to see Ciara and Claire with Victor — very overdue.

They’re using this Hope-in-prison storyline as an opportunity to finally address the fact that it was Deimos, not Stefano, who really held Bo prisoner–


Oh wait. What started out as a promising way to tie up a loose end — and address the fact that Deimos is not a good guy — quickly devolved into a bizarre setup of him protecting Hope (after being able to waltz into a room full of prisoners with no guard?!) and then being more or less absolved by Victor. What the hell is going on? Is he Daniel reincarnated?! Because that’s the only other time I’ve seen this show twist itself into such knots to make sure I was convinced someone was actually good-hearted when everything he did onscreen suggested otherwise.

Sorry. Lost focus there.

Umm… oh, Andre trying to help Abigail by shading the hell out of Gabi was pretty funny. If we have to have him around, let’s just have him be a rude bitch to everyone.

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