Shout Out to My Ex

Short week, but I still have plenty of thoughts.

For starters, I wonder how Kate feels about having a roommate who’s just as… jaunty a dresser as she is.


I feel like this is Thaoo Penghlis’s outfit more than it’s Andre’s. Also, can they no longer afford to pay the heating bill inside the DiMera mansion? Take off your damn jacket and scarf when you’re inside!

Meanwhile, the wedding drama has been… interesting.


Justin came off like a real asshole barging in and putting Adrienne on the spot like that, especially since they’re broken up because he cheated on her. Adrienne ended their marriage because he was unfaithful. He doesn’t just get to go, “Hey, I’m ready for you to take me back now.” But the emotional dilemma Adrienne’s now in is pretty compelling. Can you really move on from your great love, especially if that person is still alive? (The entire history of Salem would suggest not, except for Marlena’s stone-cold ass. Though she only did that because her new Great Love was presumed to be her old Great Love for years.) I loved how Lucas compared his relationship with Sami — and Adrienne’s relationship with Justin — to addiction. I don’t know that I totally buy that that’s what those dynamics are, but I buy that’s how Lucas sees them.

Really bizarre that Wednesday’s episode featured Sonny and Paul outside the hotel room where the debate was taking place without actually featuring the way more dramatic storyline taking place inside said hotel room, though.

While we’re on the subject of that wedding, this cracked me up:


I imagine this is exactly how Sami would react to the news. “Someone is focused on something other than meeeeeee?!”

In conclusion, Valerie told Abe that she loves pugs, which is the most randomly specific thing on this show in forever, and since I have a pug and am obsessed with them, I’m taking it as a personal shoutout. Also, she mentioned having a son and that the father hasn’t been around in a long time, so I’ll eat Abigail’s giant witch hat if that kid doesn’t turn out to be David Banning’s.

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15 Comments on “Shout Out to My Ex”

  1. Cyn Says:

    Not that many people even remember that Julie has a son, since he is never mentioned!

    • mykleraus Says:

      I think the day Hope mentioned him (right before Andre played her new single, “I Killed Stefano,” for the people of Salem) was the first time he’s been mentioned by name since I’ve been waiting. They’ve shown his and Scotty’s Christmas ornaments a few times, but that’s it.

    • mykleraus Says:

      *watching, not waiting. Grrr

  2. Matthew Says:

    Has anyone heard anything about Peggy McCay? I don’t think she’s been on for the past couple months if not longer.

    She didn’t even show up in the pub when everyone was hanging out there during “the seige.” They keep saying she’s in the kitchen or she’s upstairs resting.

    • mykleraus Says:

      I’ve started to get worried the last month or two. I think the last time she appeared was when they brought her to that hotel room and she had the vision of Victor making a phone call about Tate’s kidnapping? Maybe once or twice afterward, but it was definitely summer.

  3. Matthew Says:

    siege..not seige…WordPress really needs an edit button!

  4. Gavin Scott Says:

    Were Sonny and Paul basically talking outside the room where Paul slept with Will?

    Also, speaking of exes, have Chad and Gabi discussed how much they used to hate each other on account of the whole Melanie thing and Chad beating up Nick?

    • mykleraus Says:

      The room where Paul slept with Will had the bed against the other wall. Duh. 😉

      This does appear to be a slightly different hotel room than the one Serena lived in, and Summer lived in, and Aiden stayed in, and Chad blacked out in, and… does this whole show take place in some bland-ass hotel?!

      I think they addressed the Chad/Gabi history when Gabi got out of prison, but I could be wrong. It definitely didn’t get a lot of attention. I’d be curious to know if there was a ‘reset’ point with them.

  5. underyourwing Says:

    i was wondering what happened to caroline also. i did a manic search reading all of the internet trying to find out and basically read she had a stroke, she did not want to come back, and someone wanted her teeth fixed because they thought she talked funny. so there’s the update on ol peggy. Happy Thanksgiving all!!

    • mykleraus Says:

      Happy Thanksgiving!

      I was sure she was having health problems. She’s near 90 years old, I think, and she’s been looking frail the past few years. I hope she’s able to bounce back.

  6. underyourwing Says:

    yes, i also read she was in hospital. who knows? she’s ancient. and tired i am sure. it’s odd they made no mention of her absence. (or is it?)

    • mykleraus Says:

      They tend not to say much when the older performers are offscreen ill. It was a little less glaring with Frances Reid (Alice) because she was sort of down to just appearing at big family gatherings and at Christmas, but I remember when we didn’t see her at Christmas 2008, my stomach sank.

  7. ADW Says:

    I was cracking up at Kate’s one liners at the wedding, Kate playing candy crush at the beginning of the ceremony, and Kate/Phillip’s bet. 😂
    I have two puggles so, of course I love pugs too and that was awesome. Also, I found it neat that Abe made a mention of DuPont Circle while asking Valerie about her home. (I grew up in the DC area so I know all about it).😀
    I kept thinking Valerie’s boss in DC could be a Doctor we may know from Days past. Perhaps, Dr. Bill, Dr. Sandy, or Dr. Mike Horton? Nathan (Melissa’s son/Maggie’s Granddaughter) comes to mind as well because last we heard, he left town to take a job at John’s Hopkins in Baltimore. Hopkins has multiple campuses in Maryland including Bethesda, MD where you can spit into DC.
    I find it strange and appalling that David Banning is hardly mentioned but, hey then again there are so many other members of the Horton clan who are rarely acknowledged. Oh my god, if the kid isn’t David’s he must another one of Abe’s long lost kids. They better let us know before Lani tries to sleep with him if they cross paths.

    • mykleraus Says:

      Ooh, you have puggles? They’re so funny.

      I liked the DuPont Circle mention, too. Anything that feels like something a person in the real-world would say always gets my attention. They’re usually so general and vague.

      I truly do not see the point of giving Abe another long-lost kid. They already have two they don’t use (though I guess Lani will be back, to sit in the background making faces).

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